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Sri Harmandir Saheb Panorama
Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple, (on account of its scenic beauty and golden coating for English speaking world), is named right after Hari(God) the temple of God. The Sikhs all over the world, day-to-day want to spend pay a visit to to Sri Amritsar and to pay obeisance at Sri Harmandir Sahib in their Ardas.

Guru Arjan Sahib, the Fifth Nanak, conceived the idea of creating a central place of worship for the Sikhs and he himself created the architecture of Sri Harmandir Sahib. Earlier the planning to excavate the holy tank (Amritsar or Amrit Sarovar ) was chalked out by Guru Amardas Sahib, the Third Nanak, but it was executed by Guru Ramdas Sahib below the supervision of Baba Budha ji. The land for the web site was acquired by the earlier Guru Sahibs on payment or cost-free of price from the Zamindars (landlords) of native villages. The strategy to establish a town settlement was also created. As a result, the building function on the Sarovar(the tank) and the town started simultaneously in 1570. The perform on both projects completed in 1577 A.D.

Guru Arjan Sahib got its foundation laid by a muslim saint Hazrat Mian Mir ji of Lahore on 1st of Magh, 1645 Bikrmi Samvat(December,1588). The building operate was straight supervised by Guru Arjan Sahib himself and he was assisted by the prominent Sikh personalities like Baba Budha ji, Bhai Gurdas ji, Bhai Sahlo ji and numerous other devoted Sikhs.

As opposed to erecting the structure on the larger level(a tradition in Hindu Temple architecture), Guru Arjan Sahib got it built on the reduce level and in contrast to Hindu Temples possessing only a single gate for the entrance and exit, Guru Sahib got it open from four sides. Hence he produced a symbol of new faith, Sikhism. Guru Sahib made it accessible to each and every particular person with no any distinction of Caste, creed, sex and religion.

The developing operate completed in 1601 A.D. on Bhadoon Sudi 1st, 1661 Bikrmi Samvat (August/September,1604). Guru Arjan Sahib installed newly designed Guru Granth Sahib, in Sri Harmandir Sahib and appointed Baba Budha ji as its first Granthi i.e. the reader of Guru Granth Sahib. Soon after this event it attained the status of ‘Ath Sath Tirath’. Now the Sikh Nation had their own Tirath, a pilgrimage center

Sri Harmandir Sahib, is constructed on a 67ft. square platform in the centre of the Sarovar(tank). The temple itself is 40.5ft. square. It has a door each on the East, West, North and South. The Darshani Deori (an arch) stands at the shore finish of the causeway. The door frame of the arch is about 10ft in height and 8ft 6inches in breath. The door panes are decorated with artistic style. It opens on to the causeway or bridge that leads to the principal creating of Sri Harmandir Sahib. It is 202 feet in length and 21 feet in width.

The bridge is connected with the 13 feet wide ‘Pardakshna’ (circumambulatory path). It runs round the principal shrine and it leads to the ‘Har ki Paure’ (actions of God). On the initial floor of ‘Har ki Paure’, there is continuous reading of Guru Granth Sahib.

The principal structure of Sri Harmandir Sahib, functionally as nicely as technically is a 3-storied one. The front, which faces the bridge, is decorated with repeated cusped arches and the roof of the 1st floor is at the height of the 26 feet and 9 inches.

At the best of the initial floor four feet high parapet rises on all the sides which has also four ‘Mamtees’ on the 4 corners and specifically on the top of the central hall of the main sanctuary rises the third story. It is a modest square area and have 3 gates. A regular recitation of Guru Granth Sahib is also held there.

On the leading of this room stands the low fluted ‘Gumbaz’(dome) having lotus petal motif in relief at the base inverted lotus at the best which supports the ‘Kalash’ getting a lovely ‘Chhatri’ at the finish.

Its architecture represents a special harmony amongst the Muslims and the Hindus way of construction function and this is deemed the best architectural specimens of the planet. It is often quoted that this architecture has designed an independent Sikh school of architecture in the history of art in India.

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  1. thanks for protecting hindu brahmans from moghols to converted into Islam…
    your sacrifice means a lot to hindus ..

