My Wellness & Fitness Journey | Weight Loss Story

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Flying More than – Support the MDA
This shot is taken on Boat as we approached Liberty Island, was quite pleased to catch the bird flying more than

We are just going to have a quick breakfast and then head out on out bikes back to Liberty State Park, will catch up with you all this evening

For these in America its the Jerry Lewis Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Anything Lulu and I try to constantly watch and support with a Donation, its such an emotional Show to watch, seeing all the sad stories of folks with this illness, specifically the Kids but tends to make a single appreciate there Overall health. The telethon Starts this evening at 6PM NY time
if Interested the hyperlink is right here
By Singing With Light on 2009-08-16 17:19:37

The monk, who looked like Santa Claus, provided to pray with me. 4 days into a week-lengthy silent retreat, I welcomed the opportunity to speak with somebody. By no means did I imagine the extraordinary physical, emotional and spiritual healing that would take location as a outcome of our conversation.  In sharing my story, I invite you to claim this very same healing for yourself.

As we talked, I told him how I had healed from a disfiguring, deforming, incurable facial skin disease referred to as rosacea by using organic treatments. He acted as although he did not hear me! Alternatively, we had a lengthy conversation about monastery life and he went into a extended spell of silence.

Just as I was beginning to wonder if this is all there was, he opened his eyes. With a piercing stare and a deep, genuine tone of voice he mentioned, “God has spoken to me. God has not healed you to maintain it a secret. You need to write a book and share your story.” 

Surprised, I told him I wasn’t a writer, I didn’t have funds to hire a writer and maybe years from now I would get about to it. He continued to repeat in his type, godly voice, “God has spoken. You must create your story.”  I thanked him and quickly dismissed the idea.

Two months later, the unexplainable happened. The arches of each my feet fell. In pain I told my clients I would be back in two weeks, but in no way returned. It became apparent that my friendly monk was appropriate, and beyond my excuses there was urgency for me to create my story. 

Initial I wrote every single memory I could recall, seeking honestly at why I had served others at my personal expense until my dear pal, my physique, stopped my operate addiction with a illness. I wrote day and night for seven months never ever had I taken quality time to be with myself in this way. 

Meanwhile, as I continued to create, the difficulty with my feet disappeared into the nothingness from which it came.

An extraordinary healing was taking location, and like pulling a thread on a tapestry, the a lot more I wrote the more was revealed.  Memories poured in and life began making sense, especially when I began to see what I had been by way of and how I had healed, regardless of the odds provided me by a lot more than 50 medical doctors. 

The outcome of this writing was the self-help book I had looked for in my time of require but couldn’t discover: the specifics of how an individual healed.  I remembered how desperate I was to learn how all-natural healing takes place, how emotions manifest as physical ailments and how these can be reversed, and how to use my personal discernment to direct my decisions. I had longed for a book I could pick up when depressed, fearful, or lonely to aid me believe I could heal and discover my objective and joy.

Months later readers of my book started sending me letters telling me how the book was helping them. “I know if you could heal, so can I,” stated Silvia from Venezuela. “Thank you for becoming brave enough to share your knowledge with all of us.” said Judy from Japan.

I now encourage others to write their stories, primarily to aid them heal their own lives.  Numerous have miracle healing stories about what God has done in their lives and may have a burning need to share these stories out of gratitude. 

Writing your story will offer excellent insights about how you carry your past with you as you appear at your beliefs, patterns and joys. This is not about reliving the past it is about making a new life. I recommend writing in little increments, because for some of us our stories can feel overwhelming.  Allow this to be a gentle understanding knowledge.

As you write, take notice of any painful feelings that reveal themselves, simply because it is time to stop ignoring and denying them alternatively, you can begin to heal and release them.  Rewrite your memories over and over, if essential, and talk about them with a secure friend.  By acknowledging your entire story, you support your properly-being mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

You might really feel called, as I did, to share your story in book kind. This book, along with my healing, is a miracle.  Like the monk who encouraged me, I invite you to create your stories and heal.

Georgie Holbrook – wellness coach, spiritual director and author.

111 thoughts on “My Well being & Fitness Journey | Weight Loss Story”

  1. Haha good timing…I hope that gull didnt drop a pound of poop on you :)))))
    How u doing? Still busy??
    Im down here in Washington DC area, will return by Monday.

  2. This is the best video ever!!! Thank you for being you and reasonably explaining everything. I have been so inspired by who you are, and hope you can continue to reach more people with your channel ?

