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Can discipline, challenging perform and a love of horses give teenagers with troubled backgrounds a fighting opportunity of a far better life? This documentary follows Tyler, Stacey and Shona, little ones failed by the education method, their communities and occasionally failed by their personal households as they go by means of an intense 12 week course of strict discipline at the Northern Racing College in Doncaster, in the attempt to turn into a jockey or at least acquire the chance of a far better life.

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Triumph TR-3 1960
on the street downtown Lawrence, KS. the owner was kind enough to relay the story of how his father bought new in 1960, drove it for practically 70 thousand miles, then essentially boxed it up till the mid-70’s when he shipped it to his son (this man) who started the restoration 3 years ago…only to completely total it yesterday.

The Triumph TR-three was a major player in the British sports automobile invasion of the 1950s. One of the most indestructable automobiles ever produced, it was able to win expert rallies and sports auto races around the planet. Right here in America, the TR3 got the reputation as a car completely suited for driving to function during the week, as effectively as driving to the track and entering in races on the weekend.

Falling above MG and beneath Austin Healey on the British ladder of automotive prestige, Triumph’s TR3 was an evolution of the TR2. By 1960, the car had an accessible 2.2L engine — actually 2138 ccs by way of 3.27-in stroke and three.38-in piston and liners (standard was nevertheless 1991 ccs to qualify for the under two-liter racing class), disc brakes up front and a new physique tub.

Shipping weight was listed at 2050 pounds, but options could add a handful of pounds right here and there. Nose-to-tail it’s just 151 inches with an 88-inch wheelbase. It stands only 50 inches tall.

For what is typically regarded &quota tractor engine&quot from the inline-four-cylinder’s use in Ferguson Tractors right after development for the Common Vanguard vehicle, the powerplant is really impressive. It delivers one hundred horsepower at 5000 RPMs and 118 lb-ft of torque at 3000 RPMs in stock specifications with two SU sidedraft carbs. Some quick math puts it at .82 horses per cubic inch and 1 hp for every 20.five pounds — much better than a 1975 Corvette’s 20.9 pounds per hp.

Whereas modern day sports cars coddle drivers with luxury appointments, meticulously engineered handling dynamics and electronic nannies, the TR3 is totally elemental. It is pure enterprise in the cockpit with a massive diameter steering wheel, complete guages and deep bucket seats. The chassis is a straightforward X-frame that flexes far more than a Russian gymnast. Push the throttle to the floor… as the twin-SU carbs suck air and fuel and you hear that loud howl from the straight-pipe exhaust that tends to make even Harley Davidson riders jealous, you get entrenched in the knowledge. New sports vehicles make one hundred mph really feel slow, but in a vehicle that permits 1 to drag your knuckles on the ground while holding the steering wheel, any speed feels 100 mph more quickly. Of course, if you want to up the ante even far more, the windshield comes off with four quick screwdriver turns.
By brent flanders on 2011-04-02 17:19:53

“All proper,” Rosa said, “right here they come.” Papa Augusto, I and Rosa my wife were at the Lima race track, and the horses had finished their walk around the track.

“Who did you bet on,” Rosa asked me.

“Miss Saigon, the same as you…” I said.

“Just don’t forget,” She remarked, “it is a triple header (trifecta), if you win, which means you will get three instances the quantity on the ticket, on the third winning horse.”

Old Papa Augusto had been reading the horse race magazine all week extended this was his trial to prove all his efforts had been not in vain.

And that was all, the horses had been off. I believe my brain had not however found out it was a race, as I leaned more than the railing, confronted with solitude, till the horses raced correct in front of me, like lightening, then vanished, going into a second lap. The young jockey seemed to be holding Miss Saigon back, and the other horses-eight in all-had been setting the pace, a black horse drew up against Miss Saigon who was third from the front, and in spite of all the jockey could do to keep Miss Saigon in line, the black horse moved in back of her as if trying to annoy her, and the jockey had to hold tight onto the reins, and pull her head back.

