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Mental Well being Apps:
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Temple of the Tigers
I like how the colors and lighting are in surreal harmony with the tiger. The mystery aspect of this image worked effectively with the enhancement I accomplished with PaintShop Pro.

In tribute to Wzui. Wzui crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9-8-2011, killed by jealous Seri, one particular of his harem. Clytemnestra, black widow, Seri . . .

From the El Paso Occasions: &quotBy Lindsey Reiser – Multimedia Journalist
Thursday, July 21, 2011 – five:26pm
EL PASO – It really is a really like story straight out of a soap opera. Two female tigers at the El Paso Zoo are competing for the focus of the male hunk.
If you think jealousy and backstabbing are traits reserved for humans, you’ll be shocked at how far these felines will go.

&quotWe have Wzui, he’s 5 years years old, we have Seri, she’s three years old, and we have Melor, she is 15 years old,&quot mentioned caretaker Griselda Martinez.

Like most adore triangles, Martinez says this twisted tale began in the bedroom.

&quotWzui truly gets to reside in amongst both females, so that is where the triangle begins,&quot Martinez mentioned. Each female brings anything exclusive to the table. Melor is the a lot more mature feline and Seri is the playful flirt. But Wzui is the raw-meat-covered apple of their eye.

&quotHe’s a cool cat, he’s very mellow, he’s very sweet,&quot Martinez said.

Melor has been at the zoo for some time. Seri was brought in January and Wzui joined the pack a month later. When they 1st met, Martinez says it was adore at first sight. In hopes of breeding the endangered Malayans here in El Paso, a group known as the Species Survival Strategy decided Seri was the much better match for Wzui. But Wzui seems to consider one is not enough.

&quotHe appears to invest a lot of time with both of them,&quot Martinez mentioned. &quotIf Wzui pays also a lot interest to Melor, which he normally goes and sits correct by her, then Seri will commence calling to him, like ‘come to me, come to me.’ And he’ll ignore her for a although and then he’ll go more than to her. That is when Meli will come about.&quot

Now the females have turned catty, which, behind these walls, means you could get an eye clawed out.

&quotThe girls will not get along, they will fight, so that is a quite harmful situation,&quot Martinez stated.

So will Wzui and Seri effectively bring a gorgeous tiger cub into this planet? Or will Melor’s appeal distract Wzui from the activity at paw? Tune in subsequent time, for the Days of Our 9 Lives.&quot

From the New York Occasions&quot
Texas: Tiger Kills Her Mate
By THE Connected PRESS
Published: September 9, 2011

A rare Malayan tiger was killed by his mate at the El Paso Zoo on Thursday, and zoo officials said they had been taken by surprise since the two have been playing collectively hours earlier. Seri, a 3-year-old female who came from the San Diego Zoo 15 months ago, seemed to have bonded with six-year-old Wzui in the course of the two and a half months they had been together, stated Steve Marshall, the zoo director. A visitor mentioned Seri chomped down on the side of Wzui’s neck and choked him, Mr. Marshall mentioned. Tara Harris, the conservation director at the Minnesota Zoo, stated that tigers do fight with a single another. “But it is really uncommon that one would kill another, particularly a female killing a male,” she said.&quot

When an animal dies that has been especially close to
someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are
meadows and hills for all of our specific close friends so they
can run and play together. There is plenty of meals, water
and sunshine, and our close friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to
overall health and vigor. Those who have been hurt or maimed are created
whole and robust again, just as we bear in mind them in our
dreams of days and occasions gone by. The animals are content and
content material, except for a single tiny issue they each miss a person
extremely special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play collectively, but the day comes when one
abruptly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes
are intent. His eager physique quivers. Suddenly he starts to
run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs
carrying him more rapidly and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your specific pal
ultimately meet, you cling with each other in joyous reunion, never to
be parted again. The content kisses rain upon your face your
hands again caress the beloved head, and you appear after a lot more
into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your
life but by no means absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together…
Author unknown&quot

9-13-2011 I just cme across this poem by Emily Dickinson:

A Dying Tiger — moaned for Drink — by Emily Dickinson
A Dying Tiger — moaned for Drink —
I hunted all the Sand —
I caught the Dripping of a Rock
And bore it in my Hand —

His Mighty Balls — in death were thick —
But looking — I could see
A Vision on the Retina
Of Water — and of me —

‘Twas not my blame — who sped also slow —
‘Twas not his blame — who died
Although I was reaching him —
But ’twas — the reality that He was dead —

By garlandcannon on 2011-09-11 11:49:58

We chew our food when it is strong. We swallow it if it is liquid. Then it goes down our throats. It is interesting to find out what occurs to meals in whole digestive track and how our food habits influence our health,fitness and wellness.

