Shakespearean Therapy

Shakespearean Therapy. Juliet goes to therapy for anxiety. Watch as her therapist tries to make sense of her story.

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Cast: “Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Matt Meese”
Director: Julian Riley
Producer: Jared Shores
Producer: Arthur Van Wagenen
Writer: Whtiney Call
Editor: “A. Todd Smith, Ryan Terry”

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Shakespearean Therapy – Studio C

Britain’s quantity one pest
They are noisy, filthy, violent… and they’re moving into a street close to you. No, not gangs of teenagers, but the seagulls invading Britain’s inland towns by their thousands.

En masse, the ear-splitting noise of them all shrieking at as soon as, not to mention the mess their excrement tends to make of rooftops, pavements, automobiles, and windows, or the damage they do to buildings, and a flock of seagulls is an even more fearsome prospect.

Living by the seaside have to be lovely, possessing fish and chips on the beach whilst watching the sun set on the ocean. Appropriate?

Not so for residents of the Scottish seaside town of Newhaven, near Edinburgh, exactly where residents are getting attacked by increasingly violent seagulls.

These dive-bombing birds have been harrassing the Scottish townfolk to such a degree, they have begged regional authorities and several action groups to organise a cull.

Their requests have all been rebuffed due to current legislation producing such a move ‘extremely difficult’.

One terrified resident, Ellen Johnston, 57, explained how it affects her life: ‘I never leave the residence with no an umbrella and you can feel them bouncing off.

At the moment a single of their young has fallen off the roof, and we are getting attacked even a lot more. They grab your hair and swoop so close.’

Though the birds typically attack in pairs, there has been a sighting of five seagulls attacking just one victim.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh City Council responded saying: ‘The city supplies guidance to residents about how to deter gulls from nesting on their properties and gives pest control solutions on a commercial basis.’

Residents have likened their treatment by these aggressive birds to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 thriller The Birds starring Tippi Hedren.

Bristol’s number one particular pest: Council sets aside extra £200,000 to tackle city’s gull difficulty.

ATTACKING members of the public, stealing meals and holding up building operate are just a few of the factors why seagulls are quickly becoming Bristol’s number one particular pest.

And it appears the city council is also at its wits end with the pesky birds, as it has allocated £200,000 to new measures to keep gulls in the city at bay making use of techniques such as hawks and falcons.

It comes right after violent and aggressive seagulls in Cornwall made national headlines for pecking a tiny dog to death. But a Bristol gull specialist has claimed urban gulls are a much larger dilemma – and are breeding at an uncontrollable price.

There are a lot more than 2,500 pairs of breeding gulls in Bristol, and the population is thought to be rising at a rate of about 20 per cent a year.

The council is embarking on a ten year city-wide egg replacement programme. But regardless of initial claims that this was the only &quotviable&quot choice to try and manage the issue, Bristol gull specialist Peter Rock says the funds would be better spent on research.

Mr Rock conducts his own gull investigation by attaching rings to their feet to monitor their behaviour. He said: &quotThe council will be wasting their money with any measures involving birds of prey. There are peregrine falcons nesting around Bristol anyway, and that does not influence the gulls at all.

&quotWe have truly got to get to grips with what is going on with these birds. But the current measures becoming taken will not perform in the extended term. All they do is move the difficulty around.

&quotUrban gulls are breeding so successfully and we need to monitor their behaviour to attempt and comprehend why – in the wild the number of gulls is dwindling, but it an urban environment they are thriving.

&quotOnce we comprehend their habits and behaviour, we can come up with a far more extended term answer to assist the difficulty.&quot

And the dilemma in Bristol was highlight over the weekend, with this year’s Harbourside Festival attracting hundreds of the undesirable visitors.

Dianne Smyth visits the festival every year from her residence in Taunton, but said she felt seagulls had grow to be a true problem at this year’s event.

She told the Bristol Post: &quotAs usual, it was a wonderful occasion with a beautiful atmosphere. Nevertheless, there was 1 point that slightly ruined it for us this year- seagulls.

&quotAs we have completed in the previous, we purchased some meals from one particular of the many stalls around and sat with our feet dangling more than the harbour to enjoy it. We had been there for no more than a couple of moments before a massive seagull took a swoop at Dave, my husband. He didn’t hurt him but seagulls are massive birds and had he not seen it coming he could have simply been knocked into the water.&quot

A Bristol City Council spokesperson mentioned there was £200,000 available to discover strategies to handle gulls: &quotBristol City Council has an ongoing 10-year management programme aimed at lowering the number of gulls by replacing the gulls’ eggs with substitute ones. This is strictly controlled by Natural England licence circumstances.

