Mickey Mantle: The Definitive Story (MLB Baseball Sports Documentary)

Mickey Mantle: The Definitive Story (MLB Baseball Sports Documentary)

The virtually mythic career of Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle is the topic of this acclaimed HBO Sports activities documentary unique. Above 18 seasons with the Bronx Bombers, in spite of constant nagging injuries, Mantle managed to hit 536 house runs, twice hitting more than 50 in a season. He finished ten seasons with a batting average of .300 or more and suited up for seven World Series. To this day, ?The Mick? stays the greatest switch-hitter in baseball background even so, behind his country charm and excellent appears there was his wayward lifestyle that harmed his marriage, his connection with his 4 sons and in the end his health.

Each Sides of Some Stupid Story
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Severe Sports activities

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Why Choose Intense Sports activities

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BMX Bikers

BMX bikers are a diverse sport altogether. These are unique bikes with pegs on the wheels for tricks, pads on the areas where effect will most most likely arise, and no front brakes. The bike is produced for racing and tricks, but mainly to be utilized on filth or particular varieties of urban setups.


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Intense Sports Advise

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Long term of Extreme sports are the wave of the long term. However you may not usually understand these new sports your youngsters are into, they are nevertheless lively and healthful sports. Competitors is alive, but they may be perfected without 9 other people or even one particular other kid all around. A journey to the skate park alone can finish in the perfection of new trick or approach. The thought is to just support your youngsters and permit them to compete how they want to. Get them the appropriate safety gear and the appropriate facilities and before you know it you may possibly just have a world -class competitor on your hands.

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  1. Largely, he was injured often because he was an alcoholic and dehydrated all the time.  Alcohol dehydrates a person, and if youre not hydrated, its easy to tear small tissues in the joints.

  2. these dingy narratives, aren’t worth the annoyance. I pause immediately and hit the back key. STOP IT WITH THESE!

  3. Very good show. Made me smile and cry. He really was a regular guy but just a little bit less regular than you and me. I did not get to see Mick play other than a game or two at Oakland when the Yanks came to town in 1968. I don’t remember what happened in those Yankee-A’s games as I was 8. Anyway great show getting to see a lot of Mickey highlights. Now I have to look for a similar show on Willie Mays. Later all.

  4. That’s cool. I think that it can be better in b/w, I don’t like too much the colors of this pic. Why you didn’t use a 10-24mm focal lenght?

  5. This documentary is way too short on facts. Micky Mantle st he all time speed record from home to first: 3.1 seconds. This record when Vince Coleman , the great shortstop for the St.Louis Cardinals came up in his rookie season. But the time has never ever beaten to my knowledge. Also Mantle was well known for his tape measure homeruns- only one mentioned here but I recall my Brother’s scrapbook-one in LA Colisium in 1061 was measured at 620 feet. The best tools any player ever had. I think Bo Jackson was close, but he tore himself up really bad in his second year playing football.Mantle always played injured- and look at his numbers. He was an Icon-maybe America’s last-no one comes close.

  6. I was a big Mickey fan in the 60’s, but you guys need to stop trying to blow him, posthumously. He was a really good player – another great Yank, but he wasn’t a god. He wasn’t the greatest ever – no one player was or is. Stop prostituting yourselves & grow the fuck up. If Willie Mays didn’t gave to play in that awful Candlestick Park for so many games, he would’ve prolly hit 800 homers, but I’m not kissing his ass like you guys are with Mickey.

  7. The beginning that quote about no one fitting a team, time or city better than Mickey Mantle I disagree with. You see that he had an "aw, schucks" modest attitude that doesn’t fit New York or the Yankees at all. I think this title belongs to Ruth. The Yankees, the Roaring ’20s, New York during prohibition. Ruth was a mythic folk hero who lived in reality that had to have been divinely written for his place in history.

  8. My father was the greatest Baseball player around when he was young, that’s the story. He moved north and got paid to play Industrial league Softball because he could work and stay home rather than the minor league he would have had to suffer away from Mom and I. His cousin was just below him and a bit smaller and played 12 years in the biggs only 6 in the show. My Dad’s fav of all-time was the Mick!! He met him at some big Chrysler home run Derby that they participated in,,I still cherish the signed bat given to my Father.. Mickey was 10 years my father’s Senior and even with all those Injuries and years of his fast life, Dad said he was much of a Man,. coming from my 6’4.5" 230pound ripped country boy father,,,He must have truly been. They made quick friends that day and the bat for the son was a HUGE deal to Dad,,,, Mickey had been his HERO!! I SURE MISS OLD DAD, Watching these kinds vids make me remember the things we shared,,,How could I not have tons of respect and admiration for a Man like Mick, so admired and respected by the greatest Most MUCH OF A MAN I Ever knew,,,My great athletic Wonderful Father!! I was 4 and I actually think I remember that day and all its glory,,The Mick, and my Father,,yeah I had some great hero’s! PEACE!

  9. Mickey Charles Mantle with all his faults and flaw’s in my eyes was still the greatest !! A great team mate is very appapros !!

  10. I drove to St. Louis from VA. in 1994 to attend the Mid Continent Sports Card Show because Mantle was going to appear. Glad I made the trip.

  11. הייתי כמו מיקי. הייתי חוטא הולך לעזאזל אבל ישוע המשיח שילם על החטאים שלי על הצלב. הוא לקח את זעמו של אלוהים ועל ידי פסים שלו אני נרפא. הוא מת וקם שוב! הוא אומר אם אני רק מאמין שאני אלך לגן עדן. ואני מאמין! וו הו!

  12. Great player. I was 10 when I first saw him in ’66 & he was my fav. But Willie Mays was the best overall player. We didn’t see him much though. Mantle – being a White Yankee, owned NYC.

  13. With 2 good legs and no drinking, Mantle would have been better than Mays — most likely the greatest ever. But we don’t live in a vacuum. It’s very difficult for all the right elements to come together without some problem getting in the way, and that’s what happened to Mantle, as it does to most people.

  14. THE only person in the world i can say was my idol growing up.
    Mickey Mantle may have been the most talented baseball player in history.
    cut into by so many injuries

  15. Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr, Ben Hogan & Tiger Woods the greatest "what if" athletes of all time. All had great careers but injuries held them back from reaching another level.

  16. Mickey Mantle was my hero when I was growing up! Great Power, speed and batting average!!! To me, he was the greatest !

  17. It’s so sad Mick felt like a failure. He was important to so many people and brought joy to their lives. RIP.

  18. Great documentary! Am a long time Red Sox fan that has great respect for the Yankees. Always loved the rivalry between the two teams and all the great ball players wearing either uniform. Mantle was one of the greats. Had he taken better care of himself he maybe could have shattered the record book. RIP #7

  19. Just me talking….but I don’t really care what Ed Harris has to say about The Mick or baseball for that matter.

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