Tales From The Crypt – “Werewolf Concerto” (Full Length)

“Werewolf Concerto”, an episode from season four of Tales From the Crypt. I was drunk when I uploaded this.

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The ideal relief from circumstances like these is to seek the guidance of your medical professional.

Hypertrichosis is a medical situation that causes excessive growth of hair in places exactly where hair does not typically grow. It might be present more than the whole physique, or you could have it in only one particular or a lot more areas. Some men and women will be born with the situation and other people will develop it later on in life.

Congenital Hypertrichosis is really uncommon. In reality, it is so rare that there have been only 50 verified instances given that the Middle Ages. It occurs due to the fact of a flaw for the duration of pregnancy. A fetus is covered with lanugo which is a extremely fine layer of hair that falls off throughout the eighth month. In these situations, it does not fall off but continues to develop. In a serve case identified as Congenital Hypertrichosis Terminalis, the hair becomes colored as nicely and remains there after birth.

Another variation of Congenital Hypertrichosis is referred to as Naevoid Hypertrichosis. Right here, the men and women will have excessive hair development in only 1 area of the body.

Acquired Hypertrichosis

Acquired Hypertrichosis happens after birth at any point. The symptoms might consist of unpigmented vellus hair or pigmented terminal hair. The excessive hair could cover the complete body, or it could be localized to one particular location.

What Causes It: Hypertrichosis?

Although there are no for sure answers to that question, numerous think the condition to be a genetic disorder. It can be deemed inherited or has been recognized to just take place due to the mutation of genes. Some are cancer associated which occurs following people have cancer. Some men and women believe that it can be brought on by drugs or metabolic disorders as properly.

Remedies For Hypertrichosis

The best treatment options available consist of:

Shaving often

Depilatories which are hair removal creams can also be utilized as lengthy as the skin is free of charge from cuts or open sores. Verify for allergic reactions prior to use.

Bleaching items can support to lessen the appear of these hairs but make positive to check for chemical reactions.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal techniques may also be valuable. Here, a laser will really kill the follicle stopping it from being capable to grow hair. Some at residence children are effective, but specialist service is the greatest.

Hypertrichosis is a situation that genuinely does not have a cure so to speak. Hair removal tactics can support even though. Though the ideal therapies are these that are the most expensive, they are likely to provide the most satisfaction right here.

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50 thoughts on “Tales From The Crypt – “Werewolf Concerto” (Complete Length)”

  1. This is totally different than from the comic novel which is about a violin player who goes to this town  that people are scared to go to and later finds out that the whole town is full of werewolves.

  2. 16:39 Anyone besides Timothy Dalton saying that line, it would’ve sounded 3 times as dumb. This way, it just sounds mildly cringy. 😛

  3. Lots of great character actors here: Timothy Dalton, Dennis Farina, Beverly D’Angelo, Reginald VelJohnson – heck, even Wolfgang Puck makes a cameo! Oh, and the guy best known for voicing Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer)!

  4. There were voices singing in Latin during the opening chase scene. Anyone can provide an English translation?

  5. I liked Timothy Dalton best in "The Flame is Love". I think he was made for that part. Saying this, he was very good in "The Doctor and the Devils".

  6. this was an all star cast. Ellen griswald, the guy from fresh prince of Bel air, and the guy who played uncle john in the horror flick " sleep away camp 2". how cool is that.

  7. @2:38 the dude with the glasses was on tales from the crypt demon night he played wally he got killed within the first 30 mins of the movie chasing Cordelia who wanted nothing to do with him…silly rabbit tricks are for kids.

  8. Agree that Dalton’s 007 was much better.  Also loved him in Chuck! And Beverly D’Angelo blows Kate B out of the water!  Don’t know, either, how I missed this Tales From the Crypt, but it is now one of my favorite.  Dennis Farina’s hotel concierge …. wonder if Ralph Fiennes happened to catch this??  Thanks for uploading this episode.

  9. Not bad, especially for something that was made in the 1900s. The actors had good performances and the chemistry and familiarity between the characters was good as well. The werewolf didn’t look too bad either (better than some of the werewolf designs I’ve seen in movies), but it would have been better if it didn’t have the shirt on. What I’m disappointed in is how the werewolf in this story moved and acted. They wouldn’t be howling and walking around all aimlessly making stupid grunting noises. And I hated the ending. I mean, yeah, it was a bit realistic since a vampire would usually have to sneak attack a fully transformed werewolf with a weapon to have any real chance of beating one. We all know what happens to the average vampire when a werewolf takes one on in combat head on. The vampire usually gets killed. Also, the ending doesn’t make much sense because a vampire would not be drinking blood from a werewolf. Werewolf blood has been shown to be toxic to vampires and most vampires won’t even attempt to drink werewolf blood (also because vampires are almost like prey to werewolves. A vampire trying to drink blood from a werewolf would kind of be like a bloodhound trying to eat a wolf) and I will give one example that shows a vampire drinking werewolf blood and what happens to it in a comment under this one.

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