[Story time] My elementary school encounter! [+speedpaint.]

Listen to my story of how I’ve dealt with my elementary school and it truly is bull of a program back in the early 2000’s.

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50 thoughts on “[Story time] My elementary college expertise! [+speedpaint.]”

  1. I will always live the ending of your video :3 so cute and great art. And if you wanted could you check out the music I made and tell me what you think :3

  2. I’m on elementary school. All my classmates are morons and I can get bullied. Not physically. My teacher is Satan herself and doesn’t care about it she just gives tons of homework

  3. Actually, yeah, a lot of adults look at kids with autism the same way they look at kids with terminal illnesses. It’s disturbing, but the people in charge of the first world only want "the best of the best" when it comes to "functionally" fitting into society over the long term, and they have this perception that anyone who can’t fit in well enough is just a "lost cause" that needs to be babysat while the rest of the "good ones" are trained and put to work. You’re very fortunate to be such a good visual artist, that’s one of the most universally valued things in the first world these days. It is going to allow you to bypass a lot of the barriers that have put in place to restrict the disabled from succeeding. Writers like myself just languish in obscurity, desperately wishing we could find an artist to help encourage interest in our ideas, only to constantly be told we’re not worth the time. 😛

  4. I have a story Chaos! When I was little I had short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and really chubby ? and i was really quiet but I would always draw in class especially 3rd grade and I wouldent stop. I would do it during class, lunch, and Recess. Due to this i was bullied alot all the way up to the last day of 6th grade and on the first day of summer I decided it was enough of being bullied and I would grow up and change myself a little bit ( which i sort of regret to this day?).So over the summer I stopped going to Justice and started going to hot topic and all those stores to get new and nicer clothes, I got my second pair of earrings ( I have 4 holes now instead of 2 total) I lost alot of wieght and even dyed the bottom half of my hair red. After all that change on the first day of 7th grade i wore my new clothes, put my earrings in, and did my hair and I wasent even recognized!! Boys started liking me, giving me love confession notes, and alot of people liked me ☺️ but I really regret changing while I still draw I dont like the attention i get to this day I just wanna be normal but Im scared… I cant change now or I’m going to be a target for bullies again but I dont mind being like this either at least I have more than 1 friend now. I dont mind change change is good, but do you think to much change could be a bad thing??╮(╯_╰)╭

  5. I had gone to one school for almost 4 years I had good friends, grades, and I had a lot of fun I was also really popular for being funny X3 but than my dad got a new job, and I had to move. so I used to live in the valley but than I moved to the coast. well my new school was nice at first, I had met my teacher, and two new friends than at lunch some boys came up to me and asked if I could follow them. and like an idiot I followed them!!! they lead me behind a building and stared to kick and punch me. but I fought back and soon we we’re all bleeding and panting luckily my two new friends had gotten a teacher and they we’re both expelled!!!! Yay! guys fight back! don’t let them get to you I have been bulled so much but I really don’t even care anymore. I just roast them so hard I leave them speechless! X3

  6. i was and still am a Guy that has a Speech problem, and i also have some type of attention issue. meaning i have always been one who can easily distracted and still am XD. i can laugh about it now. but back then, i had a BAD bulling issues. but i actually started to ignore them. so when ever someone calls me "Weird, weirdo, crazy" i just say "Thanks for the Complement". and i LOVE seeing their reaction. they are almost speechless! (my bulling/middle/elementary story)

  7. My elementary school story:

    There was a girl in my class who could draw 10x better than me let’s call Mable . So this one time we had to make a butterfly out of a toilet paper roll and coloured paper as homework. At the time my parents were out of the country so I stayed at my grandparents. Because my art skills were horrible I asked my grandad to help me with the homework and he did, so the next day I go to school to give my assignment in but before lessons started Mable started picking on me for asking my grandad to help me and the teacher did nothing about it. "Best" teacher ever!

