Lebron James Highlights (Tale of 2 Citiez)

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Song: A Tale of 2 Citiez by J Cole


Massive shout-out to HecticEthnic (now Swish Scopes). I took a lot of footage from his videos (you probably saw his watermark a lot throughout the video). please check him out if you wanna see more LeBron highlights and numerous far more players: https://www.youtube.com/user/HecticEthnic

Fountain of the Water Nymph, Clement Barnhorn
Fountain of the Water Nymph
By John Johnston, The Cincinnati Enquirer

Amongst the treasures in Cincinnati Art Museum’s new Cincinnati Wing is a massive, impressive piece, not possible to miss. It’s known as &quotFountain of the Water Nymph.&quot

For some guests, the lovely nude nymph may well bring to mind toppled bowling pins, strikes, spares and gutter balls. There’s great explanation for that, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

This is the tale of a Rookwood fountain and how it came to occupy a place in a special museum collection showcasing Cincinnati’s artistic heritage. It is fitting that the fountain be Rookwood, since such ceramics are an essential portion of the decorative fabric of the city.

When a local sculptor, Clement J. Barnhorn, created the wall fountain for Rookwood Pottery Co. in 1913, the company’s reputation had been well established. Maria Longworth Nichols had founded the pottery in 1880. She was a member of the prominent Longworth family, and it was her family’s wealth, as well as the fine potters and decorators she assembled, that set Rookwood on a path to greatness. Within two decades, the pottery was winning international acclaim as the premier art pottery in America.

For years, Barnhorn’s fountain was displayed in Rookwood’s Mount Adams showroom. That is where Robert Wachendorf first saw it, possibly in the 1930s. Wachendorf was a developer who constructed considerably of Roselawn and surrounding places. He was &quota wonderful admirer of all Rookwood pottery,&quot says his son, Roger Wachendorf of Hyde Park. He says his father typically gave Rookwood things, such as ashtrays and bookends, to people who bought properties.

A lot of other people in town also admired the company’s work. Architects used Rookwood tiles around fireplaces and in kitchens and bathrooms. Rookwood ceramic art was installed in a number of Cincinnati Public Schools. Downtown, examples of Rookwood commercial commissions can be observed on the Fourth Street facade of TJ Maxx, in the Carew Tower arcade and in the Union Terminal ice cream shop.

For years, Rookwood-lover Robert Wachendorf had his eye on one grand piece – &quotFountain of the Water Nymph&quot – but he didn’t make the acquire. It was 7 1/two feet higher and nearly five 1/2 feet wide, weighed a number of thousand pounds, and he had no location to place it.

Until 1960, that is. That’s when he began constructing a bowling establishment in Golf Manor named Losantiville Lanes. According to his son, Wachendorf thought the fountain was effectively suited for the lobby. That’s also the year Rookwood closed its Cincinnati plant. Some years ahead of – it really is unclear when – the fountain had been moved out of the company’s showroom. Wachendorf traced it to the Institum Divi Thomae (later identified as St. Thomas Institute), which Dr. George Sperti operated out of two Madison Road mansions in East Walnut Hills.

Robert Wachendorf purchased the fountain, which had been dismantled and stored in dusty crates in the Sperti mansion basement. Wachendorf’s tile setter fretted he would in no way be in a position to piece it back collectively. But the tiles had been numbered, which produced reassembly easier.

Losantiville Lanes opened in 1961 with the fountain installed against a lobby wall, close to the workplace of common manager Connie Dierking. That’s where it remained for the subsequent 30 years. &quotKids used to climb on it, sit on it, throw stuff in the water, so we stopped operating the water since they’d plug up the drain,&quot says Dierking. The former University of Cincinnati basketball All-American and pro player managed the bowling alley until the mid-1970s.

The last bowling ball rolled down Losantiville Lanes in the spring of 1991. The building was sold the following November to Cincinnati Hebrew Day College. That’s when Michael Williams and Tim Miller, owners of Wooden Nickel Antiques in More than-the-Rhine, had been asked if they had been interested in purchasing the fountain. They had been. &quotIt was nerve-racking receiving it out (of the bowling alley),&quot Williams says. More than two days, five-ton railroad jacks and wedges were used to lift the fountain, which Williams guesses weighs 4,000 to five,000 pounds. Workers had to eliminate part of the constructing entrance to get the fountain outside.

At the Wooden Nickel, the fountain was displayed for about a year in a front window. That is where Anita Ellis, chief curator of the Cincinnati Art Museum, saw it in 1992. &quotIt is a magnificent piece, and I wanted it for the museum,&quot she says. The museum raised the funds to acquire it, with funds from Cincinnati Woman’s Club, the Fleischmann Foundation and Wooden Nickel Antiques. (The museum will not disclose purchase value Williams also declined to provide the figure.) A donation from Dorothy Wood Whitaker paid for the fountain to be conserved, restored and installed.
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