Story of Diwali: Rama and Sita | Hindu Festival Of Lights | Diwali Information | Stories With Moral

Story of Diwali: Rama and Sita | Hindu Festival Of Lights | Diwali Facts | Short Stories | Stories With Moral | Fairy Tales

A story for Diwali.

Themes: The festival of Diwali. The story of Rama and Sita. Excellent overcoming evil.

Synopsis: There is rejoicing in Ayodhya. King Dashratha’s eldest son – Rama – has married a beautiful princess – Sita.

Now the old king can hand more than the kingdom to his son. But there is a problem…

Dashratha’s wife is the mother of his eldest youngster – Bharat – and she desires her son to inherit the throne. She compells Dashratha to exile Rama, Sita and Lakshman (Rama’s brother) and make Bharat successor.

Rama, Sita and Lakshman make their property in the forest. They live happily…till 1 day the evil god, Ravana, disguises himself as a deer and steals Sita away to his island kingdom of Lanka.

The swift-thinking Sita leaves a trail of jewellery as she is carried away so that her husband will be in a position to stick to her.

Support for Rama arrives in the shape of the monkey-god, Hanuman. Hanuman flies by means of the air and finds exactly where Sita is being held. Then he raises an army of animals who develop a bridge, so that Rama can walk across the water to Lanka.

A battle ensues…at the end of which Rama and Sita are reunited and return to Ayodhya to claim their rightful inheritance.

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