My Craziest Street Racing Story

The streets bring far more than their fair share of wild stories. This is a single of them!

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Formula SAE Racing
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By Oregon State University on 2009-08-15 08:52:10

From Sydney to Perth and Adelaide to Darwin, horse racing is fabulously common in Australia.

Maybe not like Rugby and Australian guidelines football, which are the best two sports in the nation, but numerous people would say horse racing is a close third, creating it a lot more popular than in the United States or Britain.

The numbers tell the story: Millions of folks attend any of the 379 racecourses throughout Australia every year, and a staggering total of 250,000 men and women operate complete or element-time in the sector. And betting – no, punting – on the sport is large as well, as are the hundreds of Web portals – more than 600 Australian bookmakers – supporting that aspect of the sector.

The Melbourne Cup, a grueling 2-mile (3200m) race that is held the 1st Tuesday of every single November from Flemington Track, is a vacation for people in Victoria – actually a day in which the country stands nonetheless. Horses from throughout the globe come to Australia for the Melbourne Cup and the millions of dollars of prize income.

The Melbourne Cup has turned into an event, most likely far more so than the Kentucky Derby in the United States. Far more than one hundred,000 people crowd the track at Flemington Racecourse and the race is shown live to about 650 million individuals about the world. In Victoria, the day has been a holiday considering that 1877, about 16 years soon after the very first Melbourne Cup. There is a tradition that females wear their most unusual and colorful hats and dresses. The initial Melbourne Cup was one particular by 1 of the country’s legendary horses, Archer. Another well-known horse is Phar Lap, who won the Cup in 1930 and died a mysterious death that some say was poisoning. The story of Phar Lap, referred to as Australia’s “wonder horse” was made into a well-liked movie.

But the Melbourne Cup is only the culmination of the Spring Racing Carnival – a series of three large races in October and November every single year. There also is the shorter Caulfield Cup at Caulfield Race Track and the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley racecourse. Collectively with the Melbourne Cup, they are the 3 richest races every year in Australia.

But that does not imply significant racing only requires spot in Melbourne. Over in tourist-rich Sydney, the number of race courses also indicates the reputation of the sport. There are two large tracks – Randwick and Rosehill, along with Canterbury and Warwick Farm tracks. Not to mention well-known tracks like Ascot Race Track in Perth and Thoroughbred Park in Canberra.

Race clubs also are very well-liked in Australia, with 391 clubs in the country with a lot more than 2,700 meetings a year. That is just how widespread and well-known horse racing is in Australia.

Overall horse racing in Australia is massive organization. It is a sport however it means so considerably to the economy and Australian horse racing is so significantly a lot more than just a hobby for most. It is just as popular if not a lot more common than racing in other parts of the world and it is thought that more than 100,000 folks go to see the main huge races every single year. All round horse racing in Australia is undoubtedly set to only turn into more popular as time goes on.

36 thoughts on “My Craziest Street Racing Story”

  1. I was in front of a modified 5th gen camaroSS as I turned onto a 2 lane highway I floored my c4 corvette in 3rd gear then 4th the camaro was on my ass I moved to the shoulder and it slowly passed me from 110-125mph…i let off and get behind when suddenly a lady that was parked on the shoulder in a camper..pulls right in front of the camaro the camaro swerved onto oncoming traffic to avoid the camper that was going 5mph while we were slowing down from 120+ the on coming traffic had to swerve to their shoulder…and I had to slam of the brakes like i had never done before to not plow into this camper I literally almost tapped its bumper from how close I got…after the dust settled down (literally) I pulled onto my neighborhood road and the camaro was standing there..the old fella said he loved my car and I told him his was bad ass..until this day Im surprised my 1995 corvette was only a 2 car lengths behind

  2. I think I would have stopped and shook that cops hand. Probably a gear head himself. Where I live there’s on group of races that’s ran by a police officer. Lol

