North Korea’s Kim Dynasty Explained

The North Korean Government Explained

North Korea’s Kim dynasty is acknowledged for its discreet, but repressive, governance. So what exactly do we know about this ruling family members?

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Written by: Jennie Butler
Edited by: Alex Esteves
Produced by: Cailyn Bradley, Semany Gashaw & Lauren Ellis

Pyongyang Sunset
On my very first day in Pyongyang, we have been taken up to the leading of Juche Tower for sunset. What a commanding see of the city! I feel men and women are usually surprised to see what Pyongyang truly appears like, and just how huge (and small) it is. I hope that someday, I can visit the prime of Juche Tower yet again.

On the far left is the Yanggakdo Hotel exactly where I stayed (practically on an island in the Taedong River). In the center is the Kim Il-sung square, which you have undoubtedly observed if you’ve ever observed a North Korean military parade on Television. A bit even more to the right, piercing the skyline at 105 stories is the famed Ryugyong Hotel, which was undergoing a bit of a facelift at the time as it was getting covered in shiny new glass. Finally, to the far right is the Rungnado Could Day Stadium, 1 of the largest stadiums in the planet in which I noticed the Mass video games.

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By Baron Reznik on 2009-09-29 18:18:06

Josh climbed out of bed and sat on the “race vehicle” that he and his father developed before he left. He was only seven but he remembers his father as if it were yesterday, his robust arms that used to select him up and embrace him, the smell of his aftershave. He would seem so close…

The car has an orange crate as the front finish and a 2×6 as the middle rail. The child buggy wheels on the bottom allowed it to glide smoothly and very easily across the floor and the steering wheel enable for some limited turning ability left and proper. The “brake” was a simple 1×1 screwed to the side of the car behind him so it would drag on the ground when pulled up.

Creating racing noises as he moves the wheel back and forth, he imagines himself in a race – producing the turns in the track very easily as he completes lap following lap.

As he was rounding the last turn, his sister walked by his door and told him “never go as well rapidly on that thing – wouldn’t want you to hurt oneself!”. “Never worry Susie! It would By no means harm me!” He says and completes the sound of the engine winding down at the finish of the race. Obtaining up from the auto, he place his clothes on and wheels the auto out to the garage, hits the door opener and is greeted by the fresh cool air of autumn and the lower sun that added the little bit of warmth that created it a wonderfully warm day.

He looks out side and sees his friend Bobby subsequent door enjoying in his front yard. “Hey Bobby! Wanna go for a ride?”. Bobby responds right away – “Positive! In which we goin’ today?”. “Just down the street I think… Let’s go!”. Bobby sat behind Josh – “You take care of the brake and I’ll steer.” He explained as the both gave the car a shove and headed down the driveway.

As they hit the finish of the driveway, Josh turn gently right and the glided down the street for a short whilst before they started out to drop momentum. “Let us hit it once again!” Josh says and they give the auto mighty push to achieve pace. He knew he wasn’t supposed to perform in the street, but he figured “what his Mom did not know would not harm her”.

Right after they crossed the side street at the end of their block Josh observed that they have been commencing to acquire pace – The slight down hill angle of the street incorporating speed as they traveled along. “Hold on!” he yelled at Bobby and their pace elevated and they both squealed with delight.

Thing have been moving along at a rather good clip now and Josh figures they have been going rapidly ample and really did not want to push the cart that far up hill also get it property. “Hit the brake”, He yells at Booby above the noise of the wheels on the pavement. He hears the grinding of the wood on the ground and then an odd snapping sound. Bobby holds the broken stick up for Josh to see and explained “You suggest THIS brake??”. Bobby throws the stick aside and they both yell as they rumble down the street.

“Don’t be concerned! I will get us out of this!” and starts considering about what he can do. They had been going so quickly and not having a rear see mirror, Josh doesn’t notice that behind him a modest ball of stuff was commencing to gather, trying to keep up with them but a techniques behind, as the vortex of air produced by their speed began gathering debris from the surrounding street.

Josh was pondering hard on what to do following when he saw a ball bounce across the street in front of them. Just as they began to pass the ball, a kid of about five or 6 is ran out into the street soon after it and proper into the path of the vehicle. BANG! They hit the kid. He flips over the front end and lands in the automobile behind Bobby. “What is going on?” He says with a frightened search on his encounter, his voice cracking with fear. “We got a runaway automobile right here mister!” Josh says as he weaves in and close to the automobiles in front of him. “Will not fret, Josh will conserve us! He’s a wonderful driver!” Bobby yells.

