Miscellaneous Myths: Eros and Psyche

Satisfied valentine’s day, folks! In celebration, let’s take a appear at a tale as old as time – Eros and Psyche!

This myth has been adapted in a million various techniques, and the structure recurs in folklore all over the globe – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl has to undergo X taxing trials to earn the hand of boy, girl gets boy. Oftentimes, the boy also transforms from a hideous or animalistic form into a lovely a single when the girl completes her tasks.

This could be deemed a way of balancing or equalizing the marriage – it really is not a single-sided, simply because soon after the boy pursues and obtains the girl, the girl in turn pursues and obtains the boy.

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Old Barney and the North Star
If you make it bigger, you can see Polaris, the Northern Star much better……..

Barnegat Lighthouse, Extended Beach Island, New Jersey.

North Star, Ursa Minor, Milky Way, Identified Universe!

source: www.essortment.com/all/northstarastro_rmdz.htm

About The North Star (Polaris):

The North Star, also called the Midnight Star, Pole Star or Polaris, is the star that the earth’s axis points toward in the Northern sky. For a lot of years, folks have been fascinated with this star and the truth that it does not look to move in the sky. Some have produced legends explaining why the star stands nonetheless. As much more detailed scientific instrumentation has grow to be obtainable, scientists have begun to study more about Polaris. Surprisingly, it is a wealthy topic consisting of a binary star technique.

Why Do We Care about the North Star?

For a lot of years, the North Star has been used as a navigation aid and to chart navigational maps. It has also been utilised to measure astronomical latitude considering that we map latitudes to the equivalent sky positions: the North Pole equates to +90 degrees latitude on Earth as does its projection into the sky. In addition to these functional makes use of, more than time several cultures have constructed folklore around the North Star. Even men and women with small interest in astronomy or mapmaking know about the North Star, and some have produced stories explaining why it seemingly never moves.

The most popular story about the North Star is the Native American myth explaining why the North Star stands nevertheless. In this story, a brave son Na-Gah attempted to impress his father by climbing the tallest cliff he could find. Through tough situations he persisted till he identified himself at the top of a extremely higher mountain. The mountain was so tall that Na-Gah looked down on all the other mountains. However, there was no way down. When his father came seeking for him, he identified Na-Gah stuck high above. Not wanting his son to endure for his bravery, he turned Na-Gah into a star that can be seen and honored by all living factors.

Polaris: The Present North Star

These days the Earth’s axis points within 1 degree of Polaris, the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor (also referred to as the Small Bear or the Small Dipper). Polaris seems to be in a fixed position in the sky all through the year. All other stars and constellations appear to revolve about the North Star.

To discover Polaris in the sky, locate the Big Dipper and stick to the two stars at the finish of the basin upward. This ought to lead you straight to Polaris. It is the final star in the tail of the Little Dipper.

Why isn’t the North Star Fixed?

Over the course of time, the North Star adjustments. Right now Polaris is inside 1 degree of true north, but at other occasions the North Star has been and will again be Thuban (the brightest star in the constellation Draco), Vega (the brightest star in the constellation Lyra), and Alpha Cephei (the brightest star in the constellation Cepheus).

The North Star alterations over time because the path of the earth’s axis modifications gradually more than time. Because by definition the North Star is the star most closely aligned with the earth’s axis, as the axis moves the nearest star modifications as well.

This sort of axis movement is equivalent to that of a spinning best. As the prime slows, the axis of rotation alterations as the top draws out each rotation that is to say that the stem of the leading itself traces out a circular pattern rather than pointing at a single spot or staying mainly still. If you draw an imaginary line of the earth’s axis and continue it up to the sky, it will make a similar path. This kind of axis rotation is named precession.

In the case of the earth, precession is triggered by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. The earth’s axis tends to make one particular total rotation more than the course of about 26,000 years. If you trace the path of the axis in the sky, you will uncover that Polaris, Vega, Thuban, and Alpha Cephei all fall on or quite close to it. So when the earth’s axis is at a point on the path near Vega, Vega becomes the North Star whilst Thuban is the North Star when the axis is close to it on the path.

