STORY TIMEEEEE | ARMY Standard Coaching Portion 1

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Lt. Col. (Ret) Jim “WAM” Harkins, participated the final military flight of the storied F-4 Phantom II at Holloman AFB, N.M., Dec. 21, 2016. The F-four Phantom II entered the U.S. Air Force inventory in 1963 and was the main multi-role aircraft in the USAF throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The F-4 flew bombing, combat air patrol, fighter escort, reconnaissance and the popular Wild Weasel anti-aircraft missile suppression missions. The final variant of the Phantom II was the QF-4 unmanned aerial targets flown by the 82nd at Holloman AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo by J.M. Eddins Jr.)
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50 thoughts on “STORY TIMEEEEE | ARMY Simple Instruction Part 1”

  1. thanks for your service I wish youtube existed when I joined the Army, I would have changed my MOS but honestly I don’t regret my military service it was a very formative part of my life

  2. I got out in 2011. The military was definitely NOT for me but you can’t know that for sure until you enlist and it’s too late. If you find yourself in that situation, just do what you’re told, get it done. It feels like it’ll last forever but it doesn’t.
    If your leadership aren’t assholes, you’re good. Unfortunately, mine liked making themselves feel big by ostracizing and humiliating people so I couldn’t stand my unit. Probably would have been much different if I had chosen 35P instead of 88M. I had the ASVAB score for it… had a good enough score for pretty much anything. That was my fault. Choose a MOS that matches your IQ! I hung out with some of the 35Ps once and THOSE were my people. They actually helped each other out and were so inclusive and were just into working together. I still wouldn’t have been a good fit for the military but those six years would have been a lot smoother.

  3. I can relate! I’m a hispanic and I was always at the end of lines in school like in second grade because my last name is Soto LMFAO

  4. I did basic at Jackson. I’ve been out 3 years now I’m going to basic at LEONARD WOOD @Sweetscolour oh yea I love you?

  5. thank-you sooo much for pretecting our country I’m just a little kid but I love you soooo much if you could please give me a shoutout p.s. you are such a roll model to me

  6. Mcbride you are so freaking Sexy !!! What turns me on about its your lips, youth smile & dimples, so ever time you smile, you trigger something inside of me, *÷*÷#%&=&*$&%(××*",",* I’ve can’t say in social media, we’ll you know the drill.lolz

  7. Y’all make it seem like it’s kinda fun…but ik it’s a long as u can find fun it…then it’ll work out right?

  8. that’s so cool how you went to Fort Jackson that is where I’ll be going when I enlist and if I make it past MEPs

  9. Im going to be joining the marines right after i graduate this year. i want to go for mp but what are my other options.

  10. Two dumb whopity whoop truck driving bitches. Talk English you barracks bunnies. Y’all seen more dick than a urinal. Get a real MOS dumb fucks.

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