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A Christmas Story
© pp

Content 4th. Advent

Please, listen:
By @petra on 2010-12-19 08:56:17

one.  Facebook alibi


Rodney Bradford, 19, had never believed that he could have freedom thanks to a message on his Facebook. Rodney up to date his social networking internet site at his father’s house in Harlem at eleven:49 p.m on Saturday, October 17th 2009. The message is just “Where’s my pancake?”


A day later, he was arrested for becoming suspected to be a robber. Fortunately, his layer utilized his Facebook’s message as a legally proof for his innocent due to the fact the time he up to date Facebook concurred with the robbery. Rodney was finally released cost-free thanks to his Facebook entry.


Facebook was alibi for Rodney Bradford


2. Shedding regular monthly positive aspects over Facebook photo


Nathalie Blanchard, a girl living in Quebec was lower her month-to-month positive aspects by Manulife insurance company after uploading her vacation photos captured on a seaside and bar to Facebook. It is stated that Blanchard was acquired sick-leave benefits right after leaving IBM Business due to the fact of depression diagnosis one and a half year ago.


Nathalie’s images on Facebook manufactured her drop regular monthly advantages


three. Groom updated his Facebook at his wedding ceremony altar


It is normal for a groom to kiss the bridge after vowing love honor and obey. However, Dana Hana, a application developer was a special situation simply because he appropriate away took his mobile cellphone to update his marriage status on his Facebook and Twitter, and even generously handed 1 more than to his bride to do the same. 




four. Divorcing on Facebook


It is tough to say goodbye when enjoy is more than. Nonetheless, it is unbelievable if a person use web to break up the romantic relationship. Emma Brady, 35, was actually shock when receiving a message from her husband’s Facebook: “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.”


Content couple on their wedding and miserable ex wife soon after being dumped by her husband


five. Stealing a photo on and using as an ad poster


A Christmas card photo of a Missouri family members in Czech abruptly disappeared on their Facebook. A time later on, it turned out that a family’s college buddy “borrowed” their photo to make an ad poster for a foods retailer in Prague with out their permission. 


A happy family members photograph is utilized to be ad poster with out any permission  


6. Finding family following 22 many years getting kidnapped thanks to Facebook


An Italian man Alex Anfuso who was kidnapped by his own father when he was 5 years old has lived in Cairo, Egypt for 22 many years in a different identify. Right after a prolonged time being separated, he wished to uncover his family members and family members but it seemed unattainable. Lastly, he sent a message on Facebook for many folks with surname “Anfuso”. He contacted with a Tv technician named Pino Anfuso, who helped broadcast his story on a common Tv show of the State Broadcaster RAI. Regrettably, when he was on air to tell his story, he found that his mom had died.


Alex Anfuso at existing and in the previous

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  1. Oh dear Petra, I am so sensitive these days so I could not read your comment with out tears but I also got a big smile on my face …… ♥ ….. thank you ♥

    I send you and your family my best wishes of Happy Christmas ….. ♥♥♥♥

  2. Sounds lovely, so tender and comfort Christmas song my dear…
    Hope you have a very pleasant and lovely Navidad !!!

  3. I faved this early today, but I have been busy with a dinner for 18 Friends. It is such a blessing to be able to share glow, right, Petra?!!! Thanks for sharing your glow! Blessings to you and your family during this busy season.

  4. As a kid I used to see a christmas tree like this…
    until they found out i needed spectacles.

    Sometimes I put them off to see the boy’s tree again 🙂

    Thank you petra, my best wishes for you too…

  5. oooh the colors are amazing…love the richness and warmth ad the texture layers sure add a wonderful element…fabulous work dear Petra!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. with snow is a matter of routine management,
    observing weather forecasts,
    my own meteo-station
    no problem at all with deepfreezers.
    Luckywise I’m retired – so I don’t need to go out.
    A bakery isn’t too far away.

    Have a peaceful Christmas

  7. That is just the most perfect Xmas atmosphere, you magician you. You have such a fine delicate artist’s touch

  8. Hi Petra..I have been silent because I have been away for a while…This is such a nice warm Christmas picture… Love it…I have posted a couple of images, one with an old truck and one of a restaurant I recently went to with my son and thought of you and your similar style images when I created them.. 🙂

  9. weissfoto

    thank you, but I never make Explore:))
    my last picture on Explore was from September, 2009.
    then they "quit" my stream.
    I will never know!
    does it matter?
    please, tell me!

    before that, I had about 700 on Explore and even before, almost 400 more.
    something happened…things changed…
    what they say that a flickr member has to be active, has to participate in groups, has to
    visit contacts, to fave pictures…
    I think I am not active enough.
    I administer and co-administer only 43 groups, you see?

    no problems, to be true.
    I don´t even think of Explore anymore.

    thank you, anyway

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  11. Uma beleza, Petra…
    Feliz Natal e um Óptimo Ano Novo para si e para a sua familia, amiga!
    Bjs, André & Team

  12. Nous avons l’honneur de vous inviter a nous rejoindre comme membre.
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  14. Merry Christmas:)
    Greeting from Bangkok, Splendid artwork; I love it:)
    My friends; which I have tight time but I feel happy to join, please accept my honour visit instead I reply anytime.
    Hugs someone you love today…life is too short as we know.