  3. My favorite run from way back when I was a kid was a run between my clapped-out 79 Malibu with a mild 400 small block + plate nitrous kit. I rolled up next to a ZR1 Vette (the old ones from the early 90s with the 4-valve heads making ~400HP) on Rt 1 in Chadds Ford. I knew the bottle was low but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Threw him some revs he looked over like "you gotta be kidding me with that pile of junk", but he threw a redline-banging rev back. Green light and neither of us get off too well, him just a little better than me. Around the last 1500 RPMs at the top of 1st in my automatic I hit the big blue button, probably around the same time his motor really started to sing. I’m riveted to his fender for just a second or two until he pulls his next gear. I’m still in the beefy part of 2nd. I inch forward on him. Then walk forward. 3rd gear (my last) is on deck. I got him now. He’s at my rear fender and I’ll still pulling. At this point my nearly-empty nitrous bottle becomes completely empty. Motor goes flat, he blows past. He would have crushed me on the top end anyway, so I didn’t feel too bad about how my "pile of junk" did against Chevy’s then-flagship world-beating Corvette that day.

  4. A coworker told me a race he was in for money. He was driving a 65 gto with mods against a 67 327 camaro for pinks. He lost and gave up his car that night. In the morning at breakfast his dad asked him where his gto was. He then asks his dad if he can borrow his hemi cuda to race the camaro and get his gto back. His dad gave him the keys and said be careful. He won the race and got his car back. His dad still has the hemi cuda still. He bought it new in 1970.

  5. Holy crap i just watch 9+ mins of some video guy talking wtf! Excellent job on the wheel,maybe u need some feelers?

  6. i remember the time i beat a vette in my stock tundra???? it was a c5 vert… guy seemed to be racing cuz he stayed on my ass but he never passed? i was confused as fuck trying to figure out how the hell it happened lol. most likely he wasnt seriously racing or he sucks at driving. because im pretty sure he should have beat me lol. also beat a "turbo" 4.6 2v stang.. i think he was lying lol. and gave a 5.7 gto a good workout. he was a little faster though, as it should have been. there arent many fast cars in my area and most of the "racers" here are pathological liars about whats under their hood. my tundra has spanked like 65℅ of them lol but we have a few with some seriously fast shit.. i dont bother messing with them in my slow truck

  7. kleib…..stop it…..i know your talkn bout yourself….lolol….i know your car is a beast and i know the meet spots…..your gonna get it when my car comes out…..smh at you…

  8. 4th on my c4 is 110…and it doesn’t rev very high..only about 5700rpm…but for the c6s 4th is like 130-140ish I think

  9. craziest racive ever been in was my buddies 5.0 Mustang vs my 5.0 i probably had mine for 3 months or so.. we rolled at 40. we were both in 2nd gear 3 honks took off both side by side to about 60 mph i bang 3rd and instantly the rear end kicks out and my car is literally facing his car on a 2 laned Mexican street. luckily i have manual i let out and the car straightened out. if it were a auto i think just letting out wouldnt have been enough. my heart dropped soo hard it almost hurt how scared i was. this is my craziest race. lets keep it that way!!

  10. my closet call was when I had a c10 no plates no insurance and my smart ads decided to do a burnout in a residential area well did the burnout and as I pulled around the corner 6 sheriff cars were on the road I was shitting my pants going past them smelling like burnt rubber luckily no one told me anything

  11. That flatbed with the lights on behind you in the video is there to impound your car- he heard you telling that story when you drove past.

  12. Have a couple of legit race stories. Love hearing true race stories, something that sounds to outrageous to of happened…probably didn’t. Urs sounds legit…blind hogs r always stumbling up on acorns.

  13. I laughed hard af for 10 minutes straight after you said "Peel Backston" idk why that was so damn funny ?

  14. Raced my gen4 LS1 camaro against a 08 M5 in PA from the tip of Jersey on Rt 380 to 81 up to Dickson City. idk how many miles, but at one point my speedometer had no more room to go. I have light mods done to it, and every time I was in 4th I pulled on him. When it was said and done, the guy driving stuck his hand out of the sunroof and gave me a fist pump and thumbs up.

  15. Uograded from the ? nice choice btw!
    i dont have the vette yet working with the ls2 gto for now! next week!

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