Ric Flair and Steve Austin on Toughest Guys in Wrestling

Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin shoot interview where they talk about wrestling difficult guys going back in time. Stories about Gene and Ole Anderson, Ron Simmons, Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Slater and Paul Orndorff.

John Singer Sargent – Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler (Mrs John Jay Chapman) [1893]
According to Sargent, twenty-six-year old Elizabeth Chanler had &quotthe face of the Madonna and the eyes of a youngster.&quot This portrait shows a stunning, effectively-bred lady who has discovered to be robust. When Elizabeth was nevertheless a girl, her mother died, leaving her to assist care for seven younger brothers and sisters. Sargent painted her whilst she was in London for a brother’s wedding, and the artist composed the portrait as if to suggest the turmoil of feelings in his sitter.

The best half of the portrait is ordered and nonetheless. Elizabeth’s gaze is direct, her face centred in between two paintings: a Madonna and Child and a figure of an old woman copied from Frans Hals, but the lower half is complete of tension. Her arms, leg-of-mutton sleeves, and the pillows seem to wrestle with one yet another only her clasped fingers and elbows hold everything beneath control. Probably the artist wished to show Elizabeth as a lady who, despite early hardships, was neither maiden nor matron. Sargent was often dismissed by his contemporaries as a &quotsociety portraitist,&quot but his paintings constantly convey the human story behind the image.

[Oil on canvas, 125.four x 102.9 cm]


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Wrestling, also known as grappling, is a rough make contact with sport. Because wrestling requires neutralizing your opponent by way of holds and locks, there is a high threat of injury to joints, the neck, and limbs. Any longtime wrestler knows that the danger of injury is portion of competing in the sport, but at times unexpected injuries can happen since of other factors.

A serious injury can place a wrestler on the bench for months or even end the wrestler’s competitive career. If an injury is brought on by an external element and not by the opponent, the athlete may be the victim of negligence and an individual else may possibly be liable.

Negligence and Injuries

There are a quantity of aspects in the course of a wrestling match that could lead to injury in the arena, including:

Not maintaining the mat clean and totally free of debris, causing a competitor to slip and injure himself or herself.
Not enforcing guidelines against illegal holds, flagrant misconduct, grabbing headgear, or other violations that could result in the significant injury of an opponent.
Not sanitizing the mat, resulting in the spread of bacterial and fungal infections among players, such as ringworm and staphylococcus (staph) that lead to hospitalization or otherwise avert athletes from competing.
Forcing wrestlers to purposely gain or drop weight to an unhealthy level, causing illness and possible injury.

Why You May possibly Need to have a Lawyer

If you or somebody you know has suffered an injury from any of the above negligent actions, think about contacting a private injury lawyer quickly. Somebody may possibly be liable for the negligent behavior that led to the injury, such as the referee, coach, gym maintenance employees, or one more player. A wrestling injury can not only end a wrestler’s profession but might limit other future opportunities as well.

Negligent behavior need to be kept out of sports to ensure that wrestlers can safely and fairly compete with no interference. A personal injury lawyer can assist protect your interests and hold the liable parties accountable to support make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

For A lot more Information

To learn much more about wrestling injury liability and compensation, please see the internet site of Appleton personal injury attorneys Habush, Habush &amp Rottier, S.C. right here.

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50 thoughts on “Ric Flair and Steve Austin on Toughest Guys in Wrestling”

  1. So, I’m confused. Austin is talking about a 6-man with Simmons and the Enforcer, with Simmons on fire. But it’s worked. I don’t doubt that Simmons was tough, but why are they referring to worked stuff? Are they just sticking to Kayfabe?

  2. Hey Ric, remember when Dickie Slater beat up Matuszak????? And Matuszak was tough as nails??? And Dickie Slater beat him up??? OMG OMG OMG mark out mark out mark out!!!!

    Do you also remember Dickie Murdoch??? And Killer Carl Cox???? Manny Fernandez wants to suck all your guys off…. Im serious.

  3. If Slater was so tough that he made the Tooz quit…that’s tough, because even Alzado deferred to that maniac. The ’72 Tampa team Ric mentions included not only Orndorff, but Freddie Solomon as QB who went on to be a star for the 49ers at WR…

  4. why do people think that haku is like superman. and every body think that brock is a pussy. I’m not a brock fan boy (but me love some mma). but one is a tough guy the other a professional fighter (yes not the best record). but fighting drunk people or other non killers. is not the same as fighting a top mma guy.