&quotResults from a survey undertaken by the Animal and Plant Wellness Agency have showed that the programme has held off any significant increases in the gull population and there has been a slight reduce in the number of breeding pairs.

&quotThere are no quick fixes to the gull concern and there are limitations to what action we can take due to licence conditions, but Bristol City Council is a single of the few neighborhood authorities taking such action.

&quotWe have £200,000 offered for a wider gull programme which explores the use of other techniques, such as netting and making use of hawks and falcons, but we will only use this funding for the most price-successful and productive strategies.&quot

2010 Gunmen shooting dead seagulls in their dozens.

Seagulls across Sussex are becoming shot and killed in their dozens. Bird protection groups have provided a £5,000 reward to catch the gunmen responsible for the deaths of up to 50 gulls in a string of attacks across the county in the final fortnight.

The birds are being cruelly shot down from rooftops but in some circumstances the maimed birds are not dying quickly but are plummeting from rooftops and then dying slow, painful deaths.

The National Seagull Rescue and Protection (NSRP) campaign has had to be referred to as out to care for a lot of of the injured birds.

In the final week the charity has been referred to as in to care for two birds attacked in Hove and another a single Brighton, one particular in Seaford, plus nine in Eastbourne.

Investigators think the identical people are repeatedly shooting at birds. Residents in the Hazlewood Avenue area of Eastbourne have reporting locating about 40 dead gulls in the last two weeks alone.

All 11 species of seagull identified in Britain, which includes the most typically observed herring gulls, are protected species below the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Shooting a seagull is a criminal offence which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail or a £20,000 fine.

Anybody who lives anywhere near these noisy vermin will understand why someone could be driven to shooting them. Every person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their house.

2015 – A seagull has been poisoned and dumped in a police station yard in an apparent backlash against the birds following a recent spate of gull attacks.

Police and the RSPCA launched an investigation into the “senseless” poisoning in the seaside town of Bridport, Dorset.
It comes after David Cameron mentioned he wanted to begin a “big conversation” about an boost in attacks by the aggressive birds on folks and pets.

Seagulls killed a dog in Newquay, Cornwall final week, leaving what was described as a sight “like a murder scene”, while a tortoise was pecked to death in nearby Liskeard.

MPs have been prompted to contact for a alter in the law which would permit the protected status of the birds to be axed in order to able to handle their population in urban areas.

2002 – A pensioner died right after getting attacked by seagulls in his garden. As the terror of overprotective gulls returns all round the UK, folks are asking what can be carried out about them.

It really is that time of year once more when seagulls living in towns and cities can turn into very aggressive, with potentially dreadful consequences.

The tragic news that Wilfred Roby, an 80-year-old retired ambulance driver from Anglesey, died from a heart attack following getting attacked by gulls in his back garden will surprise no-1 who has been the victim of such an attack.

Mr Roby’s death is the most extreme case in current times, even though final year there have been reports of a woman becoming practically &quotscalped&quot by the birds. Numerous dogs and cats have been killed by seagulls – truly herring gulls – which become more than-protective of their young who are now leaving the nests.

And there’s not significantly that can be accomplished about it.

Emily Swift-Jones says her garden, in Brighton, has been made a no-go location for her boyfriend. The gulls which are nesting on the flat roof of an extension at the back of their house are content material to let Emily into the garden, but have swooped down on her boyfriend and her dog.

&quotHe says that the birds seem OK when you’re seeking at them from a distance, but that when they are swooping down on you, and the beak is about a foot away, it’s a diverse matter. That is when you see Man Operating Into Property.&quot

Yet another reader, John Shaw, from Liverpool, believes he was targeted for particular attention by 1 gull in the city centre.

&quotRunning down a street, wearing T-shirt and shorts, I was dive-bombed,&quot he says. &quotNot content with 1 pass, it made a further two attacks. Worse was to come. On my return some 30 minutes later, the bird clearly recognised me, and made a further 3 swoops to scare me off. I can only presume that my various attire marked me out as distinct from the usual lunchtime pedestrians.&quot


Equivalent tales come from Gwynedd, Dundee, Edinburgh, Bristol, Berwick, even central London where final year postal deliveries to one row of mews houses had to be suspended simply because the gulls ruled the roost.