All the horses were really going now, Miss Saigon neck to neck with the spotted horse, and the crowd roaring with excitement, I would guess, everyone felt they had been acquiring their monies worth, and even Papa Augusto’s heavy breathing, hoping Miss Saigon would win, for he convinced me to bet on the horse, as evidently he did with Rosa.

The jockey on the black horse gave a terrific whip, to his horse, and near hit Miss Saigon, and now there had been 3 horses, neck to neck. The spotted horse had seemed to be operating on lost momentum, due to the fact it appeared to have provided a single last glare and slowed down, and everybody saw it, and heads and shoulders and backs all more than the crowd stood up. And like the Andes abruptly appearing out of nowhere, Miss Saigon took the lead, and her jockey cringed, clinging to her bridle as if he was handcuffed.

I could see the jockey hollering at the horse, in hoorays! And then the race was completed, Miss Saigon had won, and Rosa, Papa Augusto and I had won.

Then a man mentioned, “Go down to the winners circle, and take the bridle of Miss Saigon, all 3 of you get your image taken, you won massive!”

“Yes,” I said. Then I pulled out my ticket from my hip pocket. Next a voice said once again, “Get down to the winners circle, as quickly as you can, they are waiting for you.”

Following that a man down in the winners circle told another man “Bring that horse right here,” and the jockey was still on the horse. “Stand still,” the man told the horse,” then looked at all 3 of us, “take the bridle,” he told me-and I did, followed by him saying one thing to the jockey, and the jockey put down his hand to shake mine, and congratulated all of us for winning and betting on Miss Saigon. And Papa Augusto was the most confident and content of us all.

No: 458 (eight-28-2009)
Devoted to Papa Augusto, who loves horse racing.

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50 thoughts on “Jockey College (Horse Racing Documentary) – True Stories”

  1. Just to let some people know, Tyler isn’t done my anything wrong with his horse on the rode! As long as the horse has shoes on witch it dose it will be fine ?

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  4. Horses are ancient healers. The racing industry is the worst place for troubled teenagers. Full of drugs and Perverts. Horses are a gift to mankind. Horse racing violates every rule on a grand scale . That day is coming when racing will be an embarrassing thing of the past.

  5. Getting angry at the teachers is one thing, but taking their temper out on the horses should NEVER be tolerated. Shocking that they just filmed the girl pushing the poor thing about.

  6. Okay I have been riding for 6 years now and I have my own horse so I’m ,I would say, very Educated and I absolutely despise of the racing industry they all abuse horses even these young men and women are getting aggressive with the horses and they have done nothing to deserve it I mean for starters the bit imagine having a metal thing being yanked on and pulled by a human being in your mouth ,it pinches your tongue every move you make and I’ve had a few people tell me that a snaffle bit is fine to use and yes it’s is the mildest of bits but it’s exactly the same as saying “let me stab you with a pocket knife….” whatever you get stabbed with you still get stabbed btw I do ride bitless I mean if I didn’t this whole thing would be really awkward to write and I only watched this cuz it was on my recommendations and I was interested but as I though I would feel after clicking on the video I am disgusted

  7. I’m going to a jockey school when I’m older but now I’m just a normal horse back rider

    I wanted to work with horses because I love horses and it takes my mind off my childhood that wasn’t good…

  8. A great program to help the teens. Give them discipline, confidence, experience with horses. But most wouldn’t be able to be jockeys purely based on their body type. Jockeys are tiny – not just weight wise, height as well

  9. I’ve been doing riding for about a year now and my instructors telling me I should start thinking what category of riding I should take please some advise which and why would be great ?

  10. Why are they not allowed makeup, not even a little bit? Can they have a bit of concealer and mascara if they’re insecure? Why not earrings? I get if they are ripped out but that’s their own fault and they can deal with the consequences themselves!

  11. this is a wonderful idea but the treatmentof these horses is just flat out abuse. these kids need to learn how to treat a horse well not just balance and going fast.

  12. This is so weird. I live in Doncaster and I have helped with the riding for the disabled charity which is on the same land as the college (I could see one of the horses in the background actually). But I have also lived in Durham, Cumbria and Lincolnshire.

  13. they do a great job at the school the problem starts when they go to outside racing stables Its a rat race,I would not recommend it .gaz

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