  5. Here are my seeds and 1st round matchups for a Tournament (MMA style) all in their prime: 1. Meng v. 16. Buzz Sawyer; 2. Andre the Giant v. 15. Vader; 3. Barbarian v. 14. Bad News Brown; 4. Scott Steiner v. 13. Blackjack Mulligan; 5. Ron Simmons v. 12. Paul Orndorff; 6. Ric Steiner v. 11. Dick Slater; 7. Ric Rude v. 10. Big Show; 8. Stan Hansen v. 9. Bruiser Brody.

  6. Met Rick Flair in Vegas….really cool to everyone at the Luxor in Vegas. I happened to see him several times over a weekend and each time he was friendly to staff and fans.

  7. this is a fact andre the giant said theres two men he’s scared of 1 haku 2 harley race ..harley race said theres one man he’s scared of and thats haku …haku said he’s not afaird of no man…..perry saturn said haku would kill everybody if he wanted to in real life no joke now if scott stenier is afraid of him its no joke …

  8. I guess toughness" can be translated to dish out beating or taking beating. In this case can mcik foley and jeff be put in consideration too? Or vader with his eye etc.

  9. Here Flairs story on them in I think Nevada and BOB ORTON GETIN TAZED TWICE LOOKED AT COP AN SAID YOU STUPID SOB. NOT FAZED

  10. " . . . People don’t know this, but Tony Atlas could drink some beer. Now, he couldn’t outdrink me, but . . . " LOL 7:45

  11. is that Vlad TV they interviewing with. dam day nigga everywhere. mad props not just social or hip ho

  12. Dick Slater was legit, he don’t get the credit he deserves, I remember an earlier match in the mid 70s on Georgia Championship Wrestling him wrestling Mr.Wrestling #2,I been a big fan of Dick Slater since then

  13. Slater put Sting’s head in the toilet because he gave Dark Journey a ride to the arena after she and Slater broke-up. Slater had the right first name IMO.

  14. Hazing and bullying is a phenomenon in wrestling and sports in general sometimes to me. Really u can tell some sick fucks just use it as an opportunity to mask their sadistic desire to harm and be an asshole to someone who most likely cant fight back. Not critiscizing just making observation. Does anyone see it this way sometimes aswell? Build a lot of tough cats and continues the chain tho since violence n hardship is one way to build toughness. Anyone also notice that todays wrestlers due to the times are smaller and more technical, less likely to be violent aggressive macho men and maybe there is less hazing in the business today? Does anyone know if i am right? I wonder how backstage bullying is now today in 2016. Sure last era had bob hollys and jbls of the lockerroom but today? I CANT PICTURE SAMI ZAYN OR OWENS OR DBRYAN OR FINNBALOR BEING THAT cruel to ppl going that route of hazing to toughen up rookies lol i cant see it in those nice guys. Do u guys think its for better or worse? Btw i think Rick rude, haku, angle, and nathan jones(lol) wud be some guys i wud never wanna fight backstage. I swear this whole hazing past vs today can be a whole topic for 2 hours podcast.

  15. Ric has a GREAT Harley Race story where they got fucked over by a Japanese federation and Harley walked right up to wrestling legend Antonio Inokai(sp?) and open hand smacked him right across the face HARD! and said "Don’t ever fucking yada yada yada again." Look it up

  16. If your list doesn’t include Dick the Bruiser or The Crusher somewhere then it’s invalid.

  17. talk is jericho just interviewed Haku and haku mentioned how tough Tinruh was. you get props from haku i give you mad props.

  18. kurt angle in his prime could take Lesnar, lesnar aint all that!!! rikishi has been in the ring with lesnar and haku/meng and he has even vouched for haku/meng. Haku/meng is in a class by himself, when your boss in wcw is so scared of you to where he wont fire you, and apologizes to you when meng asks asks him to apologize cause he interrupted a friends conversation. no joke !!!

  19. I remember watching Ron Simmons, it bothers me that people don’t really talk too much about The Acolytes, or The APA as they called later, Simmons and Bradshaw before he became JBL, i loved that tag team because it seemed like it was just perfect team, they had that badass entrance music and you knew someone was gonna get the shit slammed out of them, Bradshaw had the Clothesline from Hell and Simmons just had that really vicious looking powerslam, he would slam guys so hard it looked like they were gonna go straight through the ring!! They were brutal but they were cool to watch back then too, it sucked when they got broken up

  20. Karl Gotch
    Danny Hodge
    Strangler Lewis
    Harley Race
    Gene Anderson
    Gordon Nelson(Mr. Wrestling)
    Lou Thesz
    Dick Slater
    Tom Jenkins

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