Patrick O’Sullivan – The Youngster Abuse Story – ESPN Attribute 2016 (HD)

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Video of how 31-yr-old Patrick O’Sullivan suffered many years of physical and psychological abuse as a kid prior to enjoying eight seasons in the NHL.

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46 thoughts on “Patrick O’Sullivan – The Little one Abuse Story – ESPN Feature 2016 (HD)”

  1. The mom in me wants to go back in time and adopt him. I get angry at the moms in these situations, too. I would never let a man, my husband or otherwise, lay a finger on my two sons. neeeever. I can understand why he doesn’t talk to his mom.

  2. Sully could learn Magic. Why yes… Just start off slowly..building skills. He’s clever.. why yes LOL I can tell….Patrick does have a knack for magic. He could make millions at Magic on the Vegas strip. That;s the spirit. A new career.

  3. He’s so insufferable on Leafs Lunch, he makes fun of safe spaces yet he mocks Babcock for bag skating his team, ‘I’ve never saw the value in doing a morning skate, it never helped me come game time’ and I’m sure other players had intense parents but he’s the only one to out his father to humiliate him, that’s pretty sickening to publicly disgrace your father. You have an issue with a family member, you just cut them from your lives and leave some dignity for the people that made you.

    He’s like the original millennial spoiled fuck, O’Sullivan is just a gross human being.

  4. damn… glad someone shed some light on kids who go through this my dad used to drill me with a baseball if i swung and missed and he got drafted back in his day so he threw heat. it wasn’t until i hit my growth spurt that i waited to let go of the bat and drill him in the face.

  5. I could smell John coming closer. The white work van tucked it’s wheels up underneath itself and began to fly over Detroit.

  6. I could feel Santa landing on the Averill Drive roof. I began to do plyometrics out to the garage. Cody began to hump Fluffy’s dead skull. I begged My Planet to come for me. John forced me to wipe the soot off of his Costume for hours. In the morning I awoke to Cathie wearing a Montgomery Ward bathrobe. Her tits perky in the air. Kelley was fucking a grown gentlemen in a top hat… sporting whiskers and Sled Shoes. The trampoline was brought indoors. The Clowning Rehearsals began after a spot of tea.

  7. I remember when he played in Finland in HIFK for a few games during the NHL lockout and he was so shit. People couldn’t believe that he was an NHL player and thought "oh this is again one of these NA guys who think they can play hungover in Europe and still dominate the league".

    Now after seeing this, it puts him in a totally different light. No wonder he couldn’t perform when the game of hockey had become such a monster in his head. After all, that stint in HIFK were the last pro games he played. Hopefully he is doing better now.

  8. I almost broke down in tears watching this. Patrick, I am so sorry for what you went through and so sorry how hard us Oiler fans were on you. This is devastating yet inspiring! It is awesome that you are the father to your kids that your pathetic Dad was not

  9. It absolutely tears my heart in half knowing he retired from his nhl Career because "he didn’t enjoy it" and all of that was because of his dad.

  10. I listen to this guy on the NHL Network and I’ve always found his perspective to be annoying….I now have a different view of this chap….I really feel for him….such a cruel thing to physically abuse a child…as well as cowardly….Godspeed Patrick…..

  11. Patrick’s dad is a non-human imbecile. Respect to Patrick for being able to get through all the tough times. When I saw Patrick with his own children, it made me a little bit cry.

  12. What a fucking coward of a mother he has. There is no excuse for keeping your children in harms way, allowing your family to endure is worse than giving the abuse. Glad he managed to get away and stick up for himself, clearly his mother was never going to.

  13. really puts in perspective what happens in some homes hard to imagine. I’m very grateful for my parents they’ve supported me lots and encourage me to do my best in hockey even though my team is dogshit??

  14. He’s a reporter for TSN 1050 in Toronto, and when he speaks you can tell there is a certain level of maturity or something enigmatic that others don’t have. I wrote a paper in university on "Child Abuse in Sport", and Patrick was obviously mentioned more than once. He definitely has made peace with this and is a great example for others.

  15. Why yes LOL 😀 Patrick has got a very serious story to tell. You see, I can;t really relate. Well only if you insist…. I grew up peacefully. My house made a home…. Hobbies? Well.. I began learning magic. 😀 Wooops… LOL why yes a slippery keyboard per chance….

  16. Jemima Kelley – You are even more sad the the O’Sullivan story…. I seriously hope the mental institute takes well care of you!

  17. I’ll keep to myself. I’ll keep to my magic lessons. I’ll focus on my pocket money. My hard candy, magician’s weekly… shit like that

  18. I remember when he retired and I was like "Man he’s so young. Must be some serious injuries or something" Never knew it was this.

  19. Love Patrick. He’s savage but hilarious on twitter, lol, and is doing a great job on TSN. I’m happy he’s doing well, and I’m proud of him for discussing this so openly – I’m sure it helps HIM as much as it helps others.

  20. Sorry Patrick that you had to go through that as a child…
    My mom mentally abused my sister and I growing up and my dad had no idea…, it’s hard to cope with things sometimes and I too have anxiety.. but hockey keeps me motivated.. and music. Every day is a quest for stability my friend.

  21. Amazing story. I can’t imagine what he went through and what he continues to go through today. No one should have a relationship with their father like that.

  22. I’ve always wanted him to do well after I heard his story. such a super skilled kid in junior, I thought he had a bad attitude when he got to the NHL but now I know it was his abuse that affected him deeply. I’m honestly happy to see him doing really well. eff his shit dad. and what’s with the 2 thumbs down here? eff that too.

  23. Would O’Sullivan have made the NHL and made millions of dollars without the motivation from his dad? He should stop crying like a little bitch.

  24. i bet its all gossip. i doubt they were abusesd. Cathie seems normal at her grooming gig in the Applachian Mountains… she seems like a great mum to be 9 adopted dogz…..and well gosh….. john was a good dad…really good at communication skillz 🙂 nothing wrong fucking your kids and whippnig them after Honor Roll report cards come out…. eh? What do you say?

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