“La Llorona” Urban Legend Profile

This is one of my favourite Urban Legends I have covered. This kind of an exciting tale of misery and madness.


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Remscheid – Müngstener Brücke 02
1st drafts for a bridge connecting the two cities of Remscheid and Solingen go back as far as 1889. Preparatory work began in 1893, the bridge was completed in 1897.

The six support columns have a greatest height of 69 meters. In the middle of the construction, the major arc has a span of 170 meters. The overall length of the structure is 465 meters.

A complete of five,000 tons of steel were utilized in its development. 950,000 rivets hold the construction with each other. Throughout construction, a variety of innovative building tactics were employed.

Anton von Rieppel (1852 – 31 January 1926), an architect and engineer, was in charge of the project. A memorial plaque at the foot of the bridge reminds 1 of his efforts.

Originally, the bridge was planned to be single-track. Nonetheless, large future traffic development projections led to the redesign as a dual-track bridge. Ahead of its opening, the rail distance among the cities of Remscheid and Solingen was 42 kilometers. With a direct connection via the bridge, this distance shrank to 8 kilometers.

The bridge was a masterpiece of Victorian-era engineering. For its time, it was a highly sophisticated framework. It astonished the neighborhood population, many of whom had had small exposure to this kind of state-of-the-art engineering work.

Really rapidly, urban legends began to spread.

Some of these unfounded “tall tales”, (which are occasionally repeated to this day), are:

-Allegedly, the last rivet fastened in the bridge was created of pure gold.

-Allegedly, due to computational mistakes produced by von Rieppel, the architect, half of the bridge had to be demolished given that the two simultaneously constructed halves did not fit collectively.

– Allegedly, von Rieppel threw himself off the bridge and died in the fall.

Of program, there is no reality in any of these stories. The bridge was constructed as planned von Rieppel’s complicated calculations, (all carried out without having the help of computer systems or arithmetic aids), had been right – he died about thirty years later on after an unrelated illness.

What may well be true are rumours about Emperor Wilhelm II’s boycott of the inauguration ceremony. In accordance to legend, the Emperor was annoyed that such a state-of-art structure was named after his grandfather, Wilhelm I, not right after himself. He consequently made a decision not to attend the celebrations in person.

What is real is that the bridge has attracted an unknown, but massive quantity of suicides throughout its a lot more than one hundred-yr existence.

The Prussian Parliament approved the five million Marks needed to construct the bridge in 1890.

The very first breaking of the earth was on 26 February 1894. A complete of 1,400 kilograms (3,100 lb) of dynamite and 1,600 kilograms (three,500 lb) of black powder have been essential for the duration of development.

The bridge’s official inauguration celebration took area on 15 July 1897. Emperor Wilhelm II did not attend the ceremony in person. Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia attended the festivities rather. Emperor Wilhelm II visited the bridge two many years later, on twelve August 1899.
By Daniel Mennerich on 2013-03-14 18:52:05
tags Urban Wellness and Fitness Myth or Reality
one. Inactivity turns muscle into fat: Nearly Truth
a. The actuality is that muscle and fat are two really completely diverse tissues with in the body. No, muscle can not flip into the body fat although a sedentary lifestyle can cause your muscle tissues to burn less calories. The fewer calories your muscle tissue burn up the larger amounts of unwanted fat a person can keep. The appropriate statement is with inactivity excess fat replaces muscle. This is frequently an additional way of claiming you have a slow metabolism.
two. Ladies are going to induce drunk faster than Men: Actuality
a. The crucial distinction is body fat. The typical male has added excess weight than the typical female. The added excess weight ends up in greater quantities of water in male bodies. The further water reduce the concentration of alcohol for men permitting them to stave off impairment longer. An additional crucial distinction is males has high amounts of gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down alcohol is that the liver. This allows males to interrupt down much more alcohol leaving less inside the blood stream.
three. Consuming Alcohol Loses Brain Cells: Myth
a. Alcohol will not create you dumber even though you may act dumber. Even binge drinkers are not visiting kill brain cells. Scientific studies have shown that significant drinkers have the identical amount of brain cells as the non drinker. Alcohol can destroy brain cells though the quantities are as well substantial to eat. You won’t pass out or stop respiration prior to you would kill any cells.
four. Vacation 5 Lbs could be a given: Myth
a. People never gain an common of 5 pounds in the course of the holidays. The average man or woman gains about one pound more than the half dozen weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years. This isn’t that entirely various than the load, from poor food diet program and fitness selections that the average Yankee gains at any level in time. The large reason we suppose about is that return January 1st we tend to are producing New Years resolutions and we have a tendency to are questioning our bodyweight more.
5. Drink green tea to lose fat: Myth
a. Numerous solution and promoting are stating all the excess weight loss benefits of green tea. Green tea extract has been demonstrated to help bodyweight reduction and assistance boost in calorie burning from your metabolism. The amounts inside of the tea you drink are also lower in concentration even though to create abundant distinction. You will nonetheless get the antioxidant properties of inexperienced tea in your drink even though fat reduction not significantly. If you would like the benefits of green tea for weight loss you might have to go with nutritional dietary supplements which provide high concentrations.
Every myth or urban legend usually has some type of truth to them. The concern it generally isn’t particularly the approach folks believe. The aim with any myth passed down is to attempt and do your homework.

