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In the summer of 2001, a controversy unlike any other led to the disqualification of the Bronx baseball group from the Small League Globe Series. At the center of the bizarre story was a quiet, unassuming 14-year-old kid named Danny Almonte.

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Wade Miley and Aaron Hill
I attended the second game in a three-game series in which the Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the Cincinnati Reds. This is a single of the 144 images I took for the duration of the game, all although keeping score and listening to the play-by-play on an old pocket radio I bought sometime about 1990, for the distinct purpose of listening to baseball games. (That radio has observed a great deal of use and has some amusing stories connected with it, some of which I may possibly share right here later.)

Pitcher Wade Miley is shown right here with second baseman Aaron Hill in the background. The D-backs came up brief, losing to the Reds by a score of 5-2, which genuinely was not surprising because the D-backs are a .500 team and the Reds have 1 of the ideal winning records in significant league baseball this season.
By gwilmore on 2012-08-28 19:36:25

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Less high-priced cleanup operations are far more the norm, for instance rubbish removal making use of floating barges, and little scale dredging of areas adjacent to effluent outlet pipes. These projects have been fairly profitable in key globe cities such as Brisbane in Australia, Singapore, Glasgow in Scotland, Duesseldorf in Germany and so many other people.

Clean river achievement stories are not isolated projects, nearly each and every major waterway is coming below scrutiny offering hope that clean water and healthier river ecosystems will be part of humanity’s future.

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54 thoughts on “Kid Danny | 30 For 30 Shorts | ESPN Stories”

  1. Only time my parents made me lie about my age was when we used to go to the buffet and said I was younger to get the kid discount ??

  2. Come on man, kids arent that naive. Kids talk to one another. This dude knew he was older than twelve, he knew that twelve was the age limit, and he kept his mouth shut.

  3. The sports reporter said "biggest case in 54 years" or something close to that. But I remember back in the early 90’s the team from the Philippines beating the U.S. team, and then, and only then, they were DQ’d for something…wasn’t it age fraud?

  4. yes he was just a kid and the adults were telling him to lie about his age, but I think his poor me defense is a bit much here

  5. Thanks for the comment and the fave. Yes, I did have a good seat; it was at about the 7:00 position relative to home plate and perhaps 75 feet away, and I could have had an even better vantage point if our budget had allowed it. During the game, I entertained fantasies about shooting baseball games for Sports Illustrated, but that would require one of those fast 20-inch or longer lenses those people use, the ones that also weigh a ton and cost a zillion dollars or so. But that being said, I thought my Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6 VR, which cost me about $250 when I bought it more than four years ago, did a pretty good job, too.

  6. Spics and niggers fuck little league up with their cheating..first it was Almonte and then Jackie Robinson league from Chicago…SMH

  7. Its nice to see he moved on, graduated college and kept playing the game he obviously loves. It would be cool smoking a big fattie and watching a game with this dude.

  8. Any of you criticizing this kid, I ask that you pause for a moment and think back to the external pressures you had, the doubt you had, the quench for approval you had, the mixture of emotions and confusion you had when you were just a kid at 14. Were you, as a hormonal young teenager, making sound individual decisions that weren’t dictated by the approval of your peers and elders at that age? Now picture that you aren’t just a teen with normal issues, you are just 14 and are in a foreign land where your native tongue isn’t spoke, all that you love was left behind to pursue not just your dream but the dream of those around you, your mother, siblings, childhood friends, & extended family are thousands of miles away, the only adults around you at the time are entrusted to do what’s best for you and they run your life and your life as well as their life is baseball (it’s the whole reason why you’re away from your family to begin with.) Would you choose to defy the only adults in your life currently and go against them to do "the right thing" when it meant crushing your dreams and losing the only support you have, negating the whole reason you and everyone around you made the sacrifice to begin with? Would you throw away the prestige, the fame, the admiration of the baseball world, your community, your family, your friends, your teammates… would your morality (mostly determined at that age by the example and leadership of the adults in your life) be so established that it meant more to you than the fame, winning, & admiration of everyone? Empathy is always the answer, plus if you got a big penis… that helps too

  9. The amount of moral relativism and excuses for Danny is appalling. We have lost our moral base when we make excuses for blatant cheating.

  10. I remember this, and am the same age as him, half Cuban American little league then high school baseball player.

    It was huge. Then such a disappointing scandal….

    But I’m glad he’s found peace with his family that took advantage of him, and success.

    Great 30 for 30

  11. this kid had to fuckin notice hes older than literally every person. they ruined the chances of a lot of kids little league careers fuck that

  12. the puerto ricans are taking over Baseball and blacks taking over basketball and other american sports i know the white racist pricks are mad asf lmao

  13. i like how they skipped the part where Danny spent about 6 months in Dominican Republic in 2007-2008 attending tryouts for several teams, one of them the florida marlins in San Francisco de macoris.. i even took a few pics with the guy.. this 30 for 30 is missing so much info lol. i call BS

  14. What a load of…….He acts like he didn’t understand he was cheating. You definitely know when and when not, you are cheating when playing sports. Especially with something as easy to understand as "age". I don’t buy the whole "I was afraid of him….I just do what I’m told" bologna. 30 for 30 has been letting me down of late.

  15. Danny was the 2001 Clayton Kershaw. They shouldn’t have got him out, He would’ve had a bright future becoming a billionaire and being one of the most successful and talented baseball players of all time. Now he’s stuck in a fucking cramped apartment.

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