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Mardi Gras! – V (CoLA XIX)
Nephilim Tale XV

Keegan hanging out with me. He could look disgruntled, but he’s feeling properly. &lt3

Shot in the Final Round bar of CoLA, Satellite.
By GreenHybrid on 2007-02-28 22:43:15

“Fat Tuesday” represents the “Shrove Tuesday” in English tradition. The two these terms refer to their equivalents in French tradition that is “Mardi Gras”, the “Carnival Season”, or “Mardi Gras Season.” A Carnival season is the beginning of religious celebrations starting from Epiphany, i.e. the anniversary day of the Christ’s baptism into a day prior to Ash Wednesday. A season of liturgical rites primarily based on Confession and Repentance begins right soon after the Ash Wednesday, identified as the fasting days of Lent. Mardi Gras or Excess fat Tuesday falls appropriate on a day ahead of Ash Wednesday. The celebrations are mostly a component of the planning to the Lenten practices. During the forty days of Lenten season, fasting is observed and consuming fatty substances is prohibited. Possibly, this is the a single significant explanation that we see the planning of the Pancakes with the components rich in fats to consume the fatty components like eggs, sugar and unwanted fat from kitchen.

Men and women celebrate the season in so many ways. Some of the crucial celebrations of the season contain the parades, sporting masks and different kind of costumes, dancing and sporting and so on. You will discover almost the very same sort of carnival celebrations at areas, sharing the exact same Christian traditions.

Explaining WHY:

In past, the celebrations of Mardi Gras were constrained to a single day, but now the trend has altered in numerous areas the place the celebrations underwent for very a long time period of time. The length and celebrations of the festival season varies from city to city. Nevertheless, in numerous American states the celebrations Carnival season has been identified as an authentic title, i.e. “Mardi Grass Day” or “Fat Tuesday.”

In many societies, the last three days ahead of Ash Wednesday are deemed as the Mardi Gras. A lot of distinct occasions have been organized in the past in the celebrations of Mardi Gras season this kind of as parade on the New Year’s Day. A lot of nations are recognized for celebrating Mardi Gras like Louisiana in U.S., New Orleans and Quebec in Canada, and Rio de Janeiro.


In many Catholic European nations, the Carnival is considered as an critical religious celebration. In Ireland and United Kingdom, the week just prior to the Ash Wednesday, folding on Shrove Tuesday, is regarded as “Shrovetide.” According to traditions, pancakes or pastries are manufactured enriched in sugar, unwanted fat, and eggs in diverse components such as Latin America and the Caribbean.


In Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro is considered as the most prominent city that holds the Carnival celebrations just before the fasting period of Lent.

In Canada, the major celebrations of Mardi Gras are held in Montreal and Toronto.

United States

Although, Unwanted fat Tuesday is not capable to get the standing of national day in United States, there are several ethnic French regions in the country the place this event is celebrated with all conventional zeal.

In 17th century King Louis XIV commissioned the Le Moyne brothers and the Body fat Tuesday was introduced in the North America as a French Catholic rite.

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8 thoughts on “#ReadingSpotlight #two & A Mardi Gras Tale”

  1. I liked your Mardi Gras panty story. If I’d of been with you, I probably would have laughed too. Laughed with you though, not at you. I don’t understand why a guy would have been throwing panties at girls. Usually guys have panties thrown at them, or at least that’s the case for rock stars. Read those books Ke-sha, I believe in you!!

  2. Ahh, Marci Grad. I lived in LA for almost 3 years and never went. I was happy to hear that we got the day off at work. 🙂 Sorry about those panties being thrown at you.

    Yeah buying ebooks are so addicting. I also follow a lot of authors on Twitter and I see their tweets and I want to support them. So I do and buy more books. Lol But like you I am reading them right away. Well a couple of them. Lol

    I know what you mean about reading a fave PIC and when you get to another’s you’re forcing yourself to read it to get through it. That’s how I am with Heir of Fire, the 3rd book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Mass. I mentioned on instagram that it will probably be my least fave book. Kind of reminds me of A Feast For Crows by George R. R. Martin, the fourth book in the ASOIAF series. It’s like these characters you don’t know but have to read because you want to finish the book. ugh Side note: I still haven’t finished AFFC. Lmao But I am going to finish HoF, if not today, definitely before the weekend is over.

    Oh yes, Forever. Love that show. #RenewForever I see you livetweeting it. Me too. (box5angel). I really do hope we get a second season. 

  3. Oh my gosh that parade story is insane! I don’t like going to those things lol but I live way up North now so they don’t really have them here. Good luck with your reading goals!

  4. I wasn’t expecting that panty story. I’ll be prepared next time I see Mardi Gras in the title!
    I’m rereading Sookie for the fourth time. I have a problem with that series.

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