[Post Apocalypse right after Nuclear Holocaust] Evening of the Extended Knives, (SF Audiobook), Science Fiction

This is a story of dystopia occurring after a nuclear holocaust.
“I was one hundred miles from Nowhere—and I imply that literally—when I spotted this girl out of the corner of my eye. I’d been keeping an further lookout since I nevertheless anticipated the other undead bugger left over from the murder celebration at Nowhere to be stalking me.” In a Post apocalyptic world, the handful of men and women left need to be robust. And must not hesitate to kill. Of course, killing one more Deathlander was 1 of the chief pleasures and urges of all the solitary wanders in this vast wasteland. Kill and kill once more. But this other was a girl and that brought up the second great urge. Which was it to be right now? Possibly both? And who would stroll away afterward?(Summary by Phil Chenevert).
Evening of the Extended Knives, Post Apocalypse right after Nuclear Holocaust, SF Audiobook by Fritz Leiber.

Golden Dawn Bridge – Gloomy Ghost Grunge
Photomanipulation combining an early morning extended exposure photo I took of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (USA) and an abstract grunge texture.

Processed with a darker &amp grungier atmosphere that you may possibly count on to see for instance in a ghost story or post-apocalyptic movie. Please however use the image respectfully as I do not support any type of hate. It need to remain in great artistic taste if utilized in derivative photos / styles, or constructive criticism if used to illustrate an write-up / argument.

Unique thanks to Sascha, aka Sirius-sdz for generating the grunge texture and generously providing it as free of charge stock. Really feel free to click his name to visit a lot more of his wonderful textures on deviantART.

This photo is released under a common Inventive Commons License – Attribution 3. Unported. It provides you a lot of freedom to use my perform commercially as long as you credit and link back to the exact same free of charge image from my site, www.freestock.ca
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40 thoughts on “[Post Apocalypse right after Nuclear Holocaust] Evening of the Lengthy Knives, (SF Audiobook), Science Fiction”

  1. shame about the reader sounds like a good story this guy is the worst reader i have heard. whats with weird totally out of context inflections ? just kills any mood of the story period . eight minutes in im done ned flanders can keep his reading to himself

  2. Not a very postapocolipittydoodley voice… Go read a children’s book about kittens er something… it’s just not working for me… 3 1/2 hours? Uh… no thank you. Go back to the Hundred Acre Wood.

  3. Good story ! I see some people complaining about Phil Chenevert’s voice. Maybe he wasn’t the best choice to do this book, but sometimes it isn’t a matter of being chosen to read. Sometimes sites will have a list of books they want read into audiobook form and they use volunteers So unless someone wants to volunteer to do a better job …… I mean, hell, he’s reading the book FOR the listeners, saving them the time and bother of actually reading (or in some cases, of knowing how to read). The only readers I haven’t been able to listen to have read way too fast, lacked inflection, or were kids reading at grade school level. Listen to some of the unskilled (but good hearted) readers and maybe Phil’s reading won’t seem so bad. So much for that….
    I have a recommendation for those who want to enjoy some good sci-fi. Look up the Stainless Steel Rat books by Harry Harrison. They’re all in audiobook form here on YT and I think the paid reader is an excellent match, making the books highly enjoyable. Another book by Harrison- "Bill the Galactic Hero…On the Planet of Ten Thousand Bars"- is also very good. Harrison wrote some highly amusing sci-fi in the books I just mentioned and you’ll be smiling if not laughing outright. DEATH TO THE CRUNCHIES !

  4. I must agree with many other comments: get rid of the narrator. The subject Orson Wells or similar voice- a serious, no nonsense narrator. Dark and sinistor …

  5. TERRIBLE reader. Please delete this and find another copy. I want to hear this story but I cannot last more than 5-10 minutes. I’ve tried several times now. The reader is just cancer.

  6. I can see from other comments that there is a real issue with this narrators style. I also initially found the narrators ‘sing, songy’ voice extremely grating. In fact I had started this audio book TWICE  before, but had got frustrated rather quickly and stopped it. Both times, after around 20 minutes ! I just couldn’t get over the jarring style of the narrator. I found him to be pretentiously over dramatic and extremely annoying ! HOWEVER !! The story seemed really interesting so today I stuck with it and a strange thing occurred. As I stuck with the story ( despite the narrator ) his voice became rather hypnotic, drawing me right in. His voice and it’s ‘peculiarity’ grew and grew on me ( in a way I thought would have been impossible) and I listened to the whole story in one sitting – which I rarely do in a story over 2 hours long. I have gone from being really frustrated , even wanting to e-mail and suggest somebody else re-read this book. Never letting him read anything other than children’s books maybe.To actively sort out other books he has narrated.

  7. He said Einstein and Edison?! Is it possible for author of this book does not know that Edison was a crook and that Nikola Tesla created AC power and all other inventions!

  8. This genre isn’t fit for the narrator, his voice is way too happy and "bubbly" for it. I feel like this book needs a darker and more sinister voice. Good book and great voice nonetheless, they just don’t go together.

  9. Good story. The first part reminds me of the Borderlands 2 video game. Krieg has a normal inner voice, but his psychosis won’t let him warn a woman he meets about the bandits behind her with any kind of sanity. He can only shout out phrases like "I’M THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN!" And "I HAVE THE SHINIEST MEAT BICYCLE!" They avoid killing each other and cooperate to kill the bandits.

  10. Phil Chenowith’s arch and affected reading drives me away every time. His tone has NOTHING to do with what he’s reading. Sorry to complain, Phil, but you’ve ruined a lot of good stories for me!

  11. This guy really needs to consider having someone else do his reading.  I like this genre but this guy has no reading ability at all.  It’s all "da da da da da da.   da da da da da."

  12. The strange inflections on off portions of the sentences is off putting as all heck. What kind of accent is that? Maybe if I know, I can enjoy the story. I hate being so negative, but the inflections bug the crap out of me.

  13. all the people criticising the narrator, contact the site and see if you can narrate this story. no disrespect to this guy, but they are right you style is not suited to this story. please do not take the criticism to heart, I like the idea of the story. but for some reason the voice and style of story just don’t compute. I could only manage 5 or 6 minutes. I do appreciate your time and effort. hope you receive something good in your life, for the giving of your time.?

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