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Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della Salute or Saint Mary of Health as an incredible story that can be effortlessly associate with it the renowned masks of the doctors of the black plague.
By Frags of Life on 2015-08-16 16:08:06

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50 thoughts on “MY CHRONIC ILLNESS & Overall health STORY!”

  1. So inspirational Stella. I deal with chronic lyme and have a lot of those symptoms. So proud of you for pushing through and helping yourself find a diagnosis despite how the doctors made you feel. That was a miracle that u found that IV place ?? thanks for sharing your story ?

  2. This video really helped me because my chronic pain has been terrible for years and the doctors continuously tell me that there is nothing wrong even though I am in pain 24/7 and it’s been years. I’m glad this helped you and it kind of gave me hope that maybe one day I will figure it out. Thank you for sharing your story. ?

  3. Don’t think I have ever related so much to a video. I have chronic pain and undiagnosed gi issues. It’s so frustrating having someone tell you nothing is wrong.

  4. OMG Lauren. I am the exact same! I quit work and missing a lot of classes (college)…I’m always in pain. Doctors always say it’s all "stress, here’s some anti-depressant." But yesteerday and today I was itching EVERYWHERE, I cab barely breath…This morning woke up with my kidneys hurting, itchy skin, sinus, fatigue..ugh. Allergies make sense. I should request some allergy tests. thank you for making this video, you rock. <3

  5. What were the credentials for the docs you saw? Were they functional medicine docs? Naturopaths? I’m a fellow chronic illness blogger who has eliminated all the triggers for years, but still have a LOT of the same symptoms (sore skin, lost voice, immune issues, neurologic issues) and have also done functional medicine doc tell me I have intestinal imbalance/infections after taking samples. I want to do intense follow up care at this point up in the Bay Area. Thanks in advance!

  6. This video was posted 10 months ago and is one of the first videos I watched when I started to follow you and continues to be a video I rewatch. I am 21 and recently this past year my body has taken a HUGE turn and changed a lot on me. Do you mind making and updated healthy journey video/ more details about the type of doctor you went to and tests you went through? I know something is off with my body but I’m always told I’m fine.


  8. I’m so glad I watched this like I’m so lucky my doc is into hollistic meds because she’s the one who let me know I’m lactose intolerant. The excruciating pain dairy products would give me when I was younger was terrible. And to make it worse, my grandmother would make us drink milk with every meal. People really need to learn about health before feeding medicines and chemicals into their bodies. Love you Lauren thank you for this!!

  9. Have you ever seen a geneticist for Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome?? I have a lot of the issues you’ve mentioned and I got diagnosed with that a few years ago (chronic pain, fatigue, sickness, sinus surgeries, stomach/digestive issues, etc.)

  10. I’ve been suffering the same problem since I was like 8. And I thought nobody will understand that pain bcoz it doesn’t have a name.. There were so many psychologists and counsellors around me, but nobody understands how much pain can some unrecognisable deseases give.. They saw only labeled problems as problems. And I hated that. And I started to hate doctors even more. I am someone who has big dremas about life and wants to make my parents proud about me and doesn’t like to give up easily. But I missed so many things in my life and people started to calling me a weak girl.. and now doctors are treating me for depression.. But I don’t need medicine for depression, I’m sure I can have a normal life when all these stupid deseases are over.. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.. It gave me some strength…

  11. HI LAUREEN, I have actually been going through the same thing!! I’m trying to find a diet that works for me, but I HATE healthy food. It hasnt been working for me at allll, this has helped so so much. Thank you, i truly appreciate you:)))) Have you ever been tested for SLE? It sounds like what you may have. I hope everything is working out!

  12. after years of working out and losing 70+ lbs, I’ve been having terrible knee pain for a few months. Not being able to run or even bend down to pick something up has had me so depressed. I have an MRI on Monday and I really hope something resolves soon. I’m so glad I came across this video/your channel.

  13. I have chronic pain in my stomach in nearly the third year I feel inspired after watching this ❤️❤️❤️

  14. hey lauren! thanks so much for all of this insight, would you be able to mention the name of the holistic doctor you went to in la?

