10 Dark Fairy Tale Origins

You won’t believe some of these.

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[…] Hansel : Most men and women say witches are not real, the stuff of fairy tales. Then a single day they show up at your door, they eat your kid, that is in which we come in […]
— Quote from &quotHansel and Gretel&quot movie

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Rome, Italy (June, 2013)
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66 thoughts on “ten Dark Fairy Tale Origins”

  1. There was a novel I read for The Hunchback Of Notre Dam (not sure if it’s the original version) but in the end Esmeralda commits suicide and jumps off of the Cathedral. Quasimoto runs off with her body and is never seen again until years and years later when a man stumbles upon the skeleton of a woman and a very deformed male. Both skeletons seemed as if they died cuddling with each other.

  2. 4 sleeping beauty… it waz a married king who rapes her, the queen finds out of his infidelity and orders the babies 2 b cooked and eaten. but the king instead kills the queen and marries the girl

  3. from where is the cartoon at the start taken? That dwarf guy with the long fingers and huge eyes sure looks creepy!

  4. oh come on you Jerrysdid you really  only get the softcore Fairy tales? here in Germany we get the real shit

  5. “This is not a politically correct story, not is it a true one either”

    This YouTube channel is so leftist. You’ve bashed trump in a previous video. You’re lucky you have good content, otherwise I wouldn’t be subbed.

  6. Technically, the Grimm fairytales were not the originals. The Grimm brothers collected stories from all over Europe. The collection made the stories famous but they are far from original.

  7. Some original versions of Red Riding Hood don’t end with her just being eaten. The woodsman is actually a werewolf, hence why the wolf could speak, which forces her to eat portions of her slaughtered grandmother before killing her.

  8. Goldilocks and the three bears you don’t know what the moral of the story is it’s very simple don’t break into other peoples houses

  9. LOL I had the dark version of Cinderella as a coloring book. Also the Saturday Daytime kid show played a dark Asian version a few times. TV was better back then.

  10. *I’m tell a book series is about and its call warrior cats and its about cats murduring and they are in clans and its dark because some of them drownd some of them kill vary dark and dark forest/cat hell and some of them got trained and some of them got kill*

  11. A magnificent work. After I seen too many pictures here again , your work is a real treat. Technically and aesthetically wonderful.

    Congratulation to Explore!!!

  12. 3:08 Can anyone tell me what cartoon is this? I remember watching it as a kid but compeletely forgot the name.

  13. I think the morale of the original Goldie locks is not to break in and steal or you will die. (In the old days anyway)

  14. Our kids need toughening up. I don’t mean teaching them to fight (though more exercise wouldn’t go amiss). But we’ve softened the edges of childhood so completely it’s creating dullards. My dad read me the Hobbit and it scared me to death with Gollum, the spiders etc. But I LOVED it! Disney is to blame! And overly cautious parents! And teletubbies! And Obama… probably.

  15. Moral of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Respect the privacy and property of others and how your actions hurt others. I guess in the dark version, there is also a warning about what may come back to you.

  16. Kids love scary stories, we should keep on telling the worse versions, but not all this stories are unkown, I was tolld maybe even scarier versions, for example, in The Pied Piper i know, all citisens die, only local crazyman, too stupid to understad music, and baby, too young to walk, survive, or The Hen and Cock story, where the villagers just let the Cock die, the end, noone helped.

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