  3. There’s nothing wrong with bulky girls. She’s just expressing her opinion, and what body type she likes on her. She used to be the ‘bulky’ girl and weightlifted. I’ve also weightlifted for about three years and consider myself a little more ‘bulky’ as far as muscle gain, but I finally realized that this is the body I no longer want. So that’s why I’m here and I think this is why she made this video. I want to change my diet and begin eating Whole Foods and the same way Sarah was inspired by really fit, agile, functional women, i the same way feel inspired to do the same when I watch Sarah. There are plenty of other fitness youtubers out there they may fit your needs who are proud of their strong bodies with perfectly capped shoulders…so maybe you’re watching the wrong video. Everyone has a different opinion on body types, don’t be easily offended because then you will never like your body no matter what you do. PS I am a little more on the ‘fluffy’ but shit, when I look at Sarah’s body like hell yeah I am. I’m not ashamed of it. Sarah’s got abs and I don’t. Fluff is just another term for body fat who cares. She was trying to pursue her goals of getting awesome abs and she got it. And using the term ‘ED’ here is a little extreme. Calm down people.

  4. Do you count calories? ATM. I do, but I feel like I am not eating enough. I don’t really eat any snacks, or anything that I crave because then I’ll eat “too many calories”. I’ve heard from everyone that counting your calories is good, but I feel like when I count calories I become more hungry. I already workout a lot, and I am okay skinny at this point, but I really want abs and wanna get more toned. And I’ve heard that counting calories along with exercising gets you toned faster. Idk, if I should continue to count calories, cause it kinda makes me scared to eat, cause I am scared I will eat more calories than I am supposed to do. Advice?:/

  5. Wow, this is really cool! It feels like everyone else keeps saying that fat is dangerous and a low fat diet is best, but it would be so hard to feel satisfied without fats. I’m in uni, I am small too but mostly fat. I’ve been going to the gym for the past two months and I can already tell a difference in my body! It feels so good to have a bit of muscle and feel like a human being! I’m going to keep going and try and get stronger.

    Thanks for sharing your story and how you decided to change your life and figure out what works for you.

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    Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday, My Friend.

    ALLAH ever Will Be with us. الله سيكون معنا

  8. Thank you so much for this video! ? i’m at that point where i’m trying out all these healthy lifestyles tricks. my endurance is so low I struggle through plyo. So right now i’m lifting light weights but i’m really scared that i’d get bulky and all

  9. You probably won’t see this, but when you went vegan and had hair falling out, it is very likely that you weren’t eating enough fats (nuts, avocados, seeds, etc.). Just a tip if you (or anyone else) decides to go vegan

  10. Watching this, I had to say something. When you said you were 57 kg and that was big for you, that’s fine! Totally get it, some people’s bodies aren’t meant to get to certain weights etc. But, when you say that you were a "heffa lump," that kind of branding and message to young girls out there, who might weigh that or more, that is sending a terrible message to them. I know it wasn’t a malicious comment but you need to consider how many young girls and boys will watch you and be inspired by you. Your channel is growing and that is fantastic but it also comes with more responsibility for people’s health (which I understand must be a lot of pressure sometimes) I only mentioned this because I struggled with an eating disorder for many, many years and I know how something so small can trigger a young person’s mind. This comment was not meant to be negative or hurtful in any way at all, I really do respect you and you have helped me with my PCOS struggles, it was just something I wanted to mention. X

  11. Great food Suggestions! I might agree with Ele too, your "bulky" stage allowed you to build the body you have today!

  12. You are a very smart girl and have learned at a young age what took me many many more years to learn. Great video, great information.

  13. :o) Nice! The gulls make for that extra added touch…
    Hope you’re having a fab day at the park, *waves HI to Lulu*!

  14. Lovely composition and the bird is just the cherrie in the top of the cake. Congrats great capture and work my friend

    have a wonderful sunday :))**

  15. I have watched the telethon since I was a kid and have always donated. Its an excellent cause. A friend of mine actually lost her son to muscular dystrophy so that makes it an even more special cause. Hope your have a great Labor Day.

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  16. Beautiful photograph JJ!!! The fates sometime smile on Our efforts!!! As for the MDA, You’re absolutely correct and You’re absolutely real!!!

  17. I see you have LL covered from every angle and you had a gorgeous day to do so!! Super timing with the gull!!! Gorgeous colors and clouds!!

