Teen Coming Out Stories

“Coming out and sharing who you are…can be extremely individual, can be extremely intimate, and it can just be you commencing to live your existence openly.”

five stories from 5 brave teens on coming out.

Satisfied LGBTQ+ #PrideMonth!!!

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Arguments at the United States Supreme Court for Identical-Sex Marriage on April 28, 2015

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Published in You Do not Have to Like #MarriageEquality to See That It really is Correct –#MarriageEqualityYou Will not Have to Like #MarriageEquality to See That It is Correct –

Published in Supreme Court Principles Identical-Sex Marriage Now Legal Everywhere in the US

Published in UB local community reacts to Supreme Court’s identical-intercourse marriage equality ruling – The Spectrum

Published in Echoes. We have Been Here Before: Marriage and the Space of Tears. Published 6/thirty/2015

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Ted Eytan | Flickr – Photograph Sharing!

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Published in LGBTQ local community rallies around #TransLawHelp to get trans men and women legal companies ahead of Trump will take workplace – GeekWire#TransLawHelpLGBTQ local community rallies close to #TransLawHelp to get trans folks legal solutions just before Trump requires workplace – GeekWire

Published in www.carillonregina.com/out-in-the-globe/

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By tedeytan on 2015-04-28 07:43:26

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56 thoughts on “Teen Coming Out Stories”

  1. And i am like… just going with my boyfriend to them and said ,,we are together” and my family are just happy that i am happy. So should it be for everybody.

    Sorry for my grammar etc but i am german and english is not my first language 😀

  2. I was outed around the age of 13. My mom had a friend who was bisexual, and I pulled her aside to ask her for advice on how to come out to my mother. I made her promise not to tell my mother that I’m bi, yet she went behind my back and told her anyway. For several years, my mom didn’t believe it, and it was something we didn’t talk about. Then I got in a relationship with a girl and my mom was super supportive. I may not be with that girl anymore, but my mom has continued to be my biggest support.

  3. [https://www.flickr.com/photos/146394692@N06] You may use the photo any way you wish, per the Creative Commons license, including re-editing. Attribution is great thank you.

  4. I just was outed by my parents, they basically forced me to come out then had the wOrSt response…they were yelling at me. I feel like everything is falling apart because they can control basically everything in my life. They also believe I’m not actually pan, I’m just being influenced by my friends and my phone. They aren’t letting me hang out with my LGBT friends anymore. Things aren’t going well right now at all..

  5. I came out when I was 13 wich means right now and I told my best friend and he told me that he was also g@y and he felt feelings on me and right now we are going out

  6. The first person who I came out to was my crush(who is also a really good friend of mine) after she told me she was bi, I told her that I liked her and that I’m bi as well. She liked another girl then (3 or 4 months ago) and now she has a girlfriend and at the moment I’m just trying to get over her.

  7. Would it be alright if I used this photo for a website background and business card? If the client decides to go with the layout, I’d edit the people out of the photo and give proper credit on the website. Is that alright?

  8. I came out to my mom when I was 18 years old, and now as a 21 year old I can say that it was the worst experience of my entire life. She still does not support me, and I am afraid that she never will

  9. ok let get it from the start you dont deserve respect you mist urn it and the pool cue must be the gayest "he" ever just so funny and i realy hope your parents keep using your normal pronouns anf maybe you will do a fa or to the genetic pool of humanity and jump of a cliff.

    also you morons arent specials you are the definition of useless i realy would love yo know what will you fo with the genderstudies degree you retards will have.

  10. I actually came out as ftm transgender about two months ago. My dad found out because I decided I wanted to start to be called Axel. It ended soo badly I had to put my feelings behind me and let him trash talk trans people. Then he said how he hates pan people, I’m over here trying not to yell at him  rip me

  11. I’m the box deep in the closet that holds the little button at the bottom that you forget about and decades laters just throw the whole box away

  12. It’s not so hard to come out as bi at age 11 I just said, in the bath cause I was ill and my mum was doing my hair for me (thx mum) I said “Mum you know girls like boys?” Mum “Yes..” me “does it matter if I like girls AND boys?” Mum “you like who you like it doesn’t matter” me “Oh I think i like girls and boys, I’m attracted to both.” Mum “ok” lol

  13. i stared crying .. wanna know why because my mom and dad hate gays so dose my whole family and guess who’s bi and guess whos staying in the walk in closet forever me

  14. well, I came out to my mom during my 17th birthday (October 4, 2017)
    and she’s not mad at all but she told me, I need to be a girl, and I’m just confused and this is just a face. I told her, this is me and she can’t do anything about it. ?

  15. I’m currently in eighth grade and I just came out to all of my friends as bisexual? I started crying when my best friend told me that she would always love me for the way that I am. It is the most freeing experience?❤️?️‍?

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