49 thoughts on “On My Knees, an erotic story”

  1. This was so hot! The details were non repetitive and investing, your voice really erotic. Great choice of pictures too. I am definitely going to check out your other videos. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. i love the reading, i have questions…

    where is the place place for me to get erotic stories?
    you think it would be nice for a guy to read an erotic story and upload it on youtube?
    do you have tips to use or do when u read an erotic story?

    i wana give it a try..

  3. I wish I was the one getting this bj lol. Damn I forget how good these are when you are really horny. Porn is not enough anymore.

  4. A bit of Cunnilingus wouldn’t go down badly either!!! A lot of men would badly and gladly like to reciprocate and wallow in the scent, taste, texture and warmth of her nether regions!!!

  5. …… She actually sounds like Kristen Schaal….. which makes this kinda funny and even hotter… what if it’s really her?I think I would respect and adore her even more.

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