Steve Harvey Speaks: NASCAR Lawsuit Story

Yesterday, a story was released suggesting I was element of a lawsuit against NASCAR alleging discriminatory practices. I decided to address it on my Morning Show. More than a year ago, I did meet with Terrance Cox, who came beneath false pretenses. The following day my organization issued a letter to him. Here’s that letter, and my statement.

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Nascar Blur
Walking to my seats, previous the back straight (and just ahead of my phone rang), but that is one more story.
By Dwilliams851 on 2007-08-05 01:13:35
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21 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Speaks: NASCAR Lawsuit Story”

  1. Hello Mr. Harvey, I’m sorry to bother you but I wasn’t able to locate your email account. I listen to your radio show everyday Mon. through Fri.. Today, I’m came across the discussion involving "Pet peeves men have with women on dates." I know that I’m late but thought I might chime in anyway. We know what our role is traditionally, but this is a new age. Women can earn an education and in some cases make more then men in average. Society has allowed them to be more mobile and thus equal in many regards to men. It also has let them drift or disavow from the role of a women. We are over noted to see this happen, but we’ll they are able to escape their role we are can’t in many eyes. We’re not asking women to pay.for us , but in most cases go Dutch. That way neither owes the other and that the date is wanted by both parties. Also, women know what is expected and feel entitled on getting just that. This are the same women that have moved far from their roles, don’t need man, feels that we as men should be honored to give her free meals and expect nothing in return.

  2. Interesting, Maybe they have a problem with the IDEAL and motive that steve HAS. wE ALL NEED TO understand system we live in.

  3. Guess everyone forgot about Wendell Scott. And that was back in the 60’s. I don’t think Nascar is stopping anyone from racing due to their race or ethnicity. I think it just works out that there aren’t any black drivers. I don’t see a need to sue anyone.

  4. I love and respect how you composed yourself. Bless you Mr. Harvey and all that you do and those that do it with you.

  5. Fucking Jesse Jackson Already punked NASCAR for your kind and they bent over to open the door WTF do you assholes want a bench and chicken and beer for underprivileged blacks to attend NASCAR races all complementary ? Maybe car manufacturers need to leave free cars in gang infested neighborhoods for them to use. Kiss their ass ! Treat them like Kings.. Rodney King.

  6. Look up Terrance Cox on Youtube, the guys who filed the lawsuit; the guy is almost like something out of a bad low budget movie .

  7. This is so FUNNY!!!
    Wait for it… knowing that man gonna get cussed out and I’ve not seen this video.
    The Black-Man completely LIED on Steve Harvey.

  8. LOL! Steve Harvey is the man!   BTW Steve if you do get into those "fas azz car’s" I would love to be on your team, that would be the most fun ever!!   Hit me Up.

  9. racing starts at home with the parents taking the time and money to teach the kid how to race ,starting with go karts and working there way up nascar has nothing to do with that! .every body knows nigga’s don’t like to go fast

  10. good morning Steve Harvey you make our days and as to what you say this will need to be in peace and thank you for spa office

  11. I am a huge NASCAR fan and want to be a driver but I am black in new jersey and Don’t have much opportunities like others. I am not convinced yet NASCAR is beeping rasict but if is. true than I will hate it for that there is always F1

  12. The guy is apparently currently trying to sue Nascar for $500 million for racial inequality, which Nascar themselves dont seem too worried about, as they reckon they’re not doing anything wrong.

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