Most Emotional Music Ever: Stories From Elsewhere* (Combine)

Music by: Rhian Sheehan
Album: Stories From Elsewhere (2013)


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Video functions three tracks from the “Stories From Elsewhere” album by Rhian Sheehan. Tracklist:
[00:00] 01. The Upper Sky
[04:24] 02. A Thimble Full of Sorrow
[09:08] 03. La Boîte à Musique (Music Box)

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By: [磯部トースト]*

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Let us Polka
An accordion in my son’s music area. This instrument originally belonged to Michelle’s father. He took a number of lessons, decided he didn’t like it, and place it down. That was years ago. When Michelle heard that story, she snapped it up. &quotIt’s mine!&quot
By MTSOfan on 2017-11-27 sixteen:44:02

When seeking at one of the many accessible photographs of Winston Churchill a single isn’t going to require to be extremely precise to discover the link among the popular British statesman and Cuba. His effectively known image invariably appears smoking one particular of the distinguished Cuban Cigars “Romeo y Julieta”, that’s why the cigar business decided to give the title Churchill to one of their best offered “vitolas.” But you’d be mistaken to believe this is the only current bond, without going deeper into the trajectory of the person that would manual England in the hard times of the second planet war.

Just a small soon after the conservatives lost the elections and Churchill had to step down from the prime minister chair, he arrived in Cuba specifically on the 1st of February of 1946. Churchill was accompanied by his wife Clementine and his daughter Sarah and stayed at Cuba Nationwide Hotel monopolizing the interest of all the Cuban society of the time.

He was previously 71 years old but the vitality that permitted him to successfully face so several battles in his wealthy existence have been evidently intact. This was speedily noticed by the hotel employees who, following the departure of the distinguished guest and as a response to the curiosity of the press on knowing the details of Churchill’s keep, commented that the guy began to cause problems at early morning occasions. Churchill would wake up at 5 in the morning and from that second on he would raise hell in the complete hotel personnel. His whims have been overpowering for these who had the mission to serve him well as if he even now had been the English primer.

1 rainy day, upset simply because the weather did not enable him to take his normal swim in the pool, he abruptly ordered to pack his suitcases to depart and later on counter-ordered to unpack them as quickly as the sun came out. Another day, as if by magic, Churchill disappeared for several hrs. Not even Clementine could reply to exactly where he could have gone. The guy resisted the passing of time and giving up particular pleasures of existence. A lot later on, it would be acknowledged that Sir Churchill had escaped to enjoy the attractiveness of the females of Havana in an exclusive and secluded residence of unwell – repute. He invested his free time taking part in cards with whoever would care to accompany him and the press of the time wrote: “He eats, drinks and smokes without restrictions of any class. And a whole lot.”

It was also stated that, on 1 occasion Churchill asked to be taken for a drive around the city in a convertible and, given that the Cuban protocol did not have any such motor vehicle, the proprietor of the Partagás cigar factory, possibly in an try to snatch the famed client from “Romeo y Julieta, supplied his very own auto and served as a driver in exchange for a pay a visit to to the Partagás Factory. Practically at the finish of his stay, as it was expected to happen, he was invited for lunch by the president of the republic Ramón Grau San Martín. Lunch provided nevertheless another anecdote. Churchill left to the Presidential Palace, with all the etiquette the event demanded and gave reputable evidence of his English origin as the delegation drove about the palace for ten minutes in buy for the ex-premier and the statesman to meet at the scheduled time. Yes Sir, punctuality 1st. When lunch ended, the Cuban president made Churchill go out to 1 of the terraces of the presidential residence to observe the people of Havana who had gathered to greet him. He spoke to the crowd, in excellent Spanish he explained: ” I take this opportunity to say “Lengthy Reside the Pearl of the Antilles!”

At the finish of his remain in the Island he created an enthusiast declaration: “If I did not have to meet with President Truman, I would keep right here for a month”.

He left to the United States ending his final contact with the Island. This was the final, but not the initial. Many many years earlier, as many as 50, the first experience among Churchill and the Caribbean Pearl took spot. It was in Cuba he had had his fire baptism in his twenty very first anniversary.

On November thirty, 1895, the younger official Winston Churchill did not have time to celebrate his birthday as, forming part of the Spanish troops that attempted to hunt down the Mambises led by Basic Máximo Gómez in the area of Sancti Spiritus, he identified himself in the middle of a skirmish where, a bullet failed to injure him by only 1 feet from his head, killing the horse that followed his. Of the incident he would then compose in his memoirs: “At least this way, I had been under fire from this moment I commenced to adopt a a lot more analytic place of our enterprise in Cuba from the one particular I had ahead of”.

