Mistress of Seduction – Erotic audio story

A lonely, bored housewife finds excitement in seducing her pool boy into a hot, passionate affair.

Written and voiced by Mia Croft


Dark Red | Erotic sims stories
By mauro@bene on 2013-09-15 18:51:16

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11 thoughts on “Mistress of Seduction – Erotic audio story”

  1. you got an intriguing and seductiv voice, and the audio match the same phase as you tell the story. i can tell you enjoyed makeing this. no matter what you want to make out of youtube. if it erotic, scarry or intriguing i would lissen to it. keep doing this when you feel like it. don’t force yourself. you will get more subscribers as long as you keep enjoying doing this.

  2. Hello Mia, several thoughts about your effort here:

    Compliments on the effort put forth, both in the audio and actual composition of an original short story. The audio quality is very good, nice touches abound with the choice ambient music.

    As an English major, I would like to suggest a few pointers concerning your written craft. In my experience with erotic fiction, language and timing is key. Anything rushed or forced lessens the erotic impact of the narrative. Also, linguistic restraint often is more intense than linguistic blatancy. Never doubt the power of insinuation–is it more powerful to say "her double-D breasts hung down as he fucked her" or "her supple bosom jostled wonderfully beneath his exertions?" Both sentences say the same thing…but one states so in a pornographic way, whereas the latter is all implication. Eroticism + implication is the most powerful tool a writer has, because therein lies the deepest mental fantasy for readers (and in your case listeners). It is a poetic thing to refrain from using the usual sexual fare, and instead to infer through clever language. Want your female readers’ toes to curl? Write a dirty story that implies EVERYTHING and states NOTHING. Believe me, they’ll be back for more.


    Grant Danielson

  3. I really appreciate this expression of fantasy and erotic lust. Your voice and the music really match the atmosphere of this little story you’ve created. I especially liked the light female dominance aspect in this story, so subtile and yet so powerful, a women, feeling her needs and – instead of purely exploiting a man – she uses him while she offers him pleasure aswell.

    Nicely done, Mrs. Croft 🙂

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