  15. Girl, I know this isn’t a popular eating choice but paleo is the way to go to make sure your body feels so good

  16. what about lupus lauren? you could have it but it doesn’t show up in tests it literally shows up whenever it wants 🙁

  17. this has helped me so much. i have the same issue with body pain! i have gone to so many doctors, gone to different states and no one has known what wrong. i have had exploratory surgery to find something wrong. thank you so much. i have felt so alone in all this cause people continue to think i’m lying after all these years. i love you stay strong

  18. Getting an answer is sooooo relieving. It’s sad that almost all people with these chronic and autoimmune illnesses have the same story – being told nothing is wrong when doctors can’t find an answer with the normal diagnostic testing. I totally relate to the feeling that they just want to write a prescription so you go away! LOL We usually have to keep digging until we get to the right person. 🙂
    I was an actress in New York when my illness began; actually my first official symptoms showed up after a day on set. I had to give up acting completely because I wasn’t getting cast anymore due to my appearance. Plus I was too sick anyway. But you have an AMAZING amount of energy! It truly is a testament to your determination that you can keep up with the rigor of life on set, with your type of condition. Thanks for the video! (I know it’s an older one.)

  19. "You have people with medical degrees looking at you and telling you there is nothing wrong with you, it makes you feel stupid". This related to me so fucking much it’s unreal. I got told my chronic pain was "all in my head" by a doctor who didn’t believe my pain. It’s unreal. I have no idea how many people LIE about pain, but when I am seeing the 3rd, 4th, 5th doctor and I’m crying to just make the pain go away ANYWAY they can, and they assume I am a lying drug addict, it really kicked me to the ground. It’s unfortunate that SO MANY people experience what we went through! How fucking insane is that?!

  20. I’ve been diagnosed recently with the exact same thing with overgrowth of strep and candida in my stomach, just started my natural journey to getting better ❤️ thanks for this video! X

  21. Omg Lauren. I’m just now seeing this. We have the same disease and I actually just uploaded my video yesterday. Thank you so much for all the insight on what you do to care for yours ? I could hug you!!

  22. I’ve ALWAYS heard I was a hypochondriac……and turned out I found out I have graves’ disease and it was like yeah, in ur face!!!! NOT A HYPOCHONDRIAC, ACTUALLY SICK!!!! so annoying. I am in pain everyday too……my chins, knees, my back hurts all the time, it sucks!!!!…..

  23. I’m can totally relate. What I do is, I detox my body with teas/smoothie for 2-3 wks, just to eliminate the food I ate that I am allergic to, well, though I know I am allergic to- but sometimes you can’t avoid them. so that’s what I do. I’d also be more careful if I knew I ate food/s that I’m allergic to, that should be eliminated so I keep track of my indigestion/constipation, and address them if I can sense that my body isn’t functioning pretty well.

  24. Thanks for your video! Love it. I have several chronic illnesses and just started a vlog as well!

  25. I know this is a year late lmao, but i have been sick since i was 8 with celiac disease, and also ehlers danlos syndrome symptoms where doctors had absolutely no idea why i had chronic pain?chronic joint pain and why i sprain everything and why it takes so long to heal. Last January (2016) I was bedridden for 6 months with horrible 24/7 mograins/dizziness and joint pain, Its been one hell of a 10 months, so many doctors and tests and what not. Still no actual dx, but they believe I have EDS and POTS. Its nice seeing youtubers being 100% honest with their conditions <3

  26. Yeah I totally understand what you are talking abt, I’m allergic to turkey, eggs, nuts, shellfish, melon, soy, mushroom, and I’m lactose intolerant and it sucks. Sleep overs and parties have always been a struggle for me, I’ve always had a weak stomach.Once I accidentally ate chicken with peanut oil and I was in so much pain for hours.

  27. What place in Los Angeles did you go to to take the tests? Need help myself and would like to try the place you went to out. ?

  28. Thank you for your video!!!! What are the names of the blood test they did to you? How did you recover your good guts? Antibiotics and probiotics?

  29. omg I have an appt with an allergist to find out what foods I am allergic to because my endoscope showed food allergies causing issues in my esophogus and my stomach. You sound alot like me. soooooo glad I found ur video!!!!

  30. I can’t believe I am just seeing this now! I have the same thing as you and my doctor says it is called SIBO which is where the bad bacteria over powers the good bacteria. I also missed school all last year and I am now taking natural medicines and I am also allergic to dairy and am sensitive to gluten, banana, eggs, and peanuts! You inspire me so much Lauren!

  31. I have chronic back pain ever since 2nd year college. Now an incoming second year med student, it’s hard to study when you’re body is tired and not functioning well. I went to plenty of doctors telling me that my illness is idiopathic. I went to this doctor who actually taught us in med school and she said that at my age, chronic back pain is usually caused by gastric problem. She referred me to another doctor to check my GIT. I almost forgot and didn’t follow up because of crazy exams but after watching this I will go see a doctor ASAP.

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