  2. AWWWWW, why no English subtitles? This philosophy belongs to the whole world, we need it too you know!!!

  3. krishna kayon baag gaya tha jung se saale Vj bahan k lode tare krishan ka name hi ranshod rakh deya thaa logo ne saale gaandu barhman tumhari gaand fatti thee Muslim’s se Dar kar saale sikho k paas aaya karte thy bachlo hamari maa bahno ko

  4. Due respect to sikhs ….but caste division wasn’t something done by brahmins ….its pure myth spread by western world to turn society against that section which shapes the thinking of society and break it down.

  5. I m muslim from pakistan. No doubt sikh dunia ki bahadur qom hai bht khush rehny wali qom hai muhabat karny wali qom hai.. or punjabi dunia mai sab sy zyada boli jany wali zaban hai.. or mai guru nana sahib ki bht respect kartay hain. Unho ny hindustan k logo ko aik naya jeeny dang seekhaya or apni aik unique pehchan banai puk or dahri ki. Sikh bhaiyo zindabad we love u.. Allah ap log ko hamesha khush rakhay… ❤ wahe guru ki jai ?

  6. Bhai shikhism bhut purana dharm hai hzaro salo se chli aayi culture hai hinduism to iske aage paida hua hai na to kaise ek hua ??? sikh religion to khud se hi karma ohm yha tk ki name k aage singh title sb apne aap khoji thi iska hindu se koi len den nhi hai aur yha tk ki paida v sbhi sikh hi hote hai ktayi chhatayi k bad wo hindu muslim ho jate hai yhi ek shikh ka concept hai mera nhi hai bhai kyuki sikh dharm se hi sanatan dharma ka jnm hua hai….. Aur uske bad sanatan dharm se hi Buddhism jainism jnm hua???koi to inko smjhao yr

  7. wahe guru ji ka Khalsa
    wahe guru ji ki fateh

    dear viewers nothing was hided by public everything was done in front of public not in tent….

  8. How is the Khalsa to be practiced?

    Since diverse panj pairae were indians, how can sikhs want just a small northi indian bit to be khalistan, its not logical.

  9. we are happy to know that Sikhism gurus were belongs to hindu religion…
    5 gurus from 5 parts of india…
    respect for 5 Sikhs gurus…
    thanks for giving so much good things…

  10. Sikh history is one history that just makes everyone laugh, its full of harry potter fantasy and fabrication. They dream about fighting Muslims and funnily Most Muslims don’t even know them, only Pakistan because we once shared the country.

  11. History, legacy, culture, language, people, Family bindings, festivals, food habits of Hindus n Sikhs are intimately linked. Both have sacrificed for each other at times. Let them love each other n not divided. If anyone has any friction in mind I urge them to forget it n move on. God bless all.

  12. Sikh mane chahe ya na mane wo khi na khi hinduo se related hai kyuki apne aap to koi nya dharm bnta nhi jldi aur wo v to kisi dhrm se hi nikla hoga agr nhi mante to bhad me jao salo hume koi frk nhi pdega

  13. Satpal Singh Dhillon interesting how a man can manipulate the mindset of people to change their ancestral religion.if he was born In today’s media centric world he might hv been in place of ram rahim. What they got by forming a new subsidary religion. its just the different interpretations, even this religion has discrimination within. Coz it involves humans, there nothing sacred . Fuck religions believe in helping others

  14. A nice documentary.
    If Indians were taught the basics about the six systems of Indian philosophy in the schools, they would stop quibbling about religion. Since Punjab is the corridor through which Islamic invaders came to impose their cruel reigns, obviously the indigenous people had to fight back for their rights, their ancient religion and culture. Thus arose Sikhism out of a lot of bloody confrontation between Islamic and Hindu people. The Sikh Gurus were social reformers during the Islamic rule. The ancestors of Sikhs are Hindus. So when Sikhs critise Hinduism, they are criticising their ancestors’ faith.

  15. Sikh are the most foolish nation in the earth ,they spend theirs life fighting from the beginning ,first they were fighting to save Briton ,then they fight against them ,after that fight with Muslims to save Hindus ,then Hindu killed them 1984 ,now hindus hooked to the young Sikh generation with drugs ,and let them fight each other ,clever Hindus ,,,,

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