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Like a scene from movie Really like Story ..

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A couple in Dania Beach Florida celebrates 70 (yes, seventy) years of wedded bliss this coming August 17th. Magazzu &amp Leto have been a couple because 1939. When they 1st met, the New York World’s Fair was in full swing, Hitler had just invaded Poland, and gasoline was 17 cents a gallon.

“We’re not going to have a celebration,” said Magazzu, 97, insisting they’re also old for such things. “Oh yes we are,” responded Leto, 96, who noted the two can nonetheless polka. “This is a large one.”

A big one particular certainly, specifically because the two have kept a secret among them for practically all these seventy years. When they met, in New York, Magazzu was a former Army medic and teacher, and Leto was a telegraph operator. It was one of these adore at 1st sight sorts of things. Before they knew it they were madly in really like, and sharing a flat in Manhattan where they lived with each other for virtually fifty years. There had been the usual ups and downs, of course–career disappointments, health problems, an adoption–not a child, but a pet monkey named Chi Chi. Life in New York City has a lot of positive aspects, not least of which is the ability to live anonymously in 1 of the most congested locations on earth. Magazzu and Leto were capable to come and go unquestioned, and virtually unknown by neighbors and colleagues.

We never know what goes on in the lives of men and women about us. Few of us even know our next door neighbors: their names, occupations, kids’ names, spouses and so forth. But the unknowns can turn us around, and astonish us, as well. They can make us understand that most of the time we do not even know ourselves all that effectively. Greek philosopher Hermes’ stated in Kybalion that “all truths are but half truths–all paradoxes might be reconciled”. In other words, what I say is constantly various from the way you hear me say it. And some members of our society, those living with fearful secrets, hear what we say–when our racial, ethnic, or other deprecations, comments about Jews, blacks, gays, lesbians discover their way into our conversation and we don’t know the hurt they can lead to. We propel ourselves through life never ever understanding the easy realities that stand directly in front of us, the half-truths that are realities for other individuals.

Magazzu and Leto lived this reality each day for practically seven decades. Hiding their secret, changing the subject, avoiding situations that could expose them to real danger. The globe was an unforgiving place in 1939 it really is not considerably much more accepting now. Their buddies and acquaintances in the tight-knit tiny neighborhood took care of every single other, tended to 1 yet another, even developed a particular language that only they knew and understood, a jargon to preserve themselves protected. This society of outcasts constructed a rapport with those two lovers, forming a neighborhood that evolved with more cohesion and acceptance than any located in the safe, mainstream society.

Magazzu and Leto endured, their true adore affair a testament to others like theirs. And they watched their compatriots endure the very same harassment, judgment and criticism, only simply because they’d fallen in really like with every single other all those years ago, and, though it was forbidden, their really like, like any among two human beings, was not to be denied.

This segment of our society still stands in the shadows, fearful, cautious, watching what they say, what they do, ever afraid to exhibit their feelings in public in this the land of the free. They perform alongside us, spend their bills, pay their taxes, educate their little ones, worship in the pew across the aisle from us each Sunday, or Saturday at Shul, or even at the Mizzen contact. They are our teachers, police, clerks, lawyers, medical doctors, mail carriers, firefighters, sports heroes, Television personalities, even the fellow who plays the lady killer in all these massive screen romantic epics.

Get in touch with them initial class taxpayers, and second class citizens. These men and women are only now finding their accurate voice, their result in just starting to make headlines and cause minds and hearts to either open, or turn away in harsh dismissal. But they will not be denied, because what they’re asking for is not an outrageous personal right or benefit, nor is it some kind of separate distinction and consideration, no reparations for previous wrongs, regardless of how egregious those harms might have been. No, they are asking only for what the rest of us take for granted every single and each day. To get pleasure from the stated rights each citizen has in these United States of America.

Caroline Leto and Venera Magazzu are old now. They’ve lived together as a couple, in enjoy, for seven decades. They’re not freaks, or bizarre old people, nor are they diseased in some way. Nor are they sinners. If their really like is a sin, we want more transgression like theirs. No, Caroline and Venera are just two old lesbian girls who happened to fall in really like in 1939, and, unlike a lot of their heterosexual friends and family members, they stuck it out. We need to say excellent for them. Here’s a suggestion, Florida, are you prepared? I say the state troubles them a marriage license. Do it today.

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  1. Straight goods: I don’t like country. Or so I thought. My manager share’s an office with me, and she plays this one country station that we have here and this song plays at minimum once a day. I love it. Its so fantastic. It’s so pure, and hopeful, and honest. Amazing job. Beautiful song.

  2. I don’t really listen to country music anymore (my parents played country music too much when I was a kid), but this song is so good that it brought tears to my eyes.

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