Jack Jablonski Keeping Hope Alive | E:60 | ESPN Stories

Increasing up in Minnesota, Jack Jablonski dreamed of a life spent on skates. Then everything changed on December 30, 2011. E:60’s Chris Connelly tells the story of Jablonski’s remarkable journey because that fateful day.

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Houston Aeros 7
Exact same ol’ story: I went to the fights and a hockey game broke out.
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46 thoughts on “Jack Jablonski Maintaining Hope Alive | E:60 | ESPN Stories”

  1. Can’t wait to tap my stick when you lace em up bud. Good luck on your journey, Jack. You got this man. ?

  2. That was such a cool moment. As a wild fan I was at that game and I still have the red inflatable sticks from that day

  3. Had the same situation happen to me about two months ago, I wasn’t permanently paralyzed, but was in the hospital for a week and just recently been able to skate again

  4. As someone who loves to play hockey i could never imagine not being able to play again it would honestly break my heart i could not imagine what hes going through

  5. I do remember hearing about this long time ago scary! I’ve been playing adult hockey it’s been pretty fun! I thought about it the other day whatever happen to him here he is tell the story!

  6. the team he played in the bauer tournament is really close to me. i’ve played them before. they’re called the chicago bruins.

  7. I love on Minnesota and I remember when this happened I actually watched him when he played for St.Luis Park

  8. My Uncle got Shot in the neck and was paralysed from the neck down.He was 11 when he was shot and now he is 50?

  9. I’m not one to usually (ever, really) make these kind of comments… But who in the actual fuck would give this a thumbs down? Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

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