    Sincerely yours

  15. Beautiful warm light!
    Maybe you have seen the news: Europe
    is blocked by snow – also here.
    I don’t go out any more.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  16. Thank you for the warm and delicate still life, and the nice music. ’tis of the season . . . . Thanks

  17. toque com a textura foi perfeita, o toque quente nos remete ao aconchedo da noite de natal com a familia… tenha um ótimo domingo minha amiga.

  18. How truly lovely this is, Sweet Petra….
    I can imagine that your home radiates the holiday spirit, just as your heart radiates love….
    You are one of my favorite people in the world…..
    love you, dearest friend…. xoxoxoxox

  19. Como é lindo homenagear o Natal com uma imagem tão artística e fantástica como essa, querida Petra !!
    Desejo um lindo e Feliz Natal em paz, saúde e muitas alegrias, para você e toda sua familia, minha querida amiga !!
    Beijos !!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  20. Wonderful work

    An amazingly beautiful image ! My pleasure to award it !
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    Focus on Beauty

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  21. Your postprocessing makes this a very special image dear Petra. The colors bring great warmth to it!
    Wish you a lovely and less tiring week 🙂

  22. I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for your friendship and support.
    May 2011 be one of the best ever.

  23. liebe petra, danke für die langjährige flickr treue!! ich wünsche dir und deinen lieben eine frohe weihnacht! sei lieb gegruesst manfred
    das bild von dir hier.. ein traum in der bearbeitung!

    Merry Christmas

  24. Lindissima composição Natalicia e fabuloso trabalho como sempre querida

    Votos de um feliz Natal cheio de paz,amo e alegria bjocas :))**


  25. Petra is making magic again 🙂 Lot’s of bokeh joy in this beautiful creation. Thank you for a good start to my Sunday. Love this!! Fantastic eye popping colors. The texture is just incredible too.

  26. Lovely shot, Petra! This is Christmas all the way ’round.

    [Thank you for the shopping tips! I might just do that!]

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  27. The glow of your candle is spreading around the world! Such warmth and beautiful bokeh, wonderful texture. Blessings of this season to you!

  28. liebe petra .. da ich nicht viel zeit für flickr habe in dieser zeit .. auf diesem wege schon jetzt
    alles liebe und gute .. danke für deinen support das ganze jahr .. schön, dass es dich gibt …
    wünsche dir und deiner familie gesegnete weihnachten .. light, love, blessings and hugs !!

    Möge Weihnachten
    uns LIEBE bedeuten,
    die die Menschen einander näherbringt

    Möge Weihnachten
    uns FRIEDEN bedeuten,
    der in unsere Hände gegeben wird,
    den wir behutsam pflegen und bewahren sollen.

    Möge Weihnachten
    uns FREUDE bedeuten,
    die sich in unserem Alltag widerspiegelt,
    die wir an andere weitergeben dürfen.

    Möge Weihnachten
    für uns MUSIK bedeuten,
    die bis zum letzten Ton in unserer Seele mitschwingt
    und in unserem Alltag fröhlich widerhallt.

    Möge Weihnachten
    unsere HOFFNUNG und
    unsere ZUVERSICHT stärken,
    der Dunkelheit der Zeit
    und unseres Lebens standzuhalten

  29. Flickr "spinnt". Ich wollte hier schreiben und war auf einmal bei Deinem fantastischen Leuchtturm (den ich mir nachher mal angucken muss … absolute keine Zeit im Moment.)

    Danke, du Liebe! Diese wunderschöne Arbeit habe ich schon ausgiebig bewundert. Macht jedes Mal wieder Freude!!! Dickes Bussi

  30. so much to explore in your Christmas story…it is so warm and passionate, full of surprises and beauty…

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  32. … this is a beautiful christmas story, petra! I really love its dark tones, the very special spots of light – and the subtle shapes … superb work, my dear!
    (have an happy start of the week – chrstmas wishes will arrive later! 🙂

  33. Oh, wie wunderschön! Du bist schon mittendrin, während mein Baum noch draussen steht im Schnee und darauf wartet, so herrlich zu leuchten wie Deiner! Stimmungsvoll und gut für meine Seele – ich danke Dir!!

  34. Tão querida, amiga :))
    Bom Natal e que o próximo ano te traga uma montanha de coisas boas :))
    Muiiitos beijinhos e aquele abraço forte e bem sentido:))

  35. Wonderful thematic photo!

    Petra, I take this opportunity to thank you for all your visits, comments and additions and invitations to your group.

    At the same time:
    I wish you a very Happy Christmas with all the ones that are close to you and my sincere and very best wishes for a wonderful and healthy 2011 full of wonderful surprises… another great year for the expansion of your creativity! R.

  36. beautifully done, love the texture and colors, so festive. Happy Holidays to you and yours. and thank you always for being such a great contact and sharing with us your beautiful work.

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