The streets are wizzing by now.. 128th, 126th, 124th.. Picking up speed as they head down the hill. Josh will get an idea and yells more than his shoulder – ” When I say ‘Go’, you guys lean appropriate as tough as you can!”. He hears a round of agreement from behind him as guesstimates his speed and prepares for the turn. “Ready” 115th… 110th… “Set!” 108… 102nd… “GO!”

He jerks the wheels challenging to the proper and then all lean into the turn. Barely producing the flip, the rear wheels skidding somewhat, Josh straightens out the automobile and heads down the street. The Ball follows them, turning the corner wide choosing up a lot more debris as it goes – news papers, water hoses, mail boxes…

A sickening feeling rises in Josh’s abdomen as he realizes he is made a poor get in touch with. They are now going down a steeper hill, heading straight for Major street! This is also a very good factor as on the other side of Major street goes up hill – this need to be ample to let them down and cease this crazy ride – IF they make it through Major Street visitors!

The streets are going by so fast now, Josh can’t read the names as he concentrates on missing the automobiles in his path. The children behind him squeal with a mixture of fear and delight as they pass each car, some heading appropriate at them as Josh has to cross the line to get close to automobiles going their way. Up ahead he see a large sister walking her small brother across the street. They see his car coming at them and consider to run out of the way. The incorrect way – Josh tries to avoid them by going the very same direction – Bam! Bap! They each fly by way of the air, the large sister grabbing her brother in mid air and they each land on the rear of the vehicle. “What’s going on?” She screams as her brother commences crying.

Bobby yells over his shoulder, “We lost our brakes but will not worry!” as each of the boys behind Josh chime is “Josh is a great driver!”

The site visitors light at main street is coming up now. Josh is contemplating “Flip green! Flip green!” As they get closer and closer. The ball is falling a small behind now from it’s shear dimension, selecting up city mail boxes, little trees and other scrubs as it follows them down the street.

The light is not cooperating… as they strategy the it, it stays red and Josh yells “Hang ON!”. He see’s a tiny gap in the vehicles and heads for it, still gaining velocity. The little ones commence yelling as they recognize the autos are receiving closer. Josh turns the wheel somewhat and simply slides by way of the gap, avoiding a main accident.

They are heading up hill now and they truly feel their speed slowing. “He did it! We’re all appropriate! The ride is ultimately in excess of!” The kids commence laughing and enjoying their trip again. Josh breaths a sigh of relief as he realizes the dilemma is about to resolve itself.

Ash, Maple, Larch, The street signs are legible once again. Birch, Pine, Elm… The are approaching the leading of the hill now. Josh is pondering it may be a very good idea to flip at the top of the hill since they are going as well quick for just the hill to stop them. He yells behind him once again for the group to lean into the turn. 3…2…1…GO! An instantaneous before he turns although, he sees a vehicle coming appropriate at them! He Yells “LEFT!, LEFT!” As he jerks the wheel to the left and they make the turn on two wheels, barely trying to keep the cart on the street in the approach. He yells behind them “Everyone Ok?” There is a chorus of “Yeps” and “Yeses” – the he hears Bobby whisper in his ear – “Josh – this is Dead Man’s Hill! The street ends at the bottom!”

They are now gaining pace again as the steepness of this hill is far greater than the other street they have been on. He can see the bottom of the hill, not that far ahead, with the road of the bottom of the hill creating a “T” at the bottom. Only one particular factor left to attempt – “Ok Guys…One final time! When I say Go, lean left but this time, put both your feet down as nicely! I’m going to consider a energy slide to end us” Absolutely everyone agrees and Josh prepares for the flip.

“Prepared, Set, NOW!” They all dig their feet into the pavement as Josh turns the wheel left and the automobile begins to slide sideways down the hill. Their footwear are smoking and leaving small bits of rubber on the ground as they all scream. The automobile is slowing quickly and slides to a stop at the finish of the hill in the middle of the cross street. Still screaming, everyone stops at when. Realizing their “joy ride” is over they open their eyes and their screams of worry flip to screams of joy. They all jump off the scooter and start thanking Josh. The eldest lady picks him up, hugs him and plants a kiss on his cheek. When she puts him down the others are clapping and patting him on the back. Josh yells “Wait a minute!! Quiet!”

He feels the ground shaking slightly and hears a rumble that is receiving louder. Just then, the sun goes dark and the are standing in shade. Josh seems up the hill. “Oh No!” He says as he sees the ball.

It has grown to be enormous, vehicles, individuals, something that was not nailed down is now caught to the surface of this ball – and it coming straight for them! He thinks quickly – “How are we gonna end this point?”. As is will get closer, he yells at everyone “RUN!!” And they all begin to scatter. He grabs his auto and tries to move it out of the way but realizes that a single of the wheels has come off!

