Lord Murugan Stories – Birth Of Muruga – Hindu Mythology – Indian Stories

Lord Murugan Stories – Birth Of Muruga – Hindu Mythology – Indian Stories

The story of Lord Muruga is described in Skanda Purana. According to the legend, in the olden days the demon Soorapadman tortured the Devas, who went to complain to Lord Vishnu and Brahma. They assigned Kamadeva to awake Lord Shiva from his penance, who later gave birth to Kartikeya. Karthikeya killed Soorapadman and saved the devas. Muruga is depicted as the god of enjoy and war. Kartikeya married Valli by adore and married Deivayanai by winning the war held at Tiruchendur. Kaumaram is the sub-sect of Hinduism in which Kartikeya is worshipped as the supreme deity.

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