Mardi Gras and Kissing Ladies!!

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Amber and I take on Sydney for Mardi Gras 2017!
See clips from our large night and we recap our adventures
Did we obtain our objectives for the night?
And what lesbian troubles did we run into?

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By Coffeelatte on 2009-04-06 06:47:06
tags This may possibly sound like a paradox, but being surrounded by the news of economic doom and gloom on a day-to-day basis makes me feel that an annual trip to the Alps is to be considered a necessity, not a luxury. ‘A alter is as good as a rest’ as the old adage goes and great issue as well, since a ski holiday in Verbier almost certainly is not going to give you a lot of a rest. Whether you remain in a cosy chalet, luxury hotel or bargain basement apartment, the lengthy, groomed pistes followed by the vibrant bars in Verbier will be difficult to resist. If a great celebration as well as excellent skiing is at the leading of your holiday wish list, then Verbier for Mardi Gras is a need to. As the last day of indulgence before the start of Lent what far better spot to do it than in Verbier. You are going to be downing shooters rather than gobbling pancakes but the principles are the identical. It really is about letting go and obtaining stuck in, followed by vowing by no means to drink again.

‘The Pub’ is the spot to go if you truly want to truly embrace Mardi Gras, but make certain you are in fancy dress. Word of warning: your old school tie and pig tails are not going to reduce the mustard. Fancy dress in Verbier is a significant enterprise at the best of times but with mardi gras the stops are properly and genuinely pulled out. Several of the seasonnaires in Verbier take a trip down to Martigny to pick up a costume worthy of mardi gras, so if you want to be let in to the bars, make certain you get prepared.

As soon as at the bar, you may well discover your self shoulder to shoulder with Mickey Mouse, and the Empire State constructing, or the Incredible Hulk and Madonna. As is often the case with fancy dress parties, lovingly produced costumes begin disintegrating beneath the put on and tear of precarious dance move, making a slightly disturbing scene of hapless dishevelment. Madonna might have accumulated Superman’s cape and Kermit the frog may possibly have created a cone shaped chest but the celebration will go on regardless and a lot more costume swapping will inevitably ensue. Seeing what bits of who’s costume you wake up with is often an fascinating revelation as is functioning who the ‘Smurf’ blue body paint has come from…

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