What was Winston Churchill performing in Cuba? Properly, “journey for the sake of adventure”, as we would later compose himself in his recollections.

One particular yr after he joined the military academy of Sandhurst, and given that England had not been involved in a martial action for a while, he committed his vacation to coming to Cuba to observe the currently long conflict among the Spanish metropolis and the Cuban ” mambises” to experience war and to report for the London journal The Everyday Graphic. This time, his go to to the island lasted a month. The causes for his departure are not clear: He could have been forced to depart due to the scandal that provoked in London the presence of a British military in a foreign conflict but maybe it was that incident of the bullet letting him reside on the day of his birthday that forced him to come back and search for more pressing ideals.

In Cuba, Churchill acquired the very first of his numerous laurels the Red Cross, which was granted to the Spanish Officers. Of his fellow combatants he wrote: “I have not given much considered to their bravery, despite the fact that they are really well versed in the artwork of retreat”.

He also committed, in his ample biography, lengthy passages to the Cuban patriots of the

” Manigua”: “The insurgents achieve well-known help consistently. There is no doubt they benefited from the sympathy of the majority of the Cuban population.”…”they had been armed with a terrible knife referred to as the machete”.

Of his presence in Cuba with the Spaniards a myth was produced which haunted him for numerous years although he experimented with to get rid of it in many occasions. Anyway, in 1930, absorbed in enrolling the United States into Planet War II, an American congress guy accused him of being an enemy of the United States in the war of 1898 against Spain. Reality be informed, by this time Churchill was in India or in the south of Africa, nevertheless drawn by his passion for rum and cigars from his “Pearl of the Antilles.”

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58 thoughts on “Most Emotional Music Ever: Stories From Elsewhere* (Combine)”

  1. Honestly, the first one’s got to be my favourite. It just makes me feel content about my life, like I’m at peace with the past and hopeful for the future

  2. This image reminds me of Norah from the Spice and Wolf series. The snowy mountainous landscape fits the book’s later geography perfectly.

  3. I am young, yet I am old. I have much to learn, yet there is much I know. I have yet to love, yet my soul longs for him. I am seeing the world for the first time, yet I know the universe. I am hopeless, yet I am hopeful. I have died, yet I’m alive. I feel nothing, yet I feel everything. I cry behind my smile, yet I smile behind my cry. I am silent, yet I am singing. I am here, yet I am lost. I know not who I am looking for, yet I will know him when I see him. I do not know where I am going, yet I know my destiny.
    My love, my journey is just beginning. I need you. Please find me, my love. I will know you, for we both have the souls of dragons. Do you remember our planet, my love? Our skies? The red mountains, the crystal cities, the stars. Our destiny calls to us. We will save this planet and her earthlings. Please come find me, my love. My soul will love no other.

    – IndigoDragoness

  4. I’ve never wrote a comment on a video… now i must say that is an incredible music. Double like for this video xD

  5. i like the photo , and polka and the sound of accordion . although, every time, i see them, i think of a joke , it was a man standing in line at the gates and there was a line of people .. another person handing out Harps and another one standing on the side . Saint Peter says , to the man in front line here is your harp , Welcome to heaven .. and by the time this man came up to the entrance of the gates, they said his name, and some whispering occurred . " Sorry, said saint Peter ,
    here is your Accordion , pointing to a "down sign elevator. Welcome to "H899 " . lol ..
    IT took me years to understand that not everyone is fond of them . i guess . LOL 🙂 Great shot .

  6. The skies flash a bright blue
    as nostalgia overtakes, could it be a clue?
    You feel a breeze blow past you
    as it ruffles your clothing.
    You look upwards, the geese are flying south,
    you feel a sliver of snow fly into your mouth.
    Christmas chimes begin filling your mind,
    a feeling of nostalgia floods the gates as you begin to twine,
    spiraling around the soon-to-be snow-filled wonderland
    slowly becoming what you’d call a dreamland.
    Winter’s here.
    I apologize in advance if that wasn’t very great, this is my first poem on here. 🙂

  7. Love the music, but in a way, it makes me think of what’s gonna happen when I lose my grandmother, who’s basically been like a mother to me

  8. As time is running out
    We found out peace is beautiful
    It’s too late for us
    That our life too is running out
    – just a newbie –

  9. love happiness sadness these all come together when humans decide to come together because as humans ones imagination is endless unlock such power when you help another person up only then will you find your true meaning unite together as one

