Reflections : Celebrating LGBTQ Stories via Bharatanatyam

In honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31), IndianRaga is proud to present this piece by 2016 Dance Fellow Aarthy Sundar that requires a glimpse into the life of a transgender lady who reflects on her past. She remembers a time when she was rejected, not only by society and her own loved ones, but also by herself, as she was unable to even glance at her own reflection in the mirror.

After transitioning, going via each a physical and an emotional adjust, she is ultimately capable cast away the shroud, and be happy with the reflection she sees in the mirror.

With this piece, and on this day specially, we provide our help and recognition for the accomplishments in the transgender community, as nicely as the broader LGBTQ neighborhood.

This piece wouldn’t be what it is with no the potent vocals provided by Sushmita Ravikumar and Kaushik Hariharan, percussion by Naren Pullela and Ananth Kumar. Thanks to Rujanee Mahakanjana and Nick Silva of Nebula Creatives for the video, and kudos for concept/choreography and overall performance to Aarthy Sundar. IndianRaga Fellowship 2016 presents – ‘Reflections.’

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28 thoughts on “Reflections : Celebrating LGBTQ Stories via Bharatanatyam”

  1. this video is really great…such a good take on a sensitive issue…. really loved it……and zero dislikes​ so far….

  2. For me more than the story it was Bharatanatyam as an art coming out of its closet… it takes guts to do that. BRAVO..!!

  3. very moving! so nice to see young dancers using the medium to express stories that are important to them! <3

  4. Beautifully emoted Aarthy Sundar! congratulations Indian Raga Team on expanding the horizons of narratives in classical dance

  5. This is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. Love this channel! I’m a bharatanatyam dancer from Vancouver how can I get involved??

  6. This really moved me. Everything is executed so well in representing not only a heartbreaking story but a heartwarming one too! Love it.

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