Jim Cornette tells wrestling most funny UNHEARD stories

I gotta admit that I truly take pleasure in meetin’ people and sharin’ excellent stories with them.

Very good story tellers constantly value each others business.

I believe I was born to be a sailor.

Because I love the water and sailor’s tell the very best stories.

Long hours of tediousness and boredom at sea punctuated by brief periods of indescribable terror and panic create the perfect surroundings for telling stories.

Not only that… but in all of that monotony sailors themselves because time started have sat close to in circles and passed the ‘story torch.’

I do it on the street all the time.

It always goes like this…

I meet someone and they inform an interesting story that I value hearing.

Doesn’t matter if the story is very good most of the time…

a excellent story teller is an artist that can render any tale thrilling and pull you proper into it.

The issue is… and this is usually accurate…

somebody who tells a great story appreciates hearing one particular back.

It really is almost an unwritten rule and several a time I’ve listened to a man finish tellin’ a story and then he seems at me like ‘alright… what do you received?’

I’ve dug hearing fantastic stories since I was a child and my grandfather advised me all varieties of stories about Planet War Two in the Pacific.

I could not get adequate of those stories and everytime I saw him it was the first issue I asked him…

‘tell me yet another story grampa.’

I utilized to sit there and visualize the stories he told.

I’d in fact ‘see’ what he was speaking about in my mind and in my memories I can still ‘see’ his stories these days.

I bear in mind the way the sun glinted off the wings of the Japanese Zero Fighter that turned into his position and commenced firing it really is machine guns at him and his buddies…

the muzzle flashes of the guns in the wings of that plane and the seconds later sound of spent brass bullet cartridges hitting the ground with a ‘tinging’ noise.

I could ‘smell’ the sweat of dread as he jumped into a foxhole and explained a few words to God as that plane flew overhead.

Shit like that makes a very good story and as Irish as my grandfather was the stories often enhanced with a minor bit of whiskey so as I grew older and encouraged him to drink more the exact same stories just kept acquiring far better and much better.

They got even much better when he encouraged me to get a number of sips of the whiskey.

‘How did you Come to feel when that plane pointed right at you and started shooting’ I asked him after.

Guy I genuinely miss that guy and his stories.

I want I would have recorded them all.

He gave me that and people have been the ideal recollections of my childhood.

Stories have gotten me into difficulties and stories have gotten me out of it.

I would just gotten kicked out of Japan for stabbin’ a guy with a broken beer bottle.

Will not worry…

I am not a violent thug…

the dude broke into my residence wearing a mask and I woke up none as well sober soon after a excellent night at The Pig and The Whistle bar in Osaka.

It was kinda weird because I woke up punching some stranger in the face right above my futon.

He was wearing what looked like a white pillow situation with eye holes lower into it and I’d broken his nose by the time I ‘really’ woke up so my first recollection of the entire point was looking at my appropriate fist about to hit the guy’s face yet again and all kindsa blood on his mask.

I was baffled as shit.

‘What was I carrying out… and who’s face was I pummeling’ I wondered as I took another punch.

‘Why am I carrying out this’ I asked myself.

I knew I must’ve had a truly good purpose though.

I was really hoping it was not my roommate playing some type of a joke.

Which was confirmed when he came close to screaming behind me.

He was kinda confused as well.

In that split 2nd in which I stopped striving to destroy the guy and request my roommate what the fuck was going on the guy took professional advantage of that distraction and proceeded to try to destroy me.

I had no concept what the hell was going on but fairly basically place the guy was striving to kill me so I figured that if I could steer clear of that that possibly I could figure it all out later on.

I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t actually wanna destroy the man…

I was just tryin’ to get some sleep right after all of those Asahi’s and now seem what I gotta deal with.


for some purpose I just needed to throw the guy outta my home.

Appeared smart at the time.

Effectively considered out.

A great program even.

The considered of holding him ’til the police came in no way even entered my mind.

Possibly due to the fact we did not have a cellphone and I would not know how to phone the cops in Japan anyway.

I do not even don’t forget how I acquired the empty Asahi bottle in my hand or how it acquired broken like that.

I mighta taken it away from him.

My roommate was no help at all…

he was screamin’ like a small lady who just saw a nasty spider and the shock of the whole thing just rendered him incapacitated as all get out.

I can understand his gettin’ freaked out.

As crazy as it is wakin’ up findin’ oneself tryin’ to destroy a man it’s prolly crazier to wake up watchin’ your roommate tryin’ to destroy some masked man in your home.

Active as I was tryin’ to destroy the man I didn’t have the luxury of freakin’ out.

Somehow with the jagged beer bottle in my right hand and the dude with a broken nose in a headlock in my left arm I got to the front door… perhaps he’d left it open when he broke in simply because I do not know how I could even have opened it with my hands complete of hell like that.

And I know my roommate didn’t open it.

By this time he’d gone fetal on the floor.

Occasionally I wonder about my reactions that night.

I didn’t consider about callin’ the police till it was all in excess of.

Instinct told me that daily life would be a good deal better if the man who was tryin’ to destroy me wasn’t in my house any longer.

It all happened so fast.

When I threw him out the door by some means I pulled the guys mask off.

I felt like I hadda see his encounter.

