Lifetime Videos New 2017 – Lifetime Romance Videos based on a accurate story

There’s a pool get together at sunset – every person mark your chair with a towel
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I have the pool reserved for all of us! Be confident to mark down what you will be bringing along (and if you are on Flickr mark your chair with a note)!

I consider pretty much all sorts of foods and drink are welcome. I will carry a BBQ pit and an ambulance in situation there are any problems. And I hope somebody brings a boom box. Are they nevertheless known as that? I will not know. Maybe that means it will be a lame get together simply because I will not even know if they are known as boom boxes any a lot more, but I’m positive I’m not the only one that will carry a bit of 80’s music.

This comes from my HDR tutorial here:

By Stuck in Customs on 2007-09-24 19:15:42

My inspiration to publish about this comes from a chat with a good friend A who shared about her and her friends’ experience with a fortune teller.  She and that group of pals were all ladies, single and had not much luck in love all these whilst.  In reality, one particular of them, let’s call her B,  had substantially worse luck in this facet as she was hurt twice by jerks in the program of her romantic experience.  It was a single of these days when the mood beckons that B made the decision to spend a check out to this fortune teller for consultation and naturally brought along her group of single buddies which integrated A who was single thenand other friends which incorporated an additional Lady C.

This fortune teller’s modus operandi comes in the form of reading people’s fortune by pulling out poker cards that have been shuffled by the consumer.  It was not clear if the ladies had unwittingly let out some details of the state of matter for B in the course of conversation with the fortune teller.  But he was ready to predict that B had negative luck in romance since she usually meet “negative Peach Blossom” in Chinese, which implies that she, in terms of  her romantic relationship matters, always meets the undesirable guys.

The solution proposed by the fortune teller? A pair of scissors to be positioned in the Southwest corner of the room/home of lady B.  He reasoned that the scissors will lower away the adverse “Peach Blossom” and that Southwest is the love corner which is reserve for Fengshui-ing romance and adore matters.  The ladies were curious and enquired whether the scissors will “lower” away all romantic relationships alike, whether or not it be with excellent or negative guys.  The fortune teller then justify by explaining to them that good guys or great romance will not be reduce away and the scissors only acts on undesirable guys and poor relationships.

He then proceeded to display his “generous” and “altruistic” side by telling the rest of the single ladies that Southwest is the universal adore corner in Fengshui.  Because the women are single, they can turbo-charge their love corners in the Southwest by placing flowers and crystals.  Like standard women starved of great romance, these ladies with the exception of A, are ready to try the cures for romance suggested by this fortune teller. The purpose why A did not follow the suggested remedy is due to the fact the Southwest corner in her area is placed the bed, and she could not spot people items advised by the fortune teller.

Now, quick forward to two-three many years later on and what is the romantic fate of these ladies?  For Ms B, she is even now single and in reality, had not gone on dates with guys considering that activating the Southwest corner of hers.  For Ms C and the rest of the unnamed gals, they are nevertheless single.  As for Ms A, who had fortunately or unfortunately not adopted the advised Fengshui cure, she is married! 

Now, with the facts of this situation, it would strongly propose that the Southwest could not be the universal Fengshui-ready adore corner.  Even if it is, it may not be effective ample just to activate this corner by flowers and crystals.  The final result to Ms B also advised that good guys or great romance are not invincible towards the scissors as claimed by the fortune teller.  As for the end result to Ms A, it demonstrates that a stroke of very good luck and her very own sensible action in searching for romance is much more powerful than these poorly thought-out cures.

Is it attainable to use Fengshui or Chinese Metaphysics information to improve the probabilities of good romantic encounters?  Yes it is feasible but defnitely not as basic as activating a universal enjoy corner!  In Zi Wei Dou Shu (“ZWDS”), it is undoubtedly achievable to differentiate exactly where the good and undesirable romantic encounters are coming from and tune accordingly.

I am a Fengshui Practitioner in private practice and I specialise in Bazi, ZWDS, Flying Star Fengshui, I-Ching and other Chinese Metaphysics equipment. My site website is at: and

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  1. Maybe there are too many people at the pool…it won’t let me add a note for where I’ll be sitting?! This would be perfect for my office wall mural!!! Thanks for posting!

  2. WOW~~~~~~~~!!

    That’s a SPECTACULAR shot of the swimming pool overlooking the GORGEOUS sunset and the ocean~~~

    The clouds are soo Stunning!! Looks like a Paradise in real life!!!^_________________^

  3. How are we supposed to have a Cannonball competition without a diving board. Can you PS a building or something closer to the waters edge?

  4. I like the wide variety of colors in this one. From the Aqua blue pool, to the golden sunset. And from the green lush plants. Love them all great photo and perspective it was composed well!

  5. Congrats!
    First Off You Rock!
    We Never Had A Explore.
    Thanks For Sharing your Wonderful Work
    With All of Us!

  6. Now that’s a view… masterpiece Trey! Love the pool and I’ll come up from the beach to join the party after the sun’s down… see ya around! 😉

  7. Fantastic Trey, just like a sunset should look! I can’t seem to add a note (or maybe I’m just being super dumb today!), so I’ll be floating around in those lovely fluffy clouds for a while, then dropping in the pool to say hi!

  8. []hahahaha that was a good one aloha…making me lol, i’ll say "i’ll bring my vinyls, get your Parlophone ready and i’ll even throw in a 6 pack of Molson Canadian beer for ya, how aboot some good suggestions of Lager? from around the world, haha, or even better some fine wine…, maybe one from Nantes…

    kidding! jokes…

  9. Yet another gorgeous shot… HOWEVER…

    It’s Palm Beach. When you’re in Palm Beach, the sun ALWAYS sets over land… not over the Atlantic. Us astronomy people usually call this a sunrise. 😉

    (The other clue is the complete absence of people on the pool deck. At sunset, there’s not a decent hotel in Florida that is not jam-packed with partiers at sunset.)

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  11. I saw this in Explore and was stunned by the beautiful capture and treatment. Fantastic work!! Amazing colors! Congrats!!!!

  12. I don’t see anybody bringing Stuffed Garlic Rolls, so I’ll be bringing that. Finger food, but quite substantial! Delish too!

  13. Ridiculous that it cuts off before the ending.

  14. Mother Nature’s partying it up !! … looks like everyone else forgot to show !? Beautiful photo Trey 🙂

  15. Love Finds You In Valentine: Kennedy Blaine, a Californian girl, inherits a ranch in the small town of Valentine in Nebraska. Before she sells the property, she decides to spend the summer in her house and learn more about her family.

  16. Haha Trey, "Boom Box" — I think that was *before* "walkman" which was before "mp3 player" which was before "iPod" and now the iPod Touch

  17. Since the notes feature is not available I will have to say that the chair I would like is directly facing the sunset…and thanks for the invite!!

  18. Funniest pic you have put up yet…. party is long over but I can smell that body under the cement still…..

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