  18. Gosh you are so so so inspirational and I know what you mean! I crave fruits gosh XD I relate to you so much. I shudder thinking back to my bulky stage. I feel like recently, I’ve been obsessing over calories and how much calories I burn doing cardio and I was wondering what your thoughts are on that? I basically recently went through 2 months of recovering from an ankle injury that has prevented me playing sports and have just focused on cardio in the gym but now I am allowed to do sports again but I don’t know whether the whole ‘counting calorie’ / cardio is key (i.e. ‘do cardio every day otherwise you’ll get fat mentality’ is right?) Please help!
    Thank you so much; you’ve got me super fired up about what I need to focus on! I never comment on these videos but you’re actually so goddamn inspirational – you’ve made my day 😀

  19. Had to come watch this video again for more inspiration and clarity. I really love this channel! Thank you for all of your guidance

  20. Thank you , I really needed this. Im a bit older but feel I have had the same journey and have lost my way recently. I just realized its not that complicated and just needs to listen to my body. Thank you, glad I came across your channel 🙂

  21. What a great capture JJ…Beautiful…..Yes,It’s so sad to see the people with the illness especially the kids….My girls last year ( two years in the row for the older one) both participated in the MDA Hop-A-Thon at their pre-school. They did a lot hops and really helped to collect quite amount the donation..

  22. Jeah – great timing, JJ – love the colours too!!!

    And great to know you support this cause – there’s always someone out there needing help…

    (Oh – and yes – I think you are a good man after all!)

    enjoy your Sunday :-))

  23. You were skinny through out, I have no idea why you ever thought you were out of shape?? Seriously if I looked like your first picture I would be thrilled.

  24. I am 15 & the exact same as you were when you were younger , I hope I love exercise as much as I do now & can find the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle like you ??

  25. Ohoh….looks as if that bird’s about to snip the torch out of her hand. LOL….

    Really cool shot here JJ. 🙂

  26. You looked healthy and lovely in the photos you put up to show us how fat you were. I almost cried. I hate what society makes highschool age girls do to their perfectly fine, growing bodies.

  27. at this angle, there’s the optical illusion that the bird is as big as the statue. great hope to the shot to match the mda.

  28. this helped me so much and gave me an idea how to get started! would you recommend having your lunch before or after your workout?

  29. You articulate very well. Nothing worse than watching a video and someone saying “ ummmmm” every 2 seconds. Very smart and personable. Keep up the great work! You look amazing and very inspirational.

  30. Thank you so much for making this video! I feel so inspired to get my health back on track and stick to it!

    When I was really young I used to be skinny cause I too had a fast motabolism because I was dancing a lot. I then quit dancing and piled on the weight. Only last year I realized that I was not healthy and I needed to change. I lost a bunch of weight just by working out and eating a little cleaner but now, I really want the fit look everyone has. So, unfortunately me I got let on that starving yourself is the way to go. I nearly lost about 9 kilos and I was AWFUL! I had no energy, I looked pale, I had black patches under my eyes, my hair was thinning out, I was cold all the time, I was really negative, I was afraid to eat. I then decided after looking in the mirror that I don’t want my ribs sticking out anymore, I don’t want my arms looking like sticks, I don’t want to look like a scary skeleton walking around the house. Sooo, I ate more. I then developed a new eating disorder ‘binge eating disorder’. I would consume and consume, I couldn’t stop. I then developed a new way of eating which was binging, beating myself up, starving myself and binging again. A never ending cycle of madness. I put some weight back on but to the point where I wouldn’t gain more weight but I would gain more fat. I started working out every morning for 30 minutes which did tone me up a little but I really wanted abs, I really wanted lean arms, I really wanted a cute perky butt, I really wanted a tone back, I really wanted lean legs. I pretty much wanted everything in the works. And now… I don’t know what to do. I’m only 15 and I know that I should probably worry about getting abs when I leave school but I want to get fit now. Not later, now.
    With that I have a few questions if you’re okay with answering ??
    1. I don’t do any sport, so how long should I be working out per day?
    2. What kinds of exercise are best for targeting the mid section?
    3. How do I improve my overall health?
    4. How do you get a period back?
    Thank you sooo much ❤
    You are such an inspiration with such a lovely personality and mind set. I hope to be like you one day ?

  32. I am a female 35 years old, not into Instagram at all …(too many fitness bimbos imo)
    I have done sports most my life with a few hurdles along the way.
    My point is I am probably not your typical audience, yet I find you so refreshing!!
    I love your honesty, humbleness and passion.
    You have inspired me …. that happens rarely.

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