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From inappropriate sandwich innuendo, to entirely ruining a game of spin the bottle, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the ideal correct stories from our subreddit: the dumbest issues you’ve explained although trying to be romantic.

What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve had with a stranger? Let us know on our reddit page and you could be featured in a long term countdown.

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Art & Illustrations by Emojie Worl D
Video Narrated by DD Mysterious Brother
Stories curated/edited by Derek
10 – Swally0322
9 – Why Am Im So Bored
7 – The Pleased Hopper
CHARACTER: Danger Dolan
CHARACTER: Melissa ttp://
five – Eve The CursedGirl
CHARACTER: Snoopie and Doopie
4 – InvisibleGuardian369
CHARACTER: Slapped Ham
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She knew he often focused on the superficial – on the designer labels and the shiny gloss. He felt risk-free with that side of her…
By Norma Desmond on 2006-08-09 eleven:21:18

Liz Fielding is one particular of my top favourites. Her emotional come to feel good romances get you to a paradise that is total of really like and happiness. Her novel “The Greatest Man and the Bridesmaid” won the Ideal Standard Romance Novel at Rita Awards, while “The Marriage Miracle” won the Greatest Modern Romance” at Rita Awards. No matter whether it is a conventional romance novel with white weddings or modern romances with hot affairs, Fielding never fails to win one’s hearts with her poignant romance love stories.

My subsequent favourite romance author is Jacqueline Braid. Gorgeous females, lovely guys, and steamy hot love scenes – you are going to not be capable to place a Braid romance novel down till you have read the final line! I adore her modern romance novels. With sturdy independent female protagonists and equally sturdy-willed super-wealthy males, her stories are compelling reads.

Yet another of my favourite romance authors is Sara Craven. From cute love stories to seductive romance stories, her novels cover a wide genre of romance. Whether I want to read through a sweet romance story or a hot one particular, I just grab a Sara Craven!

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  1. Last year me and my friend went to the YMCA for her lil bro’s gymnastics class. Her mom let us go to the mini basketball quarts alone. This stranger walked in. At first is was totally fine. I asked my friend if we could go to the other side, and we did. Then the stranger went to the other side. This went on about 5 times. After a while, we got sick of it and left the quarts. When we left the quarts the guy started following us. So we told her mom. She said to leave her alone. We asked if we could go to the individual ball quarts. As soon as we went in one, he kept walking back and forth , watching us, and waving with a smile. Then we went to the ball quart in the end corner . He stopped. We were relieved. But we ended up seeing him again at ABC Day in this past October . And totally freaked out. Hopefully he didn’t see us.

  2. one time I was in a field trip to see Charlotte’s Web like not at movie feet theater like people pretend to be those characters but when we were at the place we are on a lake hold hands like an one whole line and a me and my friend which was a boy just like 5th or 6th grader which was a girl asked if we were on a date and we literally just didn’t talk at all the only thing that we said to that girl was no

  3. 2:44 poor Snoopie. The would make a great couple! SNOOY X DOOPIE!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍?

  4. #5

    Same thing happened to me, except it was in history class. Damn, it hurt bad. 26 people stare as I get shut down. Fucking hurt.

  5. Aw, poor Snoopi, wanting a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend is really sweet, There is nothing wrong with having a crush on the same gender and I’m happy that you found the courage to admit that to Doopi

  6. i     tagged my cuas but i ended up getting kidnapepet and then i kidded the guy and ran home but thier was police cars

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