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Seeking For Mike follows filmmaker Dylan Reibling as he investigates the mysterious death of his friend, personal computer salesman Michael De Bourcier. Mike’s sudden death in 2002 has remained an unsolved cold case with the Toronto Police – till the filmmakers started digging deeper. They try to uncover his actual identity, search for his household and friends, and attempt to realize the strange series of events major up to his death.

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By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 2003-09-26 11:58:41
tags From America, in the pages of the Pulp Magazine Black Mask, came the shattering of the refined and ornate mystery. These thrilling pulps, full of sensational violence and raging plot, told of a witty planet of sultry gals and private eyes who would rather crack knuckles on enemy skulls than talk the polite symmetry of clues amongst cowering dinner guests drinking port. In essence they told of a different world, 1 a lot more unrelenting and tough. It wasn’t the “who accomplished it” of keen inquiring minds but a bare knuckled expose of murder and mayhem and the males and girls who fought it.

Led by Dashiell Hammett, author of the Maltese Falcon, the Difficult-boiled School of crime writing challenged the conventions of detective fiction with an emphasis on stories not rooted in pedigree, stories not birthed on an old English manor amongst Earls and Lords, but on the American imply streets exactly where cops carried guns close to their hearts and the negative guys would rather say it with bullets. Hammett, Carroll John Every day, Raymond Chandler, Erle Stanley Gardner, James C Cain, and a lot of other people created a new and more intense way of writing crime fiction. These challenging-boiled writers influenced cinema in the forties and fifties in what became identified as film noir: a golden age of Hollywood cinema immortalized by such wonderful actors as Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum.

Galaxy Press, via audio dramatization and books brings us back to this golden era of the mystery pulps through the writings of Ron Hubbard whose stories, written in the tough-boiled style, are action centered and full of criminals and the guys and girls who hate crime. Stories like the Brass keys to Murder, Dead Males Kill, Murder Afloat and The Blowtorch Murder showcase heroes bold and dashing in the face of unrelenting danger and mayhem. The Villains are painted as they have been: grotesque and vividly twisted so when they had been faced they were faced in the hearts of all engaged readers who longed for their heroes to overcome the corruption that was seemingly all persuasive. Since of the financial unrest and underworld crime syndicates that were stark realities in each day newspapers these pulps permitted readers to discover hope in the chaos and adventure in the fear. This tough minded goodness was one that every single day Americans could determine with.

Even though dealing with accurate and violent themes, Hubbard never ever forgot that the pulps have been also to entertain, to offer you escape and to sweep the reader away into a world of intrigue and romance. Although the zombies and blow torches rage there is constantly a pulpish flair that make the stories enjoyable and highly readable. Where tough-boiled novels usually dealt with pessimistic themes of urban chaos and alienation, the mystery pulps are action adventures from commence to finish. One particular gets both a dose of life as it is, gritty and challenging, but also of life as it’s longed to be lived: bristling and entertaining. It reminds us that faced with evil we can still laugh and hold on tight for aid will quickly come.

Raymond Chandler in his well-known essay “The Straightforward Art of Murder” told of how the American difficult-boiled school of writing created a crime fiction that more akin to the true nature of crime than the detective story that was heavy on convention but lowered the “infinite cruelty of murder” to an abstract puzzle of clues. According to Chandler “murder had now been taken out of the Venetian Vase and dropped into the alley”. We are paradoxically, yet wonderfully, reminded that these stories could also be entertaining and rich in adventure and therein lies component of their timelessness. Though murder was never ever some thing to laugh at or enjoy, the triumph over such cruelty was.

Frederick Hail is a passionate advocate of lifelong studying by way of audio books on cd collections.

50 thoughts on “Looking For Mike (Mysterious Death Documentary) – Genuine Stories”

  1. WOW..This was incredible
    Just goes to show you that you don’t know what some people really are? You work or live next door to somebody for 10 years and you think you know them well and then one day out of the blue..BANG?You get the shock of your life,The person you thought you knew turns out to be a murderer ect,or someone completely different, as this documentary shows us.I really feel for this poor man who bonded and become a good friend to find out it was all a lie must of been heartbreaking,not knowing who your friend really was,it must of really screwed his head up,we’ll it did as he spent 12 years finding out the truth behind his so called friend?

  2. Gahhh, Dylan is soooooo handsome!! ????? and he’s compassionate and caring, empathetic.. ? marry me, please! ?

  3. There are more questions though. Did Jim hear of his fathers death and that was the critical info to push him to dissapear? Where/when did Jim here about Michael Deboucherie’s death? 40:07 "based on some other things" – based on what other things???

  4. one thing bugs me, how is it that the body was so decomposed that they could not lift any fingerprints, but they were sure it was a Natural heart attack!?!

  5. Dylan, you are a remarkable human being, a true friend that the majority never experience in their lifetimes. I randomly selected your documentary, and I am so glad I did. You beautifully told of your friendship with Mike and your search for him. I felt so sad for his family and for you, too. I felt sad for a young man who walked away from his life. I can’t imagine it. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I know some may think how cruel mike was for doing this but I can offer some personal insight. We have no idea how his home life was growing up. Mine was pretty awful. At age 15 I was finally taken away from my biological mother and aloud to live with the guardians of my choosing. My friends parents wanted to take me in so I went with them. I completely abandoned all memories of my former family. I kept the last name as a badge of honor that I wanted to change all the evil my family had done but other than that I completely severed all contact. Even with the family members that loved and cared for me. Sometimes I feel bad but It’s just hard when you find a part of you that finally feels comfortable and secure to just look back and think about a time that you never want to go back to. My former family actual had thought I died, ran away or was kidnapped because my biological mother was ashamed to admit someone else had to raise me so she just said I ran away. I’ve had messages on facebook asking if I’m the same family member they think I am and I just have to block them out. Its tough. I understand mike though. RIP.