  8. *AHEM*

    So If guys say girls are sensitive, he should be happy i werent there,
    Coz this happened to A boy in my Class coz he fuCKING STUCK A PENCIL IN MY EYE, AND MY HAND >:c
    I fucking made him choke,
    Next KILLED him (coz why not C:)
    Slapped him A thousand times,
    Pushed him off his chair,
    Tored his drawings appart,
    And made him bleed 🙂

  9. Damn I used to had aspergers way back in 2013 up to 2015 and I was a massive crybaby and a huge hyporcite thanks to my austism… the events in 2013 to 2015 is what made me hate the school Soo much that I wish I can shoot it up… I was bullied from kindergarten up to elementary due to me having a diffrent mind from otber students.. I was called retarded,stupid,noob , etc etc and you expected the teachers to do something about it.. NOPE but expect for 2 teachers… Ms jeya and Ms Emily, and also the class of 2013 helped me when I was getting bullied by being there for me, supporting me and teaching me.. the other teachers however kept going to the principal complaing that I was a nuisance and begging me to kick me out when they are aware that I has aspergers… good thing the principal never kicked me out because I was good in my studies and he said that there was hope in me.Then there’s this one sonofabitch teacher who kept forcing her religion on me so she can make me ‘normal’ even though she knew that my family is a Buddhist family… And now I still get bullied because of my past that gave me a very bad reputation and they did nothing to the bullies in my school and I can’t do anything about it because the teachers think I’m just making up these things and saying I deserve it because I used to bully people… then this is the reason now why I have low self esteem and a fear of meeting new people because I will get scared if they will bully me

  10. Sounds like that kid was a psychopath and needed therapy. Did your school have school councilors? Sometimes I think it’s a cry for help for some kids.

  11. Social problems…. I… Yeah… YouTube is one of the only things that make me feel comfortable, probably because I’m not actually talking to people face to face. But I’m also just fine talking to my friends.

  12. I have been bullied many times one of them was when I was about 9 or 10 and I was drawing and this girl came up to me, snatched the drawing from me, made it look like a ugly witch and said it was me. That was not the only time that girl bullied me and when my mum and dad were around she was like ‘oh we are great friends she is so nice’ oh and there was this boy who annoyed me a lot but when he saw my dad he got scared and ran away I am still grateful that my dad was there.

  13. I have only one eye be cuz my bullies all ganged up on my for my deppression and autism and took a knife and stabbed my eye!
    they were sent to a 5 minute detention but I was the one who got espelled be cuz my socket was out in the open and distracted other kids.The same bully stuck a pencil and let it sit in my eye socket during nap time!Got a sweet eyepatch though so now I llook like a pixie pirate!

  14. None of this EVER happened to me, and I think that the reason for this is that I have always done parkour, which I guess gave me a sort of "street cred" in elementary school XD. Probably also because I have a fairly high pain tolerance and also just always hung out with boys. So… Nothing from me lol

  15. I thank Mrs. Hics (I probably spelled her name wrong) for starting you on the path of drawing because I love your videos even though I just subscribed a couple days ago and watched a video of your a couple days ago. You are amazing

  16. Am i lucky that I didn’t have to go through preschool? I never did and i feel like i was left out of something ;-;

  17. Last year (grade 4) we were in class. The teacher was getting the audio ready to read are class novel. While she did that she told us to start reading a head. It was dead silent in the room. The volume must have been all the way up because it accidentally turned on really quickly out of no where. I jumped so high. It was hilarious but embarrassing ?

  18. I am kinda jealous that your 3rd grade teacher encouraged you into art.
    My 3rd grade teacher told me straight in the face I can’t draw(That’s why I have decided to improve as much as possible and even tho I haven’t really improved that much the last one month and I still can’t draw proper hands and legs I am planning on making a comic just for myself and probably my Closest friend and my internet friend to enjoy)

  19. I have no mental disorder, but I cannot even ask the teacher a question because I am a huge introvert. Usually around friends I am very extroverted, and the teachers saw this and started telling me to speak up and talk more. The teachers get very annoyed sometimes tho.

