Powerful Inspirational correct story…Never give up!

When you Do not give up..You can’t fail!!
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I want to say a Massive thank you to ‘everyone’ who has commented on the inspiration that they’ve received from this video. When I put this video together I was following my heart to inspire ‘Whoever’ may well be discouraged to… “Not Give Up!”

However, I have received the most from this posting. I have been blessed from the numerous strangers who have straight (or indirectly) motivated me to continue forward.

I did not know when I posted this video that ‘exactly a year soon after posting this video that I would expertise a tragic loss. Life has a strange way of holding us up in our time of require.

May we all spread the message of hope
“Do not Give Up”!

Warmest wishes,
Connie Lynne

Two Sides to Each Story
By Paul B. (Halifax) on 2013-05-25 13:22:55
tags For anyone living in todays society, it does not take a sociologist or a political scientist to call focus to which extend sports coaching has permeated the way of life. Newspapers devote an entire section of their day-to-day editions to the coverage of sports such as golf, football, soccer, and much more. Newsprint about sport surpasses even that given to economy, politics, or any other single subject of interest. Television brings into contemporary households over 1,200 hours of reside and taped sporting events each year, at times disrupting the usual household life and other times it offers a collective focus to a family’s attention.

Violence may happen as a outcome of aggressive intent. This leads to yet another query is violence often a outcome of aggressive intent? If violence is to be defined as the use of higher physical force or intent, is it feasible to cite instances exactly where such physical force is utilized to injure other people with out aggression being involved? If aggression is seen as the intentional infliction of injury to others, then any violence act need to, if intended, be regarded as aggressive. This hypothesis, directly relates the problem to the theory of motivation. Sports coaching are primarily based on motivation theories because the core of athletic competition is linked to the human compulsion towards excellence and superiority. Therefore, it seems logical to accept that sports are primarily based on human motives (e.g. compulsion to win), which if not adequately fulfilled, can elicit intense behavioral patterns (e.g. violent acts), which in turn are the byproducts of repressed aggression.

Do sports coaching generate aggressive behavior, or merely attract folks who are already aggressive? Aggression and sports coaching have gone collectively as lengthy as sports have been around, be it the players themselves, to the parents, coaches, or spectators, they just look to be an inseparable component of every other. The term violence is defined as physical assault based on total disregard for the nicely being of self and other individuals, or the intent to injure another individual. Intimidation generally does not lead to physical harm, but usually is designed to create psychological consequences, enabling a single individual to physically over power or dominate yet another. These statements is what folks right now have made a have to component on sport. Pleasure and participation sports totally can’t be grouped with power and functionality sports coaching when in relation to aggression. Pleasure sports are basically played for pleasure. Score is typically not kept. The athletes participating are typically on occasion carrying out it for entertaining and exercise. A majority of athletes who have been playing sports because they have been small, have most likely been pounded into their heads that to be successful in sport.

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50 thoughts on “Strong Inspirational correct story…By no means give up!”

  1. I was recently in an accident that involved a car catching fire and understand what it is like to If you have struggled yourself, you will understand.

  2. ulan oç o havluyu alsın diye kızın ayağının dibine atıyorsun senin sporcu egonu sikerim hakettiğini bulmuşsun siktir git şimdi burdan bir daha da koşma

  3. this is what you should do like derek perseverance in the olympics and i go to school and we have values of perseverance and NEVER GIVE UP AND KEEP ON TRYIN’.I bet he went to the doctors or the big hospital if there is one. I will never forget this i have to learn about this . BE STRONG DEREK!! your number 1 winner in my heart ❤?

  4. Who else got showed this wen they were in high school or primary school and theres also the video of the women wen she falls but gets bk up and wins , wont lie , the only videos ive ever actually really really liked and made a difference compared to some other videos which dnt really have a meaning to them but the teachers jus play them , this video and the female sprinting one have motivated me even if its a little bit , no lie u knw, its a mad ting 😛

  5. I will become S.A teacher compulsory after one month because now prepare for TRT exam thanks for inspiration

  6. ????????? this guy deserves more than a medal he is a great man and he did a brilliant job you are an inspiration

  7. Huge props to this man. But, I’ll be DAMNED if I train four years for something and I don’t finish my race. I fall apart every time I watch this when I see "…it was his father…"

  8. I will do . I will be first i will not give up. I will succeed i will succeed. I will succeed . I have to prove my self aaaaaaa aaaaa??????????????????????

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  10. The Race is not given to the swift..Nor to the strong; But he who endues till the end.Ecclesiastes 9:11 ? ?

  11. You rais me up so i can stand on a mountains,
    You rais me up on more than i can be..
    I am strong when i am on your sholders …. dadicated to py parents AND TO MY FATHER..

  12. If u can’t fly. Than Run
    If u can’t run. Than Walk
    If u can’t walk. Than Crawl
    Whatever u do, u have to move forward
    Best video. Heart touching ??
    #respect that HERO

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