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anna mcnulty. gymnastique féminine. Passion, Beauty and Grace are
.un sport difficile

Journal 25 Dec 1944 – 1948 My mother offered me
It all begun, not now, but years ago, as the Christmas 1944, in Budapest, when I was ten years and half, I got this diary and begin to create in it.

At the time, we had been hiding from nazis, and also from the Russian canons felling all about us, and a handful of days later on the initial floor of the home and the garden surrounding it.

My mother got me this diary, so rather of speaking also significantly to these living in the home with which we hid with each other in the basement cave, I could begin to create down my thoughts and feelings.

From then on, &quotthe rest is history&quot…

I never ever stopped expressing myself and what I felt. In writing. And then with my pals. Lot later in blogs and then in public.

I never ever stopped writing and documenting my life. Expressing my feelings about what was taking place, thus documenting my up and downs. Often, I was afraid to express the truth. Occasionally, a modest pause, or yet another way of communication, utilised. But his was Ithe starting of my expressions.

Here is the beginning in French then English.

In my 1st writings I had to lie of our accurate names as we had been hiding below another family identity and I knew it would be too big a menace for the handful of men and women surrounding us to know the truth and our true names. I did, with out dilemma as I did not feel names have been so important soon after all. And surviving the nazis was most important then.

In yet another diary, I lied by omission. When my father was arrested in the middle of the evening and taken somewhere we were never told and hold with out any legal papers for seven month, I was banned also from the youth association I was in, and my mother and me turn out to be individuals to keep away from. I was afraid to write what have happened and wrote only about how I felt. And about the cave and what occurred when I was ten, six years prior to.

Just just before 25 I did not write down in my diary the meeting with the communist tyrant wife, Elena Ceusescu in my workplace the Chemical Investigation Institute, and how subsequent day I was banned from it, nor how a bit later I was not only forbidden to finish the studies I virtually finished right after six years of giving exams whilst functioning but also banned from any research in any University &quotenemy of folks&quot. And later, forbidden to function. I did not dare to create down on paper. I expressed my feelings only, once again.

Later, I stopped writing for a although as my husband did not like what I wrote and I was in enjoy.

There are several factors we do not express ourself when one thing happens. I did make stories and told them in London, these five last years, one by a single and more.

Expressing freely is critical. Whenever feasible. As much as possible.

An album I begun on different Decembers

Az elsö naplom: magyarul
julie2004.blogspot.co.uk retroblog publie le journal, mes journaux traduits en français, de dix à 70 ans

Début de journal (en français) debut de mes journaux – j’avais ten ans
25 décembre 1944, Budapest
Budapest, 25 décembre 1944 (traduit de hongrois)

Hier nous avons fêté Noël. Je suis remplie de bonheur ! Pourtant c’est la guerre.

Nous avons mis des branches de sapin sur le lampadaire, nous les avons décorées et avons ajouté des bonbons. J’ai reçu aussi beaucoup de cadeaux !!!
ce journal-ci, ce crayon, une paire de pantoufles, du cuir pour une paire de chaussures, une grande luge, une paire de gants angora, un encrier, un tas d’images à découper, deux livres : les Aventures du baron Munchausen et La Grand Fête, j’ai aussi reçu une jolie boîte pour ranger mes trésors et huit mouchoirs.

Je suis très heureuse !!!

Depuis deux jours nous entendons le grondement des canons tellement fort que même maman les a entendus, au moins les plus violents. Voilà ce qui est arrivé cet après-midi :

pendant ma gymnastique je me suis cogné la tête: j’ai presque oublié de faire le pont arrière en position debout. Nous avons passé l’après-midi chez les Tommy (mignon a two ans !) parce que chez eux il fait bien chaud. (Mais je vais me coucher maintenant.)

26 déc. 1944
Aujourd’hui c’était l’anniversaire de maman.
Le matin on m’a grondée et plus tard je me suis promenée avec papa.
J’ai constaté des choses intéressantes.

Nous habitons maintenant à la Colline des Roses, dans la rue TasSanglant. Une petite bombe est tombée devant l’église de la rue des Apôtres (mais personne n’est mort). Un obus a frappé au coin de la rue Marguerite, il a détruit les vitres et a fait tomber un peu les clôtures mais n’a pas causé d’autres dégâts.

Les russes sont déjà à ten km, à Vallée-Tiède (je suis contente.)

Comme c’est l’anniversaire de maman, l’après-midi nous avons joué au Monopoly. C’était formidable! A la fin, le français (échappé d’Allemagne sur le Danube) a remplacé maman. Finalement, il a gagné, avec 48 mille, moi je suis restée avec 24 mille, papa seulement 20 mille forints … en papier. C’était fantastique ! ! ! ! ! !

Le soir:
Je me demande ce qu’est l’amour ? Que sent-on alors dans le cœur ?

________ in English starting julie70diary.blogspot.co.uk

Budapest, December 25, 1944 (translated from Hungarian) ten years old

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas. I am filled with happiness! Yet it is war. We have pine branches on the lamp, we have decorated and added candies.

I also received numerous gifts! This diary, this pencil, a pair of slippers, leather for footwear, a large sledge, a pair of angora gloves, an inkstand, a bunch of images to be reduce, two books: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The Fantastic Day, I also received a nice box to retailer my treasures and eight handkerchiefs.

I am very content!

For two days we have been hearing the roar of cannons so powerful that even the mother heard, at least the most violent ones.
This is what occurred this afternoon for the duration of my gymnastics I hit my head, I nearly forgot to make the bridge from standing.

We spent the afternoon in Tommy (a cute two years old boy!) Since at their location it is hot. (But I am going to bed now.)

December 26 1944
Right now was Mom’s birthday.

The morning I was scolded and later I walked about the house, to the nearby streets with Dad.
I located some interesting items.

We now live in Rose Hill, the street LotsBlood. A small bomb fell in front of the church of St. Apostles’ (but no a single died). A shell struck the corner of Margaret Street and it destroyed the windows and brought down a few fences but caused no other harm.

The Russians are already 10km from us, at Warm Valley (I am pleased.)

As it was the anniversary of Mom, the afternoon we played Monopoly. It was wonderful! At the finish, the French (escaped from Germany on the Danube) has replaced mom. Finally, he won with 48 thousand, I am left with 24 thousand, Dad only 20 thousand in … paper.

It was wonderful! ! ! ! ! !

I wonder what love is? What then does 1 feel in your heart?
By Julie70 Joyoflife on 2005-02-19 10:23:52

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