5 thousand years ago, Thuban was the North Star. Five thousand years from now, the North Star will be Alpha Cephei. Seven thousand years right after that, it will be Vega. Nine thousand years soon after that, Thuban will be the North Star again. At these dates, the various stars will be at the closest to absolute north. For some time before, the relevant star will be approaching due north and it will be receding for some time following the time listed. In these interim instances, the North Star is whichever star is closest to north.

By Tony Fischer Photography on 2010-06-12 00:06:24

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This is an additional of the acne myths that wants to be dispelled. It can also be one of the most harmful of acne myths since it can cause a particular person to use harsh soaps and chemical compounds on their skin in an work to get it clean. Stress is a typical error if you have pressure there is a opportunity you will get Acne urticata. Acne urticata is a form of eczema so not really acne in the true meaning of the word. Even so this myth is correct you can get acne or far more acne if you have pressure.

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  1. Omg! The song at the end was in my crinderalla school play! (At the ball when the prince meets crinderalla)

  2. I just got the book Til We Have Faces which is a retelling of the myth by C.S. Lewis.
    Erotic love is great for young people but when that gorgeous young man is a fat bald jerk who wants you to wash the skid marks out of his shorts and that nubile young woman is a quacking perpetual discontented cellulite colony on legs with 3 chins, what then?

  3. There is this fairy tale I read when I was younger and I think it was called "East of the Sun and West of the Moon " or something like that. It’s essentially about this girl whose family was very poor and this bear comes along something happens. (It has been quite a few years since I read this. I don’t remember it all.) Anyway, stuff happens and they get engaged. He[the bear] tells her that she can’t see him at night because reasons. There are a bunch of trolls? living in his castle (I forgot to mention that) and they convince her to look at him at night. So she does. She sees that the bear was actually a guy and the candle she was holding dripped wax onto his shirt. He wakes up sees that she saw him tells her to leave. Somethings happen and sometime later she comes back. The trolls are trying to get him to marry one of their "beautiful daughters. So the bear/guy says that he will marry whichever troll daughter could clean the wax off the shirt. They don’t and the wax wax spot only gets bigger. Then the girl is volunteered to try and clean off the wax. The trolls think that she can’t possibly clean it off, but she does. The trolls get so angry that she cleaned it off that they kill themselves. (I don’t remember how, but they did.) She marries the bear/guy and they lived happily ever after. So yeah, a lot in common with this myth.

  4. Butterfly symbolism and meaning is a bit simple. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our (human) souls ,(which does make sense as Psyche is meant to represent the human soul in the tale of Eros and Psyche). Around the world, cultures view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. Which that explains why Psyche is represented in Goddess form with butterfly wings. Butterflies represent the human soul, which is what Psyche is the goddess of. The human soul.

  5. Don’t know what it is about this video, but it just has it. What it is, I don’t know. But I love it.

  6. oh and Aphrodite should’ve turned Psyche into a gorgon like when Athena turned Medusa into a gorgon since she was so pretty and Posiden wanted 2 marry Medusa herself.

  7. Eros is also the name of a stile of dance on the ice with *knife shoes* YURI ON ICE…………….I have problems

  8. I also fell in luv with your design of Eros cuz when I saw him, I just wanted a poster, plushie, mug, shirt, and another story of him since I loved his design so much

  9. I’m given to understand that the frequent depictions of Psyche with butterfly wings is in reference to the belief that a group of butterflies represented the human soul escaping from the body, as something so silent and delicate perhaps was seen as too beautiful to not possibly be something supernatural, yet identifiable as spiritual in a human sense.

  10. The song u sang at the end was beautiful and your voice is beautiful to and, teach me how to play guitar!

  11. please could you speed it up even more so ppl who just meditated need to have a sugar rush just to follow with your voice?
    seems like a total ripp-off from Spiritsciens.

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