When I did that he turned back on me in this rage that I’d never ever witnessed in a individual ahead of.

He was goin’ for me tough and I just variety of without a lot contemplating stabbed him in the stomach with the jagged beer bottle.

I had never stabbed any person ahead of and correct soon after I did it I was tellin’ myself ‘dude… you just stabbed a man.’

Sort of a weird issue to consider.

I guess I believed perhaps he’d just die then.

I will not know… I in no way killed a man with a broken beer bottle to the gut just before.

The complete point was a new knowledge.

I indicate… I stuck him quite good.

Shards of glass caught in his stomach and some other shards fell onto the tile floor.

He received this actually stunned look on his face for a second…

like ‘why the fuck did you just stab me asshole?’

There was not time to say ‘because I woke up with you tryin’ to destroy me dickhead.’

Apart from… I didn’t know how to say that in japanese.

As an alternative he recovered from his initial shock and came at me once more.

I couldn’t feel this guy.

And my freakin’ out room mate is freakin’ out even more ’cause now I just stabbed the man.

It was not like I was left with a whole lotta alternatives guy.

The total predicament was a whole lot to deal with and I was starting to get pissed off.

I was woken up sufficient by that time that I ultimately made a decision to destroy the guy with my bare hands.

I’d had sufficient of this shit you know?

Didja ever just try out to get some rest and all of the sudden you gotta kill a guy?

A man who looks hell bent on killin’ you?

I wasn’t angry or mad or filled with hatred… I just wished some peace in my life and this guy’s entirely going apeshit on me and we look to have differing agendas on how the evening should finish.

And I nonetheless don’t know what the whole thing’s all about.

We fought there in the hallway in front of the front door…

It was comedic genuinely in a way when I feel back on it…

there was so much blood on the floor and I’m barefoot in my underwear tryin’ to kill the man but I can’t hold from slipping in the blood.

Could not stay on my feet for all the funds in the planet.

Neither could he.

We ended up wrestling on the floor.

Blood on porcelain tile is truly slippery.

I feel losin’ as a lot blood as he did just took the fight out of him.

The final number of throws from both of us were weak and exasperating.

I never know what told me to allow him go but I did.

One thing just advised me it was all over.

He stumbled down the hallway and I went back within.

The hallway was a bloody mess.

It was blood all more than the floor… bloody smeared handprints on the wall…

I sat down on my futon and experimented with to figure out if any of the blood that covered me was mine.

Did a small examination of all my extremities and such.


A couple of cuts on my feet perhaps from strolling on the broken glass.

Now is exactly where I started to get angry.

I did not inquire for any of that.

I tried asking my area mate what the fuck that was all about but all he could do was speak gibberish.

He could not even get the phrases out.

I do not know who named the cops and they appeared to show up fairly speedily.

Plenty of them.

Now I hadda deal with that shit too.

I couldn’t even get dressed and go wash the blood off.

They would not allow me.

Since they were too hectic taking pictures of me and the blood I was sporting.

The 1st issue the cops asked when they got there and saw the bloody mess in the hallway was ‘where is the entire body.’

Come on guy.

Some dude just broke into my property for factors unknown in a mask and attempted to kill me and freaked the shit out of my roommate.

And now I gotta be interrogated?

I really just desired to consider a shower and go back to rest.

I knew sufficient japanese to score with the ladies but I had no concept how to speak to these guys.

It was crazy mojo all the way all around…

and I informed them what took place but they stored treating me like the criminal here.

Which it turned out they presumed me to be.

Because I stabbed the guy Outside of my home.

And I advised them that.

Awwwwww fuck.

It truly is funny how items go that way.

It all created perfect sense at the time.

I didn’t believe… ‘don’t stab the guy due to the fact he’s outside of your house and it is a whole various ballgame if you kill him there versus killin’ him in your bedroom in accordance to the law.’

But it was.

That’s the place I realized it is constantly far better to contact your lawyer just before you get in touch with the police.

Attorneys are far better at generating up stories in the middle of the night than you or I will ever be.

Not that I imagined I necessary a story…

it appeared quite clear what had took place.

But the ‘lack of a body’ seemed to get everyone upset.

Following lots and tons of interrogation I was simply advised by the police the up coming morning that every thing would be better if I just left Japan right away.

Like now.

Ahead of I was charged with one thing like murder.

If they identified that guy’s entire body.

So I swiftly packed up my backpack and made the decision to get their suggestions.

I cleaned up… shared a coffee with the roomie who could talk now and told him I’d hold in touch.

The very best way out I’d figured was the Port of Osaka.

There’s all kinds of ships comin’ in and out and I knew I could hitch a trip with one particular.

Sailors will not inquire also several concerns.

Australia was soundin’ good and I’d advised my area mate that before I left.

‘I’ll send you a postcard’ I advised him.

I could not find a ship headed to Australia that day… but there was one particular heading to Shanghai and that was like half way in accordance to my map.

I figured I would hafta consider and leap another ship proper there in Shanghai.

I would believe about all that when I got there.

When I approached the ship I asked one of the crew memebers if I might be capable to problems them for a trip to Shanghai.

‘Whaddaya got’ of of the sailors stated… beginning the negotiations over how much the fare was gonna price me.

‘I’m a fantastic story teller’ I stated.

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