Never LET HIM IN HE’S A DEMON! – Creepy Story Time // One thing Scary | Snarled

The Man in White will constantly test you… But never let him in! Sapphire tells Tania’s story about the devil paying her a go to. Spoiler Alert: It absolutely wasn’t pleasant.


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Angel Wars two : The Angelic Possession
Carried out for the Angel Wars group:

“Finally” the voice echoed in his head sounding quite a lot like James Earl Jones, “I can go back to the fight against those Hellish abominations. Release manage of your body, mortal, your carcass, miserable as it might be, will serve my demands. Hurry up, I have a war to catch”.
“What the f…” the boy muttered nonetheless a bit shaky from the electrocutions, the lightnings the fireballs and all the other specific effects, “who the Hell are you?”
“Don’t swear in my presence impertinent youth, I occur to be an archangel, now give me your body”
“Uhm, yes, an archangel, appropriate. Whatever you say… bye now”
“Wait, I mentioned I want your body” the archangel repeated, a hint of uncertainty sounding behind the heavenly harmonics.
“Ah… are you a pervert or anything?”
“Look, I will try to make myself as clear as achievable you juvenile delinquent. I have suffered a slight misfortune even though fighting the forces of evil. My heavenly physique has been destroyed by their treacherous approaches. But don’t be concerned, I will possess yours now, thank you very much, and I will continue the fight”
“Uhm… yes, I would like to help you, but I am kind of attached to my physique. It is the only one I got, you know”.
“That selfishness brought the demise of mankind. Do you believe your own wants are far more essential than the greater very good of the Cosmos?”
“Well, they are to me”.
“Forget it, I mentioned I require your physique and I have wasted too considerably time arguing. I am taking control”.
The boy waited in horror. And waited. And waited some much more. Lastly he hesitantly attempted to move a bit. Yep, he was nonetheless in control. Just to make confident he made a undoubtedly non-angelic gesture with his middle finger. Appropriate. He was nonetheless in charge, alright. The voice in his head mumbled anything not sounding so epic this time.
“Wretched free of charge will! That stuff always provides us trouble. I was entirely against it in the first place”.
“OK, Mister, enough of that. Now get out of my head”.
“Uhm… right… I am afraid that won’t be that easy… Angelic possession is irreversible you know”
“What? You fucker, you possessed me? That is it, I am possessing you exorcised”
“That would raise an interesting theological problem, exorcism is for demons and even though angels are virtually of the very same essence there is no precedent…”
“Get out of my head!!!!!”
“No! You get out of your head”
“Oh man, it is gonna be a lengthy night”

(to be continued)

P.S. Next time I make a decision to do a story someone please shoot me.

By Zinc Karas on 2008-04-23 19:39:05

50 thoughts on “Never LET HIM IN HE’S A DEMON! – Creepy Story Time // Some thing Scary | Snarled”

  1. U know the house is demonic when u see a red lamb. My theory is that the lambs stands for demonic powers over the weak. Let me tell how this might be possible .Red for me stands for demonic /angry spirits. Also the lamb might be sign of the weak

  2. I was watching this video with my friend on my piano teacher’s iPad when after we watched the part where she said when Tania shared the story something weird happened then suddenly the iPad shut down and when we turned it back on it said it required our Apple ID password and when we entered the password it didn’t work. She’ll have to take it to the shop tomorrow. Coincidence? or not…

  3. 1:52 .. no..oh god no…got all mighty…the worst spirit..NO..YOU NEED HOLY WATER GO AWAY JESUS CRIST NO

  4. I was watching this video for the first time on my TV early in the morning and I didn’t want to wake anybody up so I tried to turn on captions but to my surprise the remote died.

  5. since I was a kid I’ve had this man I’m not really sure but he follows me everywhere I call him A I wish I didn’t give him a name though it just makes it so much more real.Sometimes I will black out and my friends say I wasn’t unconscious just acting weird for example some of the things they said I’ve done is run into the road when cars were coming my friend had to tackle me.another time they told me I kept singing this girlfriend says she’s woken up and seen a shadow figure leaning over me when we were sleeping.thats what his main form is a 6 foot 7 shadow. he’s in my dreams but not always as a shadow, most time he’s like this rotting dog with a scaly black tale. he’s left me notes but just letters under my pillow was an AA I was walking in the park and I found the same kind of note with just an MO and then a month later I found a N while I was out for a smoke. I’m not really sure what it means. Although I am a practicing witch I’m not sure what to make of him I see people around me everyday that no one else does but he’s different the others never come up or close to me when he’s near. sorry for long post I love your vids SNARLED

  6. This happened to me once my aunt said that if u have a dream of a man that looks like god or jesus just say "No" and i was 5 so i didn’t know what she saying that night i have a dream of a man he said something and i just say no..i woke up and tell my aunt she also have that dream…

  7. sapphire: wanna hear something scary
    me: ye
    sapphire: don’t go in my son’s room he has a skull with a pentagon on it
    me: no no no no I’m out bye bye

  8. I’m really curious why she can’t go to the owner of house’s son’s room…

    I wonder what’s in there?

  9. Are we bad for watching brain rotting scary shit that negatively affects people’s mental health. No wonder their are so many sociopaths now a days.

  10. The only creepy thing that’s happened to me was that a few months ago I woke up in the morning and saw that my had was covered in many big splotches of dried blood. I was confused and a bit scared so I checked myself in my mirror to make sure that there were no cuts or open wounds, and there wasn’t any. I then just walked out of my room and washed the blood off in the bathroom’s sink.

  11. Can you make this story of my dad ok

    My dad was young in a house where he slept on the couch while my mom was in her room my brother and sister slept with my mom mean while my sister was up walked in the living room my dad woke up while my sister was just staring she was just staring and then she just suddenly peed on the floor my dad tried to ask a question but was scared…while my sister went back to bed mean while my dad actually told my mom and moved out like months later to my moms sisters house there you go snarled my names Amy by the way i like your videos

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