Scrapes Inform the Tale for Wonderful Deer Hunting Bucks make and use scrapes as calling card signposts for other bucks and does in the region. They’re a type of communication that is quite critical in the whitetail globe.

We see these as scraped-out depressions but they’re considerably much more than that. Scrapes might be main or secondary, created at diverse times of the season (or year), checked by bucks and does, and typically involve an overhanging licking branch. Urine, saliva, and tarsal and preorbital gland scent are secreted in the creation of scrapes. These are what other deer taste and smell when they verify on scrapes.

Steve Bartylla provides some fantastic insights in this most recent episode of Hunt ’em Big.

Hunt ’em Huge, Season 2 Episode 10. Originally aired Dec. 1, 2016. Scrapes Inform the Tale for Wonderful Deer Hunting.

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9 thoughts on “Scrapes Tell the Tale for Excellent Deer Hunting”

  1. As always buddy, great informative video I can walk away from knowing more then before I hit play. I appreciate your hard work, it must be great doing what you love for a living. Thanks!

  2. Steve, great info in everyone of your videos. It is like a deer hunting school here. Thanks. Ray in Alabama.

  3. I have been listening to your advice and tactics for the last 2 years and it has been the best two years of hunting ever! Friends and family started mocking me at first. Saying, " oh that’s bull corn! That stuff doesn’t work!"
    Now, I have seen them purchase some of the products I use because of you Steve. Haha! They have to do it 100% all in. My true secret weapons..?
    Grow Em Big & Hunt Em Big

  4. if I cant find any scrapes on my property do you think I should still make 1-2 mock scrapes? if so where?

  5. Had good luck with doe estrous & occasional grunts near two infrequently used rubs/scrapes in upstate NY during the first week of November this year.

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