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You could say that Norm Macdonald have a gambling difficulty. He lost all his cash on gambling two or 3 occasions. The great thing that came out from it even though, all these remarkable stories.
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Today, mobile phones have played an integral element in our lives. With a variety of applications, cell phones help users a lot at function and for entertainment. Let’s take a appear at unbelievable stories below to uncover out what you do not know about texting SMS.

Kate Moore, a 15-year-old girl from Iowa, became the winner in the LG U.S. National Texting Championship and was awarded $ 50,000. It was reported that Moore won the prized only eight months right after she owned his 1st mobile telephone. Moore beat out 20 other finalists from all over the country thanks to her speedy, precise texting talent and the 14,000 message-per-month habit. The competition lasted two days which includes texting blindfolded and texting while overcoming moving obstacles. In the final competitors, she won 14-year-old Morgan Dynda from Georgia. Each of them were required to text 3 lengthy phrases with out generating any mistakes on abbreviations, capitalization and punctuation.


Kate Moore won $ 50,000 for texting in a championship



Surgeon David Nott, working at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, volunteered to operate 24-hour shifts with medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Rutshuru, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He performed a successful operation on a boy named J. The 16-year-old boy’s left arm was badly infected and gangrenous. There was no selection but take away his collar bone and shoulder blade. However, each Nott and physicians in Rutshuru have in no way had expertise in forequarter amputation. Then he contacted his colleague Professor Meirion Thomas who has succeeded in operations like this before. Thanks to step-by-step instructions via text messages, J was saved. Afterwards, his health situation made a excellent recovery.


Surgeon David Nott succeeded in saving J thanks to directions texted from a colleague


The title of the quickest SMS texting belongs to Melissa Thompson. The 27-year-old British lady successfully wrote the message “the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the planet. In reality they seldom attack a human” in 25.94 sec. Ms. Thompson was purchasing with her boyfriend Chris Davies when they came across a Samsung roadshow. Invited to take portion in the record breaking, she utilised the SWYPE keypad which enables users to input text with out leaving their fingertip from the screen. At present, her outcome is below verification by the Guinness Book of Planet Records.


Melissa Thompson set the globe record for the fastest SMS texting


In November 2007, the novel “Viimeistet Viestit” or “The Final Messages” which consists of 332 pages of mobile telephone text messages was published in Finland. Written by author Hannu Luntiala, the novel follows the story of an IT-executive named Teemu. He resigns from his job in order to travel about Europe and India. He usually sends text messages to get in touch with his wife, son and many close friends. A total of the 1,000 sent and received messages are listed in chronological order. According to the author, the story starts on April 27th and ends on June 19th of the same year.


Finnish author Hannu Luntiala managed to write an complete novel in text messages.


An Indian man Deepak Sharma was recognized by the Guinness Planet Records for sending 182,689 messages to buddies and relatives in a single month. At 1st, Sharma attempted to obtain 50,000 messages per month, but later the quantity was up to 113,000 and over 182,000 in the end. It was estimated that he sent about 6,one hundred messages a day, 252 an hour, four.two a minute or a new message each and every 14 seconds. In the next month, Sharma wished to break his own record with 300,000 messages a month, but he failed.


Deepak Sharma set the globe record for the most text messages sent within one particular month


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  1. First time I hit a $10min craps table with $60, I left with $1368 after tipping the table people $100. Made a lot of friends and got really drunk. I stood there for 6 straight hours.

  2. Larry King just has to get his cheap Trump jab in there. The good thing is, Larry gives 100% of his income to the government.

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  5. My only gambling story is when I was on holiday, I randomly walked into an arcade and put £20 in a lucky pot machine and walked out with £280. I don’t even gamble, I’m really tight like that but my dad was playing and I was on holiday so I thought I’d just throw in £20 for that laughs and won on the first go.

  6. I can relate completely to Norm. The worst thing that can ever happen to you is to win big the first time you gamble. You are instantly hooked. Then when you keep losing after you just think of that time you won and that it will happen again… usually doesn’t.

  7. Norm was referencing The Animals, House of the Rising Sun in the first few seconds but It went over Larry’s head. Also, look at Norms face he defiantly is laughing at it

  8. I know we are all chunks of coal but norm and you are a different type of delicious energy that never stops and keeps pleasing. Like a sloppy blowjob that keeps going after you nut. Delicious energy

  9. Imagine the superbowl where you bet on the falcons to beat the patriots… i mean could it have been more obviously rigged?

  10. Larry King is such a cunt. Trump used the same tax system as everyone else in the united states. To claim he did not pay income tax is retarded.

  11. 1:08 Hey Larry, you ignorant leftist (which is actually redundant), Trump has paid plenty in income taxes over his lifetime. And he has also reported a good deal of losses to offset this, which any sane person would do.

    And Norm, you are a brilliant, entertaining man.

  12. 21:00 For those who don’t know what he’s talking about; he bet the over, which was 7(total runs scored by both teams). Ventura hit a walk-off grand slam with the score tied 3-3, which should’ve resulted in a 7-3 final, which would’ve won the bet for Norm. However, Ventura’s teammates mobbed him at 2nd base during the celebration, and he never crossed home plate. It was officially scored an RBI single, leaving the final score 4-3, so Norm lost the bet. I would’ve jumped off a bridge.

  13. In Norm’s book, he writes about how losing all the time spent in casinos is a much greater loss than all the money. All that time is wasted with nothing to show for it. You don’t get better at anything or develop relationships. Just time wasted. He is so wise and deep- it feeds his comedy.

  14. "A couple of grand, got 160 million" Forbe has Norm listed at 2m. Norm gots that Caymin Island money. Unless he was talking about how much in total he lost =/ 14:00

  15. The clip from Marc Marron near the end is great. Juxtaposed with these other clips it’s clear how comfortable he makes people to really talk without putting up any kind of front. Norm really lays out that he has deep anxiety about death, and goes into how part of losing everything is purposeful.

  16. Jesus Christ, I can see how someone could become a gambling addict after winning $100k in one night (and that $100k was probably close to a quarter million in 2017 dollars)

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