Mel-O-Toons: Christopher Columbus

Classic from the Mel-O-Toons series.

Boris Karloff, Tales of Mystery, cover by Luis Dominguez, 1974
By Tom Simpson on 2017-10-09 13:53:33

Some time back I planted two wegilia plants in the side garden of my property. One particular plant is pink and the other plant is red. Each were specifically the very same size plant, purchased from the same nursery on the same day. Each had been planted, watered and fertilized precisely the very same. Read on and you will understand why these facts are relevant.

The very first spring the red plant grew larger than the pink plant and bloomed almost 30 days earlier. The second year the encounter was specifically the same. At that point my believed was to take away the pink plant and replace it with one more pink plant. Clearly this was not a strong wholesome plant. Even so, a single issue and yet another kept me from replacing that pink plant. To my surprise, in the third year and each and every year given that, the pink plant has been stronger, larger and blooms earlier and more steadily than does the red plant.

Sitting on the back patio one day lately I began to relate the behaviour of these two plants to a enterprise circumstance. What if these have been not two garden plants but as an alternative two staff. Each hired at the very same time with the very same credentials and knowledge. Each staff had been provided the identical education and improvement.

However, a single employee (the red one) flourishes and becomes one of the most effective and productive workers in the company. The second, (the pink one particular) although nevertheless performing nicely, usually appears to be a bit behind in both efficiency and productivity.

In a lot of instances, employee number two (the pink one) would be dismissed simply because of poor efficiency and a replacement engaged. The hope becoming, of course, that the new pink employee would perform at the level of the current ‘red’ employee. Would that be the wisest decision for the firm?

Clearly an investment in both the hiring and improvement of the ‘pink’ employee would be income spent with nominal return. Clearly engagement of a new employee would incur a certain cost for recruiting. In addition a price would be incurred to sever relationships with the existing employee. In a lot of instances productivity would decline until the new employee created completely.

What is a company to do? Perhaps it is a matter of understanding that like plants, folks adapt and grow at diverse paces. Frequently occasions, continued help and nurturing of an employee will in the finish yield a a lot stronger and much more trustworthy individual. Just like my red wegilia, a single employee may possibly bloom swiftly but be unable to sustain that level over an extended period.

Do you have a “pink wegilia” functioning for you? If so, what are you doing to offer the improvement and nurturing needed to turn that person into one of your strongest assets?

Gordon J. H. Newman, CPT, FICB (Honours)
Gordon is President of The Newman Studying Group Inc. an organization committed to providing value add options to boost the bottom line efficiency of organization and individuals. Gordon could be reached at: or 905-790-2944
This idea and other folks covered in Gordon’s book “There Has To Be a Much better Way.” material/paperback-book/there-has-to-be-a-greater-way—the-right-systems-for-accomplishment/5381867

5 thoughts on “Mel-O-Toons: Christopher Columbus”

  1. These "Mel-O-Toons" are animated cartoons in which the original soundtracks came from a series of 78 RPM children’s records that were issued by either "Young People’s Records" or "The Children’s Record Guild" in the mid-1950’s.

  2. THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s also racist. Columbus didn’t discover America. Native Americans did. Columbus was a genocidal maniac and was just as bad as Hitler!!!!!!!!! He strated one of the biggest genocides that still continues today. It’s repulsive that this is aimed at children. Let’s have another cartoon saying Hitler was a good person. God, it’s like I’m living in Animal Farm the book.

  3. I’m a decendant of Colom so I’m entitled to be racist. I love this innocent video, so entertaining and historically vauge.

  4. And our young are tought to celebrate this man and gie glory to his doings.. and our children are denied the truths of the world and of their own kinds by the teachers of these government regulated public schools we are forced to send them to.

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