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104 thoughts on ““La Llorona” Urban Legend Profile”

  1. this story still scary me even though I’ve heard and watched it many times I’m Mexican and it is scary as hell I know to some people it isn’t but to me it iz

  2. I had a different version told to me about her. I don’t really remember but, she ends up drowning her children or something.

  3. The other week my friends and I were all in my one friend’s room at night and we were telling scary stories from our culture. Most of them are Hispanic and they actually told me about this and El Cucuy. The way my friend Ramiro told it was that a woman killed her children because her husband told her to. She then finds out the husband was cheating on her and kills him too and then kills herself. Ramiro said he’s had family members say that they’ve heard her weep. He also said she says something like "my children" in Spanish and, if you hear it from far away, she’s close, but if you hear it from up close, she’s far away.

  4. there was a closet in my aunts house and she always said el cucuy was in there but I later found out it was just some old stuff

  5. The version I was told was this: La Llorona was an unwed woman with two children, a little boy and a little girl. She met a man that she started to have a relationship with, and she wanted to marry him. However he refused, as he did not want to be weighed down by the burden of children. Enraged, La Llorona turned on her kids, drowning them in a river. She told him, and everyone else, that they had drowned by mistake. But her children’s spirits visited her lover, telling him about her deed. He then confronted her, and she broke down and admitted what she had done. Disgusted, he told her he would never love such a woman. In despair, she drowned herself in the same river that she had drowned her kids in. However, she was not allowed into heaven until she could find her children’s bodies. As an additional punishment, her memory of the drowning was distorted, so she could not remember which river she drowned her kids in. So now she wanders the banks of rivers, sobbing as she searches. Instead of drowning kids, the story we were told said she was like a banshee, and that her wails would doom whoever heard them to die in 6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes. Additionally, since I live in an area where there aren’t many Spanish speakers, she was called The Weeping Woman. I live in the US, and my area had a huge coyote problem when I was young, so I think the idea was to scare kids from going out at night, as her ‘wails’ were probably distant coyote calls.

  6. There’s also a pre Hispanic version in which is not one but many, they are woman’s who died giving birth and wonder crying for their fate and kidnaping babies, usually they were blame for premature death of babies.

  7. the first part of the urban legend profile reminded me of mad father just because of the name maria, and i haven’t seen gameplay of it in a couple of years. When creeps said that she was stuck on earth and denied from heaven until she finds her children, it reminded me of that Korean pop up online comic.