He bends over to retrieve the wheel and starts to push the automobile out of the way when the ball is about to hit him. He turns his head and is astonished by the dimension of the ball and over the deep rumbling of it when he hears “Josh! It truly is time for dinner!”.

“Okay Mom!”

He gets off his auto and surveys his room to find his ball cap. He grabs the cap off the bed and puts it on his bald head. He looks at the auto and thinks “You and I will finish this later on!”. He imagines the autos tin can lights winking at him as he leaves his space as heads for the kitchen. He slowly walks through the home feeling the weakness come over him once again as he nears the kitchen. He can smell the Mac and Cheese – His favourite. His Mom is saying to Susie “I want you wouldn’t allow him get carried away like that.”

“Mom he is received leukemia… allow him perform the way he needs! A prolonged as he isn’t going to tire himself out to a lot, he’ll be fine.”.

“I suppose – I just want he’d take it simpler sometimes.”

“How can I take it simple?” He thinks… “I have a race to win!”


Don Willson is, 53-years previous and living in Richmond, Virginia. Not new to creating, he is often been advised (I know everyone gets this) that he should attempt receiving some of his work published.

Of all the factors I’ve lost in lifestyle I miss my thoughts the most!

54 thoughts on “North Korea’s Kim Dynasty Explained”

  1. The narrative is not that different from China prior to 1980’s. A country doesn’t need a smart leader, it needs a leader who can look out for the interest of it’s people. The previous Kims’ interest was to protect their own power.

  2. A wonderfully creative image, the perspective and timing spot on.


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    on the first 2 pages in the group

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  3. North Korea is a "Kimmunist"country.
    The three leaders of North Korea are -Kim Il Dung, Kim Jong Ill and Kim Jong Balloon

  4. Wow wowo ooo, hold on a minute, 3.5 million people? With this data video jumped the shark and went into territory of biased and unreliable. UN report from 2011 oficially holds that in period of 1993 to 2000 North Korea had around 250 000 to 400 000 excess deaths in population of 22 million, and it is basically increase of number of deaths in comparison to deaths in 1980s so not necesarily due to hunger exclusively but many other reasons. A catastrophe, but imagine if 3.5 million figure was true? There is absolutely no way such a scale of death would pass without serious reaction from the world, absolutely no way, especially in a decade where world was unipolar and US just begged for excuse for foreign interventions, when Russia was weak and China not as developed as today and North Korea didnt develop their nuclear arsenal. We basically cannot know what is true or not about North Korea anymore because no one has independent sources on spot. That’s why I take every "fact" about N.K with a grain of salt. I personnaly dislike their regime and think it is a travesty but I think US intervention would just make situation of Koreans worse.

  5. I Cringe now because i remember this talk in my class:
    Teacher: "What do you think Kim Jong un’s family was named?"
    Student: "Kim?.." (random guess)
    Teacher: "Yes! Aint that funny? they all were named ‘Kim’?"

    ewwwww i am crying and cringing so freaking hard right now so dumb xD

  6. Kim il Sung was a fraud he stole that name from a Chinese revolutionary fighter and his name was actually Kim Song Ju. He never fought the Japanese in WW2 he hid in China and Russia the whole time and claimed he was a hero. Claimed to be a man of the people yet lived in palaces and flew in jets he was just a murdering tyrant who spoke more Russian and Chinese than Korean he deserved to be murdered. Mao Zedong exposed him as a fraud and a fake commie that’s why dirty NNK released all that anti China propaganda in the late 70s

  7. Lies!!!! This YouTube channel has been brainwashing people! This YouTube channel is a liberal imperialist news channel!

  8. Wait, I’ve now realized that the North Korean calendar’s "day one" is the day Titanic sank.

    Aka. Kim Il-Sung was born the day Titanic sank.

  9. The Kims huh? Well look at them now 2 are statues and 1 is going to be if he doesn’t get nuked or assassinated. Its not about getting rid of Kim jong un but also you have to go in open up the country for the people so they can see how the world really is and that they are not so great after all and the Kimmy’s were lying. Although that will take years. Power should also go to south korea as thats their relations. But then the US and China would need to fuck off and leave them alone. Hey dont get me wrong i know im dreaming


  11. The Kim Family = The Stark Family.

    Kim il-Sung = Rickard Stark.

    Kim Jong-il = Ned Stark.

    Kim Jong-Un = Robb Stark = The KIM IN THE NORTH!!!!!

  12. I think Kim Il Sung was actually a decent leader. He wasnt nearly as aggressive as his son and grandson. He built a decent country then he died and his decendents play with it.

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