Padmavati complete Story in Hindi | Rani Padmavati History in Hindi | Padmavati & Alauddin Khilji Story

Padmavati complete Story in Hindi | Rani Padmavati History in Hindi | Padmavati & Alauddin Khilji Story

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It did not take lengthy for this pleasant little pastry to turn out to be very popular with nearly all those who tasted it. The fundamental recipe for fruit cake was spread through the planet as various nations have been conquered and individuals moved about. Although it started out in just a single area, it is now a pastry that is knows all more than the planet.

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  1. story is Amazing but the storyteller(voice behind the story)needs to go slow, he is very fast…. I mean voice should be changed…

  2. सभी औरतों के लिये हिम्मत व सम्मान की मिसाल है रानी पद्मावती

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