  7. When Dylan was leaving Goderich for the first time, I was thinking that he should put up posters with Mike’s picture asking if anyone knew him, since he was so familiar with the town before! And his real mother, Mrs. Walton, should NOT have told the investigator that she lives alone; it could have been anyone on the other side of the phone!

  8. So, who identified his body? Was it really him? Or did he just start all over again? Was the dead man a friend who died and he put his ID in his pocket?

  9. This was wonderfully done.  To not overly press the heart attack question, the prepaid funeral, it was more sensitive to the family.  I really appreciated that.

  10. but…but…. what about the fact that the body was never actually identified and that he planned his funeral a week before he died?!

  11. I was watch this documentary story, it is was im emotional in a whole day at the time. When i listening and we i interst to understand to how hes friend to can doing job regarding friendship long time and the past moment them. He want findout what happened and why friend dead. What he know the truth story. Im so proud of his friend of james walton. Becoz… he can and finally he kniws the ans. Now.? Im also im emotional to watching. I remember also my friend hes past away 1998. Same the case. god he knows happened all the crime who and what should poeple we good personality and sample life. We love the families. god well make away to open it the truth. I tougth in all going in moving good and god well. Godbless you all..

  12. I absolutely love that gravekeeper in the beginning! How nice of him to try to comfort the family by paying respects at the grave with the ‘bless you’ and signing of the cross.

  13. I do think as it has been said how sad this whole story is about Mike but so curious as to why his friend spent so much time and effort and money finding all this out when it appears they were not even Great Friends for 10 or so years. Does anyone know the answer?

  14. Yes, Dylan, you are a man with a lot of heart. So many – maybe most – people would have said "Hmmm", scratched their head, and walked away. Never searched or cared, perhaps even taken it personally and made it about themselves "That guy lied to me, so screw him." Thank you for being a person who cares about others, who cares about the truth, yet very sensitive to his friend’s family’s feelings. I wish you all the luck in your future. We should all be so lucky, to have such a friend.

  15. So so sad. The way we let events or circumstances snowball in our minds into great big icebergs that we suppose is going to ruin us, and 9 times out of 10 the situation is easily rectified or in some cases forgiven. R.I.P Jim Scot Walton

  16. Dylan is a very kind, sensitive human being. Almost a rarity anymore. I do try to believe people are basically good, so it is a very interesting and heartwarming story. Thank you for posting.

  17. Michael is a russian spy. Entry point of russian spies are in canada. Once they land there they will go right away to cemetery and look for someone dead same as their age. Canada is a good entry point for them to get to US.

  18. What a great example of true friendship. Dylan I commend you — you are remarkable !!!!!Life is a journey and God is Great!!!!! Dylan was sent into Mike’s life for very good reason. God bless you for being persistent and God guided you to be the one to tell his family about his life. No doubt that he is at peace. The world needs more people like you Dylan.

  19. This actually made me remember is my sister’s coworker who left his car near a bridge at a nature park. All his items were in the car, but his body wasn’t found. He just went missing.

  20. Very cool. I hope his family has had his grave marked. It strikes me as being downright weird that he had made arrangements to be buried anonymously so he couldn’t even be located after death. Ffs…why?

  21. That’s what is known as tenacity.  Dylan just would not let up until he solved the riddle of who his friend really was.  Just one tip for that investigator…if you are on the phone with a mother regarding one of her children who has been missing for years and you tell her to go get someone to be with her before you tell her why you have called, you might as well just come right out with it because she knows it’s about as bad as it can be.  What a gift to the mother and sister to finally learn what happened to Jim.  Great story.

  22. Kudos to Dylan, what a solid friend! So glad he was able to give his friends parents the answers they’d waited for.

  23. That is something I would do. That would drive me crazy.

    Mike/Jim was a jerk. How bizarre he paid for his funeral plan a week before he died. Really that’s when his body was found and it was already decomposing, so he could have just paid it the day before. He wanted to make sure he had a funeral? Did the co-workers attend the funeral? Or was it just for the burial plot? Was an obituary in the paper?

    Dylan was a good friend. If he wanted to find out what Mike/Jim was doing during those years before he met him, maybe that company where they met still had Mike’s resume, and he could verify previous work places. You’d think Mike/Jim would have had a copy of his resume somewhere, on his computer or a flash drive. Just think if Dylan had checked the Missing Persons website back in 2002 (surely it was up by then) and matched up the photos….he would have saved himself a lot of time and trouble.

    Mike/Jim started out as a con artist and stayed one to the end.

  24. 11:35 14:00 – I don’t like this Godrich place. It reminds me of Boystown ( you know that peadofiles haven). Makes my skin crawl.

  25. Big Mike or Michael if you prefer! The homosexual tranny! That married a famous great X president Dictator! That’s from a third world country somewhere in the Middle East!

  26. some private investigator that man must be,hes got an active missing person profile,thye have all the pictures and information and they didnt spot him,seems weird to me.

  27. Amazing documentary, you did a great job Dylan. I uploaded a real life one too called ‘Dreams of a life’ but i think it only plays in the u.k because of copyright reasons ? Its in my uploads from a couple of months ago, 2017, if anyone wants to see it ?

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