”Stories from the Apocalypse” | three Amazing APOCALYPSE HORROR STORIES

So… I identified 1 zombie apocalypse story I genuinely liked but it was sort of brief. I know a lot of you guys do household chores even though you listen to these stories and I did not want to leave you stranded in the middle of washing up, so I decided to make this one a compilation of 3 tales.

Have a great week, everyone I will be back on Friday with a long story set in South Korea!

‘Hollow’: from an original story by Valley Rat:


‘The Math Teacher’: from an original story by Adi1605:

The Math Teacher

‘Persuaded’: from an original story by GodzillaFan1:


Background music by Dr. Creepen van Pasta (freely available for use by other Creepypasta / No Sleep narrators):

Videos – ‘Uber Memoria 13 (2007-12)’ Uber Memoria 15 (2007-12), and ‘Uber Memoria 26 (2007-12)’: all by Shaun Wilson used in adapted kind below the circumstances of the Inventive Commons CCBY-SA three. license:

Thumbnail image – ‘Apocalypse’ by Jon Wells utilized beneath the circumstances of the Inventive Commons CCBY 2. license



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No matter if they really exist or not, zombies are a part of the well-liked culture.  When we say zombie, it as usual is directed to a reanimated corpse, but also zombie can be a human, controlled by an individual else, by use of magic. They can come across in horror and fantasy themed fiction and entertainment, normally defined as stupid, mentally disoriented, rotting corpses, hungry for human flesh.  They are concerned as an heir of the notion of the vampires.

The contemporary notion of the zombies has its base in the film of George A. Romero from 1968 – Evening of the Living Dead.  From then till now, the concept of the modern zombie has being connected with the “zombie apocalypse”.  It refers to a breakdown in the society as a outcome of zombie invasion, represented in numerous zombies – related media.  The most legendary zombie – themed television appearing possibly was Thriller, Michael Jackson’s brief film and music video, directed by John Landis.  It became 1 of the most well-known music videos of all occasions.  Besides that, zombies became a component of the modern day literature so the zombie fiction came out as an individual literary subgenre.  They take a portion in the gaming also, zombie games are one of the most favourite video games…

Quite entertaining factor, associated to the zombies, are the directions for zombie survival.  Probably no one has noticed gather of “undead” walking on the streets, but these guides actually exist, there is a massive number of books, articles on net.  Perhaps the most well-known book of this kind is The Zombie Survival Guide, written by the American Max Brooks, published in 2003.  In the book he illustrates “instances” of zombie appearances in history and offers correct schemes for the regular particular person to survive zombie attacks.  For the ones that are unable to read the entire book, right here are couple of rules how to survive zombie attack.

When the zombies are destroying your door, you must remain quiet they are slow so you can almost certainly escape if you use the rules.  It’s good if you have a couple of main issues with you like armament, great flashlight, meals and water.  Following step is to defend your region, do what you can to block every single access, but in any case, keep put and usually have an exit plan.  The guidelines say that it really is not essential if the zombie was your greatest pal or girlfriend. Put a slug in their head, because if you never do that, they will kill you no matter what.  Be calm waiting for rescue, but commence creating your lengthy term plans for survival.  And 1 more essential point, do not get surrounded due to the fact you are dead if you do.

Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as a single of the most acceptable techniques to express myself and I like when it seems beneficial for the others as properly.  

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  1. Would it have been better if you uploaded these videos, put them on private, then make the public one day at a time for consistency? Just a thought, no sass intended, much love. Love these either way. Have an amazing time going to Korea or whatever you’re doing.

  2. Im Writing a Zombie Apocalypse Story Cant wait till i’m done with it! I Could share it when its done But it might be awhile So Let me know if you want to check it out and i’ll be sure to share the link when i’m finished!

  3. Well that was just awful. And that stupid girl at the end! This was quite a moving story, thoroughly enjoyed listening to this.

  4. ive said it before but this is by FAR the best creepypasta channel! best voice, style of narration, best sound/ambience, the stories themselves are just better quality.. been addicted since the Kola Hole story!

  5. Yes doc! I love apocalypse themed stories! And i also love demon stories, especially if its a dogey deal type story with a twist. Damn cheeky demons Mann XD

  6. You’re one of my favorite narrators love listening to your stories while working I would night shift as a school custodian so if you could find a couple creepy ones about that I’d love to give them a listen

  7. Am I the only one who pictured the creatures as ghouls from the Fallout series? Lol I pictured him walking through a subway tunnel to get to the vault and everything.

  8. 4 hours until I have to wake up for work. I love overtime pay but I wish they would start at the normal time on Saturday. Weekdays I start between 8 and 10 am depending if I get to start early for overtime, while it is always 6 am on Saturday.

    Thanks for uploading, maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep to this. Hard to relax as it has been an exciting day between the coronation of the God-Emperor and me getting a raise at work.

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