Panayiota’s Story of Surviving Military Sexual Assault When Panayiota reported that she had been raped by a fellow coast-guardsman, the commander named her a liar and ordered them to “perform out their differences.” Soon after getting forcibly discharged for speaking up, she founded the Military Rape Crisis Center. This is her story.

Safeguard Our Defenders Foundation is a human rights organization. We honor, support and give voice to the brave ladies and males in uniform who have been raped or sexually assaulted by fellow service members. We seek to fix the military coaching, investigation and adjudication systems for sexual harassment, assault and rape –systems which frequently re-victimize assault survivors by blaming them and failing to prosecute perpetrators.

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By Zoriah on 2008-12-11 20:38:15

Why British?

Except for Globe War 2 most medals are named on rim so they are quite simple to determine. There are hundreds of various regiments and of course various ranks for medals from 1799 to the present day. Lots of very very good replicas of British Military Medals and replacement medals are sold to museums. Replica Medals are exact copies of the original British Military Medal for a specific campaign and supplied with ribbon and a plastic envelope to safeguard the medal. These are cast medals in higher top quality alloy if they come from a very good dealer.

The replacement medals are die-struck so they are far more expensive. Struck in nickel gilt and polished in silver gilt they expense much more due to the fact these have produced by a master craftsman who has carved out by hand and modest machine – a “die”. This “die” can expense around two thousand dollars alone. Then you have the actual striking which is completed by a machine usually with a 250 ton press capacity.

Collectors, dealers, ex forces associations and even complete households frame replicas for show. This way, members of the identical family can display their ancestors medals. It is usual for owners to keep the original medals in a secure or bank. Portion of the cause is British Military Medals can command a very high premium certainly.

Victoria Cross groups fetch $ 300,000 whereas a replica group to a Victoria Cross winner at Rorkes Drift, (11 won in one particular day at Rorkes Drift – Zulu the film was based on this battle) with the VC and Zulu Medal is only about $ 30. The Victoria Cross is the highest award in England and the Commonwealth, and is worn as the initial medal more than any other medal or order. A company guy who sold his business for over 350 million has bought more than the years 100 VC groups for about 20 odd million dollars! There are hundreds of various Gallantry and Campaign medals. I have noticed prices up to $ 500,000, which wasn’t a VC group.

To an officer in the Royal Air Force, the popular C.B. C.B.E. Fighter Operations D.S.O. and two Bars, D.F.C. and Bar Group of Nineteen to Air-Vice Marshall J.E. “Johnnie” Johnson, Royal Air Force – the Officially Recognised Highest Scoring R.A.F. Fighter Pilot of the 1939-45 War – went for a Globe Record value of two hundred and forty one particular thousand, five hundred pounds!!

So, as you have gathered, there is very a great industry in British Military Medals and every single year a Medal yearbook with cost guides is published. There are also Miniature Medal Collectors and even an association of Medal Ribbon collectors.

Other factors why there is such a vibrant marketplace is the British have been in so numerous wars over the years. We have wars when we, as ex-soldiers, have been part of a forgotten army. Speak to individuals about the Malayan war which lasted from 1948 to 1960 or the Borneo confrontation of 1962 to 1965 and you get blank looks from individuals who were around in the course of these instances.

Medals have been a quite good investment over the years. Now they are becoming scarce. Families are waking up to the truth that their parents, grandparents had a history. Folks are searching for details of their ancestors. It really is now all very searchable and the main explanation is the Net.

1 issue is particular. British Military Medals are right here to remain. It is history.

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Barry Sheppard has authored over 15 published books. On best of these he produced the full 10 set Volumes of Military Cross Winners in the course of the Initial World War and is amongst other folks listed on Amazon. Also created eight Volumes of Military Medal winners and 3 Volumes of the Distinguished Service Cross for the duration of the identical period.

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47 thoughts on “Panayiota’s Story of Surviving Military Sexual Assault”

  1. I’m considering enlisting myself to the AF, and i *ever* see this shit go down, or have it even _attempted_ onto me.
    I’m going to become a murderer, no question.

  2. this is a problem in the military and considering how you can be openly gay and transgender in the military it may get worst.

  3. Man you guys suck. What a waste of time and effort in not dealing with the PROBLEM!!! Shame on you who ever you are that said " stop acting like children " I think I would of shot him for that… I have no respect for military men at all – why should I? Serving US for what? What are they doing out there killing people and feeding off propaganda of United States to "serve" the country! I can’t believe this really happens when I believe United States handles these ugly cases with justice! I’ve always thought animals are serving in the military like drug lords, boys and not men. It’s a complete JOKE!

