Street Outlaws – Big Chief History of OKC Street Racing

In this clip, Large Chief talks about the history of OKC street racing and how he got to be the organizer of every race for a spot on the Leading ten list. Street Outlaws premieres Dec. two at ten/9c on Discovery Channel.

1989 “Splash” Challenge Race Auto
Excellent story on this car. The short version is that it was part of the GM sponsored Challenge races but was never raced and nevertheless has it is racing engine simply because the owner shipped it to Alaska.
By JaseMan on 2009-07-04 14:02:50
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50 thoughts on “Street Outlaws – Huge Chief History of OKC Street Racing”

  1. Sorry but you got a track racing car not a street legal racing car so you are not the faster street racer. Street racer

  2. Glad your on the show Big Chief,you are part of the reason we watch it, keeping it real.But if you read this here is what we want to see.
    #1. This is not Facebook,  tell Discovery we know the difference between Real & Not Real.
    #2. We just want to see the cars race and not the fake Drama.
    #3.We don’t want to see everbody racing Derby cars or I will change the channel like Gas Monkey when he watches the stupid crash stuff, its not MTV.
    #4. Hollywood is nice, but they don’t Fix my car or Pay My Bills, only on the Ellen show, keep it Real.
    #5. I could right a book, but not in 60 mins. Real life is longer.
    #6. Love The Show, Keep up the good work and be safe! ( Most important)

    Peace, Brother Man

  3. Stop!!! Putting in sound effects,
    I was racing , street and NHRA, AHRA, IHRA, way back starting 1976 thru 1994,


  4. It Hella cool that you can do what you love and it pays you. I get dam tired of working on customers boring cars and trucks. I still enjoy breaking and make my race car faster.

  5. yes it is real, with real people, it is just a fag dumb ass reality show that is about racing but is fake… Staged, and with a Script.

  6. DDDAMN, Don’t let the title of the show make you think it’s our job to nit pick on the fuckin cars!  SO what if the car got trailered there the damned thing can be driven on the street alright? We have an immediate insurmountable problem that brings to an end any racing with horsepower to the ground when we don’t have street legal tires that are 16 inches plus wide, at least not ones worth everybody buying and racing them off in a single night. Im honestly not in the know if any state allows slicks to be run on a car but without slicks being run on these cars they just as well throw away the turbos, the nitrous and about 2 whole numbers of compression and double the ambulance count. But hey these cars could be easily driven on the street every DRY day or at least until local officer So n So gets the book out and starts peelin pages until you can’t buy anything for your car for a few months… Let em trailer the damned car! and if you can’t handle the title to the show how the hell did you ever watch "Good Times" on TV? WAIT WAIT WAIT Most episodes were about the troubles in J J’s life and they were anything but GOOD TIMES!  Wonder how it feels to be a damned ankle biter? or just a guy that HAS to be right about everything? Eww  just drop that shit and get along with us or get along down the road.

  7. the chief has changed to much and why does he wear 60yr old white socks and tan shorts ??? soon he will be wearing his hat so low he can cut eye holes to see out

  8. i have my beat up 85 mustang.aka the ticket collecter.and honestly even if the show is faked at some pionts.hell i still love it and watch it

  9. to bad it is all staged,    and   lil chief is full of hot Air..     the show is fun but i bet they pay the out of town drivers to lose,   how long would it be on if  chief lost all the time.  lol

  10. Big Chief this is JJ from San Antonio again I wish I could go to you already on these days I will be my biggest welcome I know I’m going down I know Mike Murillo personally I hate to see him at Animal drag race all the time so I’ll try to find out one of these days and keep on doing what you’re doin you all are the best I think that will be my last dying wish which excuse my spelling that will be my dying wish to see your race

  11. hey Big Chief this is JJ from San Antonio I hope you’re okay with it all messed up over there with a train in hurricane or whatever you got I wish you all the best and I love you show even though I’m from San Antonio I’m 67 years old but I love your show 100% take it to the farm truck and everybody else is there so I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you all came out okay

  12. So Dave has never ran his own car when racing on the street? Tf everyone else puts their cars on the line and he’s just there like i don’t give a fuck if I blow this bitch up every time I don’t have to pay for it

  13. I blew through Sapulpa,OK in 76 only place I found a car that could keep up with and
    make me feel that I needed to step up my game that mustang was fast respect
    I ran a 70 roadrunner meangreen ,looks like its in your blood ,if I was a little younger
    I would hang with you guyes, stay strong Chief ,all the best >>>>>

  14. What’s up the these guys they start out a bunch rag tag racers now they all drive 60.000 trucks don’t work play grab ads all got crews working on there cars fools like chief get all tatooed up where his wife at looks like he’s got some young chick hanging around he’s got pushing 45 it’s stated out great. it’s getting harder to belive.

  15. Hey big chief me and my friend wer talking at lunch one day and we were talking about cars and then we talked about street racing he goes and he seen you race once he’s a big fan I’m going to go see you one day

  16. big chief love your show fuck what these guys talking about. big shot out to the street outlaws. from Victor Rojas Jr from Rio Grande valley Donna tx

  17. This guy is a fucking joke. got a little fame and run off and abandon his wife an kids. A real piece of SHIT.

  18. The permit requests five off-duty police officers, an EMSA emergency vehicle with paramedics and a fire truck “with jaws of life and personnel.” The production organization is paying for all city employees, as well as for a line of concrete barriers to be placed along the roadway for safety. It’s not legit.

  19. Big Chief I’m watching Bristol as we speak congrats for taking out key kelly!!! I knew you could do it Anthony from Foyil.

  20. 39th Street back in the day…that was real street racing all way the out into the country. I don’t know any of these clowns who claim they’re OGs running things, save for Chuck who used to work on my freaking nitrous Honda 20 years ago when he was a tech at the Honda dealer.

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