  10. when one struggles another is happy bring these two sides together let us feel safe let us all feel like struggling i nothing we are brothers and sisters we fight argue but in the end a bond of friendship….heartship is a bond that can not and will not ever be broken we just must believe

  11. The great height and low valleys that lay before us, as we all know, are the paths we must take. The way is long and weary, yet we walk it day by day. We trudge on through it all and hope for a better tommorrow. Though we can’t see it, we know for sure, there is a place at the end of this long path. It’s a place like non other. A place of peace and beauty. A place we find rest from it all. so we stumble and fall, yet still get back up and walk through it all. We know not when or where we will find this place, still we know not how long the path we take is. Each path for each person is different and holds unique challenges, but we all will find ourselves at this place as long as we continue on. So through the mountains, plains, deserts, and seas, we walk on to the place of peace and rest, where our Father and Mother await us with open arms.

  12. There is a hole in each and every one of us. We encounter it many times in our life, for some people once a year, for some once a day, but we are always reminded of what is absent from our lives. We are filled with sadness for we have it not. Any remnants of it we find in these songs and music, in beautiful moments of true peace. But even when we are filled with wonder and peace, we will eventually return to our old lives. We move on, day to day, putting so much effort into these things that in the end don’t even matter. But then there are these times of true beauty; and I guarantee that some of you came here looking for that.

    I am here to tell you that this hole can be covered. No, not just covered, filled! Filled with awestruck wonder and amazement! Filled with the joy that you cannot even imagine! Filled with the feeling of love… of being loved with such unbelievable love. Filled with fulfillment! The fulfillment in knowing that you have found what your heart has been desiring for so long. You will be fulfilled, my friend. Your hole was designed. And it was planned out to be filled for each and every one of you, yes, YOU who are reading this right now. What is the answer?

    Jesus Christ.

    My friend, He is not some distant emotionless figure. He is not away from you, far away. He really, truly knows you. He knows you. He knows everything that you are; and everything that your heart longs for when you listen to this music, when you stop your daily business to ponder. He has been working every day of your life to bring you to Him. He wants you so badly; for ponder this; if you take one thing out of this whole comment, ponder this: This being came down from Heaven to Earth for you. In Heaven this music flourishes. Up there, he was truly free. He was satisfied to his very being. He was gifted with the most joy and beauty and he enjoyed the splendors of all of creation, the things that you can only glimpse of when you listen to this music, he enjoyed it in its fullest form! And not to mention, he was King of all! Everything! This being came down from true Life unimaginable to us… to Earth, this place, this very same place we live in. This Earth that we have to struggle and fight in each and every day, He came here for a purpose. That you would know Him.

    And no, knowing God is not some kind of textbook. You do not memorize facts. Knowing God is not about knowing attributes, or words, that describe His character; for what is the point of knowing that God is Perfect? No, knowing God is about knowing this very thing that you search for in this music. He is the true source of all that is precious and perfect. He is the One you have been searching for all of your life, whether you knew it or not. He is the one.


    I’m posting this on all of these kinds of videos, so that you who come here empty and desiring to be filled would understand who made the hole, and where you will be filled.

  13. I just LOVE song #3, no matter how many times I listen to it, it’s always gets me. It always brings out all kinds of emotions in me, it’s just so powerful from start to finish. And the artwork complements the song BEAUTIFULLY.

  14. We all know we have some love and we will someday marry them so let’s wait for that day for love but we may cry so beautiful skys shine bright as the sun sets down and we all see our love and we wait for a special moment(hope you like what I wrote)

  15. I’ve been born with a soul that longs to leave my body,
    A voice that wishes to be heard.
    Each day my heart scrambles to escape it’s cage,
    I am full of this dire need, this pure obsession with being free,
    No matter how free I am it doesn’t go away.
    Perhaps I wasn’t meant for this world.
    Perhaps I was the mistake.

  16. Every minute is a mystery in your life be grateful for what you have got, times change keep smiling… Speak your heart out.. Nothing to worry you will surely reach your destination.. The path ahead is waiting for you to take the step be brave… Let your soul realize it,’s truth..

  17. A fabulous shot, John! I don’t mind a bit of accordion music!
    One of my sisters has the one that belongs to our family! :-))

  18. [] LOL I would associate that with certain other instruments, but not the accordion!

  19. [] Mark, I didn’t know you were a musician. You’re also a former wrestler; you have diverse talents!

  20. Nothing can ever make me feel like this music does. Not words, people, drugs, or art. This is a dream like masterpiece.

  21. I think if I could hold it I could play some maybe?
    I can play the key board.
    I know this would be different, but I think this old dog could learn … well maybe ? LOL
    Love the Black and white …

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