  4. I love how so many men are saying women shouldn’t enlist because they will get raped. Men should just not rape them! Plus men get raped a lot too in the military but they’re more hesitant to report it.

  5. Men shouldn’t treat women as sex objects, because as far as it’s concerned, there are more male rape victims than female in the military, so it’s no longer a laughing matter to anyone.

    This is very serious, the US military is becoming as terrible as the prisons full of rape and sexual assault too.

  6. I’m considering enlisting myself to the AF, and i *ever* see this shit go down, or have it even _attempted_ onto me.
    I’m going to become a murderer, no question.

  7. This story is fishy to me. I was in the Navy and knowing the military if a woman accuses you of rape or any type of minor sexual harassment your career is pretty much over. I remember there was a guy that was merely in the liberty group of a guy that was accused of rape and just because of association he was put in Charlie liberty for 6 months until his name was cleared. There was another guy that called a female a "bitch" because she was a bitch and got send to captains mast earning 2 months restriction, half month’s pay times 2. Maybe this happened to her a while ago before the sexual assaults got taken seriously. If you are joining the military I recommend to be careful around females because they are one false accusation away of ruining your enlistment or career.

  8. There are so many cases like this in the US military and instead of working hard to change it they choose to blame the victims. Rape happens because they know that they will get away with it. Many Men are being raped as well and what’s the excuse for raping them??? I was about to enlist, did all the process but it makes me sick!

  9. The Military dosen’t care about their Female Soilders who serve this country, Y’all have no respect for our Female veterans. Women who risk their lives for this country, Females are very important people because if it wasn’t for us no one would be here so Women rule the world and keep it going. In this kind of Job you have to be tough even as a female and you are required to be tougher, the United States is fucked up if you want to be a Rapist enlist in the military. I wanted to be in the Marines, the Air Force, and the Navy it’s a blessing I didn’t because this is what Female Veterans have to go through.

  10. sad to say the forces attracts the ignorant and fantasist types very fast all patriotic dreams are broken for anyone who don’t fit in

  11. sorry Panayiota, its good you’ve come out to talk about it, i’m glad you survived, Johnsond Lavena died as a result of that…..i sympathize with you a lot

  12. And now women will be forced to sign up for the draft in 2018! Thanks to John McCain! Yep, this is what women are signing up for in 2018!

  13. If they do this to women in the service and young guys, think about the prisons!!!!!!!!! No ones wrong for going AWOL. Many did not to go when they were called. they were excused…Many kids are in prisons, and are being brutalized. We have to write Congress.

  14. I cannot believe they did that to you "unacceptable behavior" in your DD 214 I am in the military . I just want update with your case and I am with you that is really disturb me.

  15. She keeps looking down and every where else but the camera. Also using a lot of lures in speech. Awkward

  16. Can’t really hate on lesbians at this point, their "sexual orientation" is a psychological defense mechanism to avoid *this*. And it’s typical, but i completelyunderstand. =/

  17. Τι δουλια εχεις με τους βάρβαρους Παναγιώτα? Χαζοι ηταν οι πρόγονοι μας που τους έλεγαν βάρβαρους αυτους τους κανίβαλους ?

  18. War on Terror was a period where reports of rape has gone up. The reason was standards in the military have been lowered and people with history of violence are getting in and causing problems. Make no mistake 99% of rapists have raped before.

  19. I can see why many men would want to have sex with her. But that animal should be flogged. Many women will sleep with you if you show them kindness and care instead of assaulting them.

  20. this is why women don’t need to be in the military in thr capacity that they are. Not to take away from what happened. The "BOY" who is responsible for this should be publicly hanged.

  21. I have not found one comment where somebody has said, "she is to blame,or it’s her own fault", yet there are plenty of comments claiming men are saying so. By the way I was in the military from 1990-1994 one of my closest female friends was in a guys room in the M.P. barracks after a couple of drinks. They started kissing he tried to start doing other things,she said"no"he spun her around to try and bend her over the sink he smashed her mouth on the faucet. She got out and came to my room bloody and crying told me the story but wouldn’t tell me who had done this,I finally got her to give me a name. The guy was arrested by his own friends, he was tried by a Courts Martial and ended up serving a year and received a "Dishonorable Discharge"

  22. Back in 2011 I was a civilian and I was raped by a man who was a Sergeant in the Marines. He even stalked me after the rape. I suffered from depression and PTSD. I was treated with therapy and antidepressants. I’m doing better than I was back then.

  23. When he came up to you with his penis hanging you should have taken your finger nails and dug into his balls. And say oh should I do that? And take off running.

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