My Craziest Experiences Traveling the Globe

Some of my craziest, most thrilling, funniest and strangest experiences whilst traveling around the planet.
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My Craziest Experiences Traveling the Planet

Cortland Ny ~ Cortland County Courthouse ~ State Park
Cortland County Courthouse is a historic courthouse located at Cortland in Cortland County, New York. It was built in 1924 and is 3 story constructing in the shape of a Latin cross built of Indiana limestone. It is situated within a three acre park. It characteristics a distinctive cupola and corresponding rotunda, which rests on an octagonal base above which are 24 Corinthian columns. It was created by James Riely Gordon in the Beaux Arts style
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21 thoughts on “My Craziest Experiences Traveling the Planet”

  1. I have been lost before too, but NOTHING like being lost in the Himalayas! I would be so scared if I was you. Great video! You definitely got a new subscriber! 

  2. I started watching your videos when I planned to travel to Nepal. Now I regularly watch your travels and love them. I was wondering why haven’t you been to Srilanka and Pakistan.. ?

  3. you would be in some real trouble if you were lost out there with out the proper gear and skills you would die from exposure pretty fast and even if you could manage to keep from getting hypothermic you would starve to death pretty fast in that cold weather . even with skill and gear you would face the same risk

  4. What was your general budget for these trips you took? I’m just getting ready to graduate highschool and want to take a GAP year but don’t know the exact price range..

  5. That Hindu guy just puts on a costume of a god and walks down the street going up to people and asking them for money?

  6. You should be glad it was only a small goat – I got chased by a massive full grown pig at the Apostolos Andreas Monastery at the end of the pan handle in Northern Cyprus. The monastery had muslims and christians using different parts and the christians kept pigs to annoy the muslims. Strange area with villages segregated and the christians are not allowed to leave – if they went to hospital in a nearby town they would not be allowed back.

  7. I can’t imagine getting attacked by a goat. It could have been worse. Its so funny the way you ran away.

  8. I just wanted to say a really big thank you, you have inspired me to quit my boring daily routine back in England and go backpacking around the world in search of the most incredible places and hopefully meeting some cool people on the way. I have already planned my route and have started saving for July next year once I have finished my last term of college. You have given me some really great advice and tips as well so thank you 🙂

  9. I’m enlisting in the army for a few years and saving money so that when my contract is up I’m going to travel like yourself. I wish you and I could chat and you could give advice on what to expect. I’m sure you could write a book on it but I’d love to get some advice

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