  20. Chaos you just became my fav YouTuber. I do have a mental disability and I can relate to you so much. Also you gave me confidence to show my art and to accept criticism even it was purely hated.

  21. Autism?… That… That’s what I have… (I mean, its mild, nobody would ever know unless I or someone else told them, but still)

  22. I was in grade 3 I broke my arm in people just started laughing it hurt so bad I had to Where It cast and my bully just started laughing so hard then when it grade 5 he was so sorry and he just said saying that to my face he WUS a asshole he WUS the fuck worst person ever in my class when I was in grade 3 and for the people who are still getting bully punching the bully in the face or just slapthe bully whatever works for you and say fuck off! Then the bully would stop being mean to you it always works?

  23. Your life was pretty fucked up
    *i should ruin other peoples lives and post story time videos to get attention! and possible be sent to jail*

  24. I had a bully I’m not going to say her name but I will call her Barbie. Barbie and I used to be friends but that was so she can know my secrets and tell EVERYONE. Once we were sharing secrets and I told her my crush,the next Monday (cause it was Friday) she told everyone. Let’s call my ex crush Annoying Dog. She makes sure the whole class was there and yells “Thunder has a crush on Annoying Dog!!!!!! ? “ Most if not all the rest of my class were my friends and they just looked at her and turned to me like “Defuq human?” The teachers had to drag her out of the class.

    She also phisically hurt me and threaten me to the point where she said she would stab me. She also insulted my birth year and my FRIGID PARENTS! She’s not in my school anymore (thank gosh) but I had to deal with her for a year and a half!

    She also called me a toilet and I remember I responded by saying “At least toilets look better than you.” ? She’s basically a child version of Richard. She also insulted the fact that I was Greek.

    Pls like and subscribe!


  25. In 1st grade i had like a criminal record for no absalute reason, one time i got detention ((or in my school to spend recess in the principals office)) , because someone knocked my luch box off the other side of the table, and this one teacher Mrs. Coluchey ((idk how to spell her name .-.)) She would be talking to one of my friends and then turn to me and glare at me like i just destroyed her most valuable possession, when i was really quiet and shy at the time and never did anything wrong

  26. One of the special needs teachers I had through 1st to 5th grade was trash. She would, among other things, force me to eat lunch I really didn’t want to eat. In fourth grade I also had to deal with at least 7 different people bullying me, and my best friend turned her back on me with my other friends doing the same shortly afterwards. To make matters worse, the school’s anti-bullying program was utter garbage and I wasn’t allowed to be in the special education class because "our class was getting transferred to another school in only 1 year".

    The fact that they denied a kid, with f*cking Asperger’s and bullying problems, special ed classes seriously baffles me.

  27. I know I’m extremely late to this, but I wanted to share as well. I remember back when I was in elementary school, I was also bullied for being different. I refused to be like everyone else, I was fat, I wore glasses, I was shy and quiet, I was missing my upper four teeth,and I was quick to anger. Well in my 6th year of school (my elementary school had 6th grade in there) I had had enough and started fighting back physically……because whenever I went to a teacher or the principal they did nothing. Well I decided to fight back which only made things worse and I would end up getting suspended while the bullies got off scot free. Meanwhile during those years I was forced by the school to go the anger management therapy. Regardless it made me happy when I finally moved at the start of 7th grade, and now many years later I absolutly hate violence…..as much as I hate bullying, it made me who I am today.

  28. I feel so bad, and feel like you’re lucky because of those teachers ;~: I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL ANYMORE

  29. my best friend once told a girl 2 years younger than me to punch me in the stomach. the girl who punched me’s cousin (who I was also friends with) yelled at me for "hurting" her cousin, when I was 2 years older than her. I forgave my best friend a few years later after we hadn’t talked for AGES but yea. the teachers really just didn’t care about that stuff, unless it was one of their favourites or one who had rich parents (another story entirely). yea.

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