Mouth method:

When we chew our meals in mouth it gets broken into small pieces and gets mixed with saliva. Saliva is a liquid which is constantly present in our mouth. These enzymes convert insoluble starches in soluble substances.

Actually this is the method of digestion. Enzyme converts a lot of complex food substances into easier substances which then can be digested by body and utilized for its requirements. These enzymes are made by different organs / glands. What ultimately remains after processing of the food which is not beneficial for the physique is thrown out as stools.

Saliva is created from salivary glands. There are 3 pairs of these glands in the mouth. We normally create about eight to 10 cups of saliva in a day in our mouth.

The more we break our food by munching, the far better. Saliva can then act more quickly on the food. Thorough chewing assists digestion procedure.

Food then passes down our throat via our throat and meals pipe.

Stomach procedure:

Stomach is an crucial bag shaped organ. It consistently contracts and relaxes and churns the food inside. Inside lining of stomach secretes numerous enzymes.

These enzymes aid to breakdown proteins in order to allow physique to absorb nutrients. These nutrients are then employed up by physique for body repair or physique development or as a fuel (power).

Stomach also make massive amount of hydrochloric acid. This is the exact same acid which we see in the laboratory. This acid does numerous jobs as follows:

1) It weakens the proteins by loosening some of their links.

2) It dissolves minerals from numerous foods we consume

3) It kills bacterias which enter our stomach with the food we eat.

Meals stays in the mouth for a handful of minutes but stays in the stomach for hours. Digestion in the stomach is generally breaking down of proteins into simpler peptone units (Enzyme pepsin breaks down protein into smaller sized chain protein units called Peptones) with the support of enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

Outflow valve of stomach which remains closed most of the time during the day, opens up sometimes &amp allows extremely small amount of digested meals to proceed further into tiny intestine. This valve opens and closes automatically. It enables partly digested semi-fluid, pasty food to pass through.

Modest intestine process:

Tiny intestine is a extended tube which further processes the semi-digested meals which comes from stomach.

Prime portion of little intestine is referred to as duodenum and is about 25 cms long. There are primary 3 juices which digest meals in the little intestines. Bile juice, a bitter substance comes from liver.

Second 1 comes from pancreas and third a single from tiny intestines. Little intestine is really extended about 5 to six occasions longer than your own height.It is effectively folded in the abdomen. Most of the digestion requires place in this small intestine.

The digestion procedure is somewhat complex. Pancreatic juices include numerous enzymes and hormones. These help breaking down of peptones into person amino acids.

Pancreatic juice also digests fats and carbohydrates. These are converted into glucose.

The liver is the chemistry laboratory of the human physique.

Blood flows from heart to liver. The liver controls the level of sugar in the blood &amp storage of such sugars in the muscles. It takes amino acids from the blood and tends to make them into proteins and shops it.

It releases these proteins when essential by the physique. It also destroys poisonous substances and retailers vitamins and minerals.

All the food which is by now broken down into basic, largely water soluble substances is absorbed in the physique by way of tiny intestine.

Absorbed nutrients are transferred to blood. Blood carries these s nutrients through circulatory method to selection of organs.

Some component of digested fats also gets carried away by means of lymphatic technique. This method also empties its contents in blood.

Food which we eat lastly reaches blood. It is then carried to all components of the physique, to supply their requirements of power and the body developing and regulation of body functions.

Big intestine method:

The massive intestine is situated next to modest intestine and is tubular in shape. Its inside is smooth without any projections. It is placed in abdomen in the shape of English letter U upside down.

As the digested food passes along the intestine, water is absorbed from via the walls and into the blood. The food becomes much less liquid and becomes challenging. The undigested food is then thrown out of the physique in the kind of stools by way of the opening named Anus.

How the digested food is created useful?

Carbohydrates (starches &amp sugars) are broken down very first in mouth and then in the tiny intestine into simple sugars chiefly glucose.

Glucose is absorbed by the small intestine directly into the blood stream. It travels all more than your physique and is utilized by muscles as a source of power for their functioning.

A little portion of glucose is converted into glycogen which is the type in which glucose is stored each in muscle tissues (about two thirds) and in the liver (about 1 third).

Some glucose is always circulating in the blood and the level is steady. When the sugar level goes up it is a sign of a fault — the disease diabetes.

Any excess food which we eat above our requirements is converted into and stored away mainly in the kind of fat. When we get insufficient food (e.g. for the duration of fasting) fat deposits are very first employed up.

