My Middle School “Romance” | Storytime

The painfully awkward story of my first “boyfriend” haha. I put that in quotes for a cause lol.
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Final weeks video:
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Undiscovered Mysteries
There is one thing about these enchanted all-natural forests, they make me dream of tiny forest creatures hiding just out of sight, and mysteries just about the corner. Add a rusty old train track to the mix and a story filled with adventure and romance quickly starts to kind in my head. Yeah, it’s straightforward to be inspired in the forest.
By chris.chabot on 2012-12-08 11:54:21

In any serious relationship in between a man and a lady, enjoy and romance constantly comes into the image like two peas in a pod. Most people constantly associate enjoy with romance or the other way around. But can really like exist without having romance or can romance exist without enjoy? 

What is love? In a preceding post I wrote, really like was described as unfathomable or profound. It is a extended lasting and intense feeling of attraction for another person that has no parameters, no boundaries or no limits. What then is romance? Some describe romance as an imaginative state of mind. It is a dreamy and romantic feeling which tends to be excitingly and intensely directed to yet another person. 

So when love and romance is brought into a relationship then it blends into a extended lasting and excitingly intense dreamy feeling of attraction directed to another person without having limits. Love and romance is then a have to in any relationship to keep it alive. Take a look at some really like and romance ideas that will maintain a partnership alive: 

Express your love. Do not let a day pass by when you do not say ‘I really like you!’ to every single other. Do it everyday and every single possibility you get. Say it out loud, thru text (SMS) messages or thru emails so that you will each think of each other typically. 
Adore each and every other. Appreciate what each and every one particular of you have brought into the connection and accept each other’s faults and imperfections. Loving every other in spite of your flaws will strengthen the partnership. 
Do not take every other for granted. Constantly take time out to ask each other what happened to your day. Always have time for every other. Being sensitive of each other’s moods at all times will enrich the partnership.
Be tolerant of each other’s mood swings. You are both only human and are prone to mood swings that at times just come and go. Indulge in each other’s emotions to preserve tranquility in the partnership. 
Boost every single other up. Never contradict every other. When one is feeling low, the other need to enhance him/her up. If each of you will act negatively during negative occasions then you will both finish up feeling low and losing hope. Give every single other a boost always to enhance the relationship. 
Be passionate to every other. The fervor and the excitement in the partnership must constantly be there. Kindle the fires of passion and sustain the enthusiasm in the connection. 

There are a lot of love and romance ideas describing how to show really like and how to stir up the romance with your partner. However, all these guidelines will not be successful if you are both doing them out of enjoy and without the passion to preserve the relationship alive. 

Keep the fires of passion alive in your relationship thru love and romance ideas we have offered for you at our internet site.

20 thoughts on “My Middle School “Romance” | Storytime”

  1. I liked this video until the end are you fucking kidding me? A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD so if you dont believe in god then what? Honestly I dont care what religon you have as long as your happy, however, saying that the only way to have a healthy relationship is to have a strong relationship with god, i dont believe that thats right at ALL. You should not exclude people who arent Christian or Catholic, thats like saying you CANT eat pizza without cheeze becuase YOU FUCKING CAN, again, Im triggered, Im shook, and im going to drink a gallon of bleach now BYE. I am done with this bullshit.

  2. Holy shit this is scary?? I had a 12 year old BF too – also got forced into it by someone named Mark – he played trumpet I played flute – there was also a Melissa in the picture who (btw) WAS played by another guy… Fun times?

  3. I love this video 🙂 I have a ton of girls at school who focus on dating and I’m just like… "Girl, you don’t need a boyfriend."

  4. Dude becomes this girl’s boyfriend, and HE’S the one that ends it off? It’s moments like this where I envy those idiots. I have never had a gf before, never went on a single date or had my first kiss yet… and here’s this guy taking this precious girl for granted. It’s middle school but COME ON! And it’s these dude’s that keep getting the relationships DX I wish girls wrote about me in their diaries. But I am long past high school age so no one would do it now…

  5. Girl where was this video when I was 12!? Would of saved me from lots of unnecessary and caddy pain and heartache lol

  6. I have a boyfriend and I am 12 but yeah I never thought I would have a boyfriend but we have been best friends for the longest time so it is kinda different it was sweet he said he had had a crush on me for 3 years but did’t want to tell me cuz he did’t want to ruin our friendship turned out I had liked him to so now we are dating it’s not awkward like yours we hug hold hands he puts his arm around me when we are hanging out we have kissed to it is just different I think it is cuz we have been friends for the longest time he also told me he loved me I love him too

  7. I was "dating" a boy from my church in 5th grade and I have a journal with the same situation going on it’s hilarious. I think I read it to the guy like a year and a half ago bc were chill but it’s so funny.

  8. I think getting into relationships when you’re in your early teens is good, because it helps you understand who you are and who you aren’t. it also prepares you for conflicts and failures in college. just a thought.

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