  8. I love hearing other people’s versions of this legend. I grew up hearing this story when ever we would go camping. My papa told me when him and his brothers were little they snuck out one night to go swimming. While they were swimming they heard someone crying. They went to go see who it was and saw a lady at the water crying. They asked what was wrong and she told them her kids went underwater and she didn’t know how to swim. My papas older brother went out into the water to search and the other brothers went up and down the water front looking for anything. When they turned back around the lady was not on waters edge but instead was behind the brother in the water. My papa and the other brothers yelled for the oldest to get back and they all ran home. Papa said every night they could hear the woman crying outside their windows. They never told their parents because they didn’t want to get in trouble. We never snuck outside of our tents after hearing that story lol.

  9. The kids were her kids and she started to look for them and died and in the night she would scream and cry for them

  10. you know what makes it creepier? This could be based on a true account. I forgot what it’s called in psychology (lady in white or something?) but its not uncommon to hear about mothers who’ve been cheated on or abused or gone through something horrible just break and go crazy for a moment and typically kill their own children and even themselves. It happens all over the world. I dont remember much details but that’s basically the gist of the fact 😛

  11. Very interesting, never heard of that one before. I’d like to request an urban legend reading from my culture as well. baba yaga or the rigaroux

  12. In Columbia I thought she just stayed there waiting and searching for her children to emerge from the water, and that her children were slowly dissapering then vanished without her even doing anything not drowning. That’s why children stay inside at night because she will get you and take you and never bring you back.

  13. Grandma will always scare the hell out of me as a kid when I was in Mexico. Some people even told me they have heard her around my street I lived. So many stories of her sightings or even her call that’s "Ahí mis hijos" in a very creepy crying sobbing tone. Mexico has some really creepy legends

  14. If you’re hispanic you’ve probably Heard this different tale of La llorona her and her children were at a church or their house (can’t remeber which one it was) and it burned and she was the Only survivor and she died of lonlyneiss and each night she crys out for her children she Only has 2

  15. I’m not Mexican but I’ve heard of this legend before. I didn’t know it was a Mexican urban legend.

  16. wait… if she couldn’t go to haven until she found her children, and she was to spend an eternity looking for them, does that mean she is basically never going to haven?

  17. My favorite version was that she was a commoner who met a nobleman. He spun all the lies that men spin to get what they want. He told her that he loved her and that he wanted to marry her, but he never did.

    She had several children by him. Finally, he was forced by his parents to marry a noblewoman like himself saying he could no longer see La Llorona or the children nor could he pay to care for them.

    In despair and disgrace, she takes her children to the river to drown them then drowns herself.

    When she meets God he asks "Where are your children?" She is so ashamed that she drowned her children so goes back to earth to search for them so she can ask their forgiveness.

  18. Theres a horror film in Spanish (I don’t know if its from Mexico or Spain or another Spanish speaking country called Km 31 about something like this…its pretty scary.

  19. I’m Colombian but I remember this story. My cousins told this to me since I wasn’t behaving. I didn’t sleep for two days. ?

  20. I’m Mexican and there is more legends out there about witches, trolls, ghost, etc. you should check them out they are worth it. I remember being 6 and always wanting to hear lots of legends :3 Amazing channel by the way, really good job!

  21. I’ve heard many iterations of this story when i was young, but the version that seems most believable to me is, the llorona meets a man who she falls deeply in love with but the man tells her that he refuses to be with her because she already has children, because of this she ends up drowning her children in the river just so she can be with the man that rejected her before. 

    Once she drowns the children, she returns to the man who once again refuses to be with her this time because she killed her own children, hearing him tell her that they will never be together causes her to go into a deep depression because she killed her own children for someone who wanted nothing to do with her. Loosing everything and being left all alone she returns to the river and desperately searches for her children while crying in agony, once she comes to the realization that they will never return she commits suicide in the same location she drowned her children. 

    Then when she meets god she ends up being sent back to earth and forced to wander for eternity until she can find her children again, now she wanders around aimlessly constantly whaling in agony kidnapping children who wander outside in the dead of night never to be heard from again.

  22. I just think all these urban legends are just stories to scare the shit out of kids so they won’t do anything stupid.

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