Proteins reach blood stream as amino acids which are their constructing blocks. Vitamins and minerals are also stored in the liver. Anytime physique demands them these are released to the physique parts and organs.

March 22, 2009

Author is a cost-free-lance writer. He is an engineer-MBA and management consultant by profession &amp practice. Also visit for a lot more info on wellness, fitness &amp wellness.

50 thoughts on “My Mental Wellness Story”

  1. This is an amazing video. I have suffered from anxiety disorders, OCD, Social, panic attacks, agoraphobia and gone through a journey. Different meds. Gaining weight from some and then I tried Luvox and Ativan and feel "normal" and I chose quality of life. I have learned the symptoms and can conquer panic before it has a chance. Maintaining my stress level is crucial. Having people to talk to that can relate or at least take you seriously and love you is so important. I haven’t always had that. Anyway, thank you for your sharing your journey.


  3. When you said Welbutrin I was so excited. I used Welbutrin on and off for over a year to quit smoking. I did successfully, however, after 10 months I went back (Stupid move). I did find that they made me very tired and sometimes very angry. You mentioned the 3 week initial to get your system used to it…did you happen to feel tired? I had just commented on a previous video of yours where you mentioned caffine…so, now im like, "If i take welbutrin and get tired, but I cant drink caffine, what do I do?: lol Thanks.

  4. I love how you say you started to eat crap when moving to America. Wonder why we are the most obese country, right?

  5. I am a new subscriber and I appreciate this video so much! It’s such a brace thing to be so honest about your journey. I also take welbutrin (for depression) and it has been very helpful for me. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Thank you for this video! I have cyclothymia too and this helped me understand more of my symptoms.

  7. +Rhian HY You are truly an inspiration. So many people are afraid to talk about their stories, but you have so honest and brave to share your struggle. I’m one helluva crazy girl, too. 😉 (Borderline Personality Disorder, Complex PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten.) I attempted suicide 2 years ago in April. And it’s truly hard to not get caught up in the darkness of my mind. But, for now, today? I’m here. And, I have a beautiful cat that loves me. Today is all that matters sometimes. Not even tomorrow. Reading through your site, looking at your videos….makes me want to make some changes, though. Healthy changes. Thank *YOU* for that. ♥

  8. Thank you so so much for this Rhian. It’s hard when you feel like you’ll forever be wanting to give up but hearing you talk about your story and how even though you don’t feel amazing you CAN feel and you can function was amazing. It’s inspired me to learn to do the little things first and I’ve really benefited from that instead of trying to do big things when I feel terrible I’m learning to do little things and save the big things for the times when I feel a little better. But I also understand now that it’s so important to seek help from others as well as yourself and I’m going to talk to a doctor soon about whatever this is i’m dealing with. All of that is just to say thank you so much for making this video it is so so helpful and you’re such an amazing ball of sunshine ❤️

  9. My friend Scott has cyclothymia: with serious ups and downs; like you, Buspar worked wonders for him and Abilify. Unmedicated, Scott used to have tantrums, unable to get dressed for work, and so his wife Shyla would have to carefully bring him his trousers, his shirt, his suit-jacket and then he would be okay. He has since obtained his Ph.d in Finance and Statistics. He gives his thanks daily. They’ve now been married for nearly 18 years and have 3 daughters. Thank you for your courage and insight.

  10. Thank you for being transparent and talking about a kinda taboo subject. It is something that runs in our family and something that I am glad is being talked about. You are refreshing, and it’s truly eye opening to see how others are feeling and that it is ok to ask for help and there is NO SHAME in any of it! Proud of you and how you are able to bring awareness. SO positive-Thank you!

  11. Thank you for sharing your story Rhian – your eloquence and compassion, not only for others, but yourself is inspiring 🙂

  12. Your video was amazing!!! You shared your experiences in such a informative yet brutally honest way that really hit home to me. Thank you so very very much!!! Keep up the good fight, like I will always try to.

  13. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and never knew you had mental health issues. Watching this video has helped more than you know. I’ve had problems with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I still have yet to get help because I’m scared of medication, but after seeing your video it’s made me realize that medication can be good. Thank you for being open. You really have no idea how much I can relate. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️

  14. it’s great that you are talking about your mental health…..hopefully, the stigma surrounding mental health issues will one day be eliminated!! thanks so much and all the best xoxoxo

  15. I’ve been living with mental health issues since I was 6 (I’m now 25) and this video made so much sense to me! Thank you for being so brave when discussing this topic that a lot of people shy away from. I can feel the start of a relapse coming on and this video has really made me realise I have to open my people. Thank you xxx

  16. Words can not even express how much I admire you. Always loved your videos but even more now loving you for how real you are. Thank you for the gifts you share! Big hugs, appreciation and gratitude for you dear.