So what can be completed? The answer it seems is not considerably. It is against the law to kill seagulls or interfere with their nests, beneath the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

If gulls pose a certain threat to wellness or security, councils can conduct a cull – usually by shooting or poisoning. But couple of authorities take advantage of this correct, as it tends to be an unpopular step.

Andy South, of the RSPB, expressed sympathy for Mr Roby and his family members, and for any person who was being attacked by gulls.

&quotInevitably all the gulls are doing is guarding their personal young, which is the identical as any human would do. They are just being overprotective of their territory,&quot he says.


In this period when birds can get aggressive, he says the greatest answer is for individuals to be patient.

&quotIt’s a relatively brief-lived approach, only about three to 4 weeks. What we would recommend is if folks can be patient until the finish of the breeding season, and after the young have flown the nest, then folks ought to try to use preventative measures to quit them nesting in the same spot, because otherwise they will do.&quot

Those measures contain placing down chicken wire to stop the birds from landing and therefore stopping nesting.

But if you believe the difficulty will just go away and the identical won’t happen subsequent year, believe once more.

Gulls can live for 40 years, Andy South says, and commence breeding when they are 3. If they have nested successfully in a single spot, that is exactly where they will try to nest again.

And in any case, the problem is receiving worse. Urban seagulls are escalating at 7% a year.

&quotIn seaside towns we have made their lives a bit less difficult. There have been modifications to cliff-top habitats and gulls have spotted chimney pots as their subsequent greatest bet.

&quotFrom there, they get very good visibility, they are protected from other predators, and there are meals sources about. In a sense you cannot blame them.&quot

Discarded take-aways are the infamous food source, but in locations such as Brighton where the rubbish is nonetheless collected in black plastic bags, seagulls feel of dustbin day as an excuse for a feast, pecking bags open and leaving waste strewn over the road.

For motives that no-one particular quite knows, the population of herring gulls, which are such an integral portion of the seaside sights and sounds, has dropped by 40% in the previous 40 years.

Seagull Facts

In the UK, the term usually indicates herring gulls.

They can live until they are 40.

It is illegal to kill them, or disturb their nests or eggs (except beneath licence)…

Seagull attacks

Are seagulls truly aggressive? Have you ever been attacked by one particular?
By brizzle born and bred on 2011-06-19 11:24:14
tags The thing to remember about woodworking is that for some folks it is a complete-time profession, but for a lot of other folks it is also a extremely intriguing and rewarding hobby. You can even earn your self a handful of pennies as well simply because if you turn into fairly a skilled craftsman, you can sell your finished goods on an auction web site or sell them in your nearby area.

You could think that it is almost certainly fairly an pricey hobby, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you are just creating little or medium-sized objects, then your charges will usually be really low. Certainly you will soon begin producing lots of factors for the house and garden when you commence honing your abilities, and you may even start generating your personal furniture prior to also long. So you could in reality save your self a lot of money simply because you no longer have to go out and acquire these issues.

Of course you won’t be able to start producing these much more sophisticated woodworking projects straight away. Like anything else, it requires a lot of practice prior to you start off acquiring very good enough to complete these kinds of projects.

If you want to attain this stage a small faster, then your very best bet would be to soak up as much knowledge and tips as you possibly can. There are lots of books and magazines on this subject, all of which will assist to teach you almost everything you require to know about woodworking.

Similarly you could of course go on-line and have a appear around. There are actually thousands of distinct sites that will offer you with some decent data. The forums in distinct are genuinely useful due to the fact they are complete of some quite talented craftsmen, so you can ask them for any assist and suggestions if essential.

You may also like to join a membership website. This internet sites have a tendency to focus on woodworking projects and plans more than something else, so they are excellent reference websites. However they will also have lots of coaching videos and guides as properly to help individuals of all skills develop their abilities and move on to the subsequent level.

The general rule is that the more details you have access to the far better, due to the fact this will aid you create your skills as a woodworker. Even so it is usually worth remembering that practically nothing beats sensible hands-on experience.

Anyway the point is that woodworking is a terrific hobby to take up. In contrast to some other hobbies, this a single demands true effort, and challenges you both mentally and physically. It is also actually rewarding due to the fact you can get an massive quantity of satisfaction when you in fact full a project. Plus you can even make funds selling your objects if you so want. So as I say, woodworking is certainly a hobby that a lot of individuals will appreciate.

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