Josh Hamilton – A Pro Baseball Players Story!

Josh Hamilton – A Pro Baseball Players Story!
Prestige Auto Sales – June 2011

The Temple
The Ballpark in Arlington. Property of the Texas Rangers. I am ready…

Constructed in 1994, the Ballpark was created by David M. Schwarz Architectural Services of Washington, D.C. The Rangers chose to construct a retro-style ballpark, incorporating a lot of functions of baseball’s Jewel Box parks. A roofed home run porch in proper field is reminiscent of Tiger Stadium, while the white steel frieze that surrounds the upper deck was copied from the pre-1973 Yankee Stadium. The out-of-town scoreboard (removed in 2009 and replaced with a state-of-the-art videoboard) was built into the left-field wall—a nod to Fenway Park, while the several nooks and crannies in the outfield fence are a reminder of Ebbets Field. The park’s red brick and granite exterior was copied from Oriole Park at Camden Yards, whilst the arched windows are a reminder of Comiskey Park. Nonetheless, it has a couple of distinct characteristics of its personal. Several conventional Texas-style stone carvings are visible throughout the park. A four-story workplace creating in center field encloses the park, with a white steel multilevel facade equivalent to the facade on the roof. -wiki
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27 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton – A Pro Baseball Players Story!”

  1. Baseball stadiums always leave me in awe of their architecture. There even more amazing when they’re filled up with people 😀

  2. Nice job Cliff! Thanks for the info on the stadium. I’m a die-hard Tigers fan so it’s nice to know they incorporated some of the architecture from old Tiger Stadium into the park as well as some of the other old classics.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )

  3. You are a thinking photographer, Sir.
    I love the way you just slap the sun right in there!
    Excellent image.
    Regards from Cape Town!

  4. love the perspective and how the clouds are circling around the sun.
    I love learning things 🙂 Thanks for the info

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