  17. Thank you for this video. I haven’t cried in months and it brought back my tears (I’m not on any medication though:). Lucky you have Adam!

  18. Rhian, I am your fairly new viewer I love all your videos.
    This one is very different from your usual stuff but super important. Thank you so much for making it. I can tell it took a lot of courage.
    It gave me better understanding of the condition. Also feel so much more compassionate towards you and anyone that is battling depression and anxiety.
    Glad you found a way to manage it and feel better.
    Much love ❤❤❤

  19. This really helped me to work through my own struggles, I watch all your recent videos but had never watched this before so I’m glad that I finally checked it out and I feel like I understand you a lot more and also understand myself, xx

  20. I get your points, I do so much. However sometimes some things can not be helped by talking about them. Cause others just don’t understand and / or can’t solve our problems for us (no matter how useful their advice is, it’s up to you). I don’t have a solution to that but I think it’s important not to dismiss people for not being able to ask for help or not being able to take the help and actually make it better. Accepting help and taking that to help yourself is a big step. Especially when you think you’re not worth it anyway. Powering through is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Anyway, wishing you a good day. Thanks for being so honest.

  21. Unfortunately many antidepressants put weight on, and sometimes a lot. It is tough when you are already dealing with depression and now over weight, and no matter how well you eat and how much you exercise, you still are over weight. My son went thru all the side effects of these drugs- low libido, muscular side effects, etc., etc. Ativan – should not be given long term. Doctors in my area are no longer prescribing benzos. Trying to get off these drugs can be hell. Horrible withdrawal that can last months.

  22. Two books that completely changed my life and improved my mental health 100%.. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Sorry if you consider this a "just do some yoga" suggestion haha.

  23. wow,i feel like im listening to a story about my life. this is so genuine and sincere. what a brave individual you are for sharing your story and experiences with the world. im sure this will help so many people struggling with similar issues. ❤❤❤

  24. Thank you for sharing your story….I was diagnosed bp 2 however I know now that I am cyclothymic for sure. I am at a place of acceptance. I love that you have so much clarity and insight ??❤

  25. It looks like you are being fake to feel better be natural u look like your trying to put on an act u dont have to make all look good for a vid but i know your ill so i wont go on

  26. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety ever since I was a kid and I know how hard it can be. I’ve never been in such a bad shape as you described for such a long period of time, though, so I can only imagine how hard these times must have been. I absolutely agree that all the well meant suggestions of others can be VERY annoying. Especially when people fail to understand that depression and anxiety are not the same as a simple bad mood. I have also filmed a video about my story, so if anyone wants to hear it, you are all welcome to stop by. I didn’t want to spam the comments with links, though. My suggestion to anyone is: get help. Don’t be ashamed about your situation. Trust me, you are not the only one. And medication has definitely its place in some severe cases. Rhian, thumbs up for the courage to share this with us and thank you. Sending much love!

  27. I know I’m getting to this late but I don’t think people emphasize enough how important mental health is and you opening up about that really is comforting as I am someone who has struggled since I was 17 with mental illness. Thank you for being honest and considerate!

  28. I admire you so much. Explaining a personal health problem is hard and you did it in front of all of us. Thank you.your so brave and your gonna help someone somewhere from expressing this. You have such a big heart and beautiful saoul. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully this will help a lot of people. Keep going we love you. I suffer from panic attacks and I have a good psychiatrist and that medication I take saved my u?

  29. Thanks for sharing, I like the way you came at this in terms of tone and organization of thoughts and such. My own experience left me with the strong impression that first, people who don’t experience mental health problems are full of those silly suggestions like "go for a walk", and it is so demeaning, but second that good therapists are almost impossible to find. I remember staring at one just wondering how such a silly person even got through the education required to be a therapist, let alone kept clients as one. Thanks again for this video and the advice you gave.

  30. I got diagnosed with anxiety, social anxiety and depression just last year, and I am so certain that I’ve struggled with it since my childhood. It was so good to finally put words to feelings, and still hard trying to adapt to actually living with it. Working a regular job is hard because I struggle with sleep, and I struggle with actually getting through the day some times. I do still do it though, but planning to transition into working for myself within the next year. I try to go work out a few times a week, eat less crap and now I’m going to start creating more just to channel my "issues" into something more productive and "happy" if you will. Thank you for sharing, Rhian, it takes guts and so many people still don